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Amaze The Crowd With This Cool Trick!

Weave In & Out Of Your Legs
(also known as the Figure-8 Trick)

Inside this 11 minutes FREE video lesson, you will discover...

  • A Step-by-Step Process that is guaranteed to get your dog to weave in and out of your legs.
  • A Simple 4-Step "Luring" Method that will get your dog to respond to your hand signal and verbal command.
  • A Positive and Fun Training Game you can use to teach your dog dozens of other cool tricks and behaviors.

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What cool things can you do on this site?

Our online dog training forum has thousands of dedicated contributors and fans alike. In fact, there is so much information that you can literally spend countless hours sifting through all of the great stuff and learning from the Internet’s most popular dog training forum.

To save you valuable time. Here are links to some of the most popular forum topics:

Getting the right dog advice from an experienced trainer is one of the most powerful time-saving things you could do. Our blog is jam-packed with valuable information on just about every dog topic you can think of and a whole bunch that you’ve never thought of before, all designed to help you get the most enjoyment from your dog.

And, if you feel so inspired you can write your own comments and get some valuable answers to your dog questions.

Here at the Dog Trick Academy we've come up with a fantastic way to help you get involved and totally motivated to have some major league fun training your dog.

It works like this. Visit the DTA's dog training challenges webpage and take on some really interesting dog trick training challenges that will inspire you and your dog to new heights.

It’s amazing what a little inspiration can do for you and your dog.

Yes your dog loves to eat but what are you really feeding it? You are what you eat why should a dog be any different?

Here are some really tasty and nutritious dog recipes submitted by members themselves:

One man’s schnauzer is another man’s poodle. Different dogs for different folks. Here at the Dog Trick Academy we’ve got some great information about several different breeds so if you’re not sure about what kind of dog you’d like to take home, read about it here.

Obviously grooming your dog is important for their health and well-being, plus they smell a whole lot better. And if you’ve ever considered dog grooming as a career, here is some information on how to do that.

About the Dog Trick Academy Founder, Jean Cote

Hi, my name is Jean Cote. I'm the founder of the Dog Trick Academy and here's a photo of my dogs and I. (Chase on the left and Onyx on the right.)

Here at the Dog Trick Academy.

We believe that every dog in the world deserves a happy and fulfilling life... To be raised and trained using POSITIVE and FORCE-FREE training methods... WITHOUT physical punishments and corrections.

This website is dedicated to you and your dog. You will find it inspiring and educational. I highly encourage you to take the time out of your valuable day to discover what could easily be the most important dog loving thing you do this year.

To your training success,
Jean Cote, aka – “The Dog Training Guy”

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  • Walking on a loose leash (page 34) – Is your dog pulling and dragging you around the block? It shouldn't be that way! Discover an easy and simple way to get your dog to walk next to you... at the same pace as you.
  • Obedience training (page 50) – Want your dog to listen to your “Sit”, “Down” and “Stand” command? Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this chapter and you’ll get your very own Lassie in very little time!
  • …And much more!

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