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The 3 Components of Positive Reinforcement Training
Inside this free presentation, Jean Cote reveals the three main components of PRT (Positive Reinforcement Training), Capturing, Luring and Shaping.
How To Shape Advanced Tricks And Behaviors
Inside this free presentation, Jean Cote reveals how you can train advanced and complex behaviors by breaking them down into smaller trainable components (also known as Shaping.)
Clicker Training Conditioning
Want to train your dog using a clicker? You'll first need to teach your dog that the sound means great things will happen, and that your dog's behavior influences you to click the clicker.

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Figure Eight
The "Figure Eight" is a fun and exciting trick that all trick-performing dogs must know! Whether your dog does freestyle, demonstrations, shows or if you simply want to impress your friends, this is the perfect trick!
Are You Shy?!
The "Are You Shy?!" is a cute and adorable trick suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whether you want your dog to master one of the world's cutest tricks, or if you want to include it in your next freestyle and/or demonstration... This trick is destined to impress and sharpen your training skills!
Go To Your Spot
We all love our beloved dogs, but aren't there times when we simply cannot give them the attention they so desperately want? Perhaps you are having guests over, and your dog simply won't leave them alone. Wouldn't it be nice if your dog simply would go to his/her spot after you told them to?
Stand Tall
The "Stand Tall" is an impressive and fun trick suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Besides the incredible performance factor of this trick, there are also considerable benefits.
Target / Training Stick
A target stick (also known as training stick) is a fabulous tool to teach your dog cool tricks without the need of luring. This is especially beneficial if your dog is not food motivated or if you want to save your back from working with a very small dog.
Sit, Down, Stand – Game
This sit, down, stand game is perfect for beginners, young dogs and anyone who want to "fine-tune" their dog's obedience skills.