What happened to you (and your dog) today?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by szecsuani, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. splitz831 New Member

    Yesterday my Bernese decided he wanted to run through a burr bush on the way to creek for a swim and then when called back ran back through it...I then spent the morning brushing him out with much struggling and dominence issues, lol.

    On another note yesterday, a very poorly taken care of puppy was rescued, not by me but her rescuer told me the story so I thought I would share it.

    A friends husband was on the bus yesterday watching a min pin with a middle aged gentlemen. The man got off the bus a stop before the subway without his dog. My friend was astounded but what could he do. Well this brave little pup followed him off the bus and to the subway (obviously she realized she'd found a loving owner in him) but while standing there trying to decide what to do he saw the man that got off the bus without her. So he picked her up and went over to the man to return his puppy. The man responded it wasn't his dog! They got into an argument and in the end the man admitted it was his dog but that he didn't want her anymore. What's a guy to do at that point. Well knowing he had three beautiful childen at home he took it upon himself to take this beautiful little girl home. She's been checked by a vet and doing well. She's happy and safe with her new family!

    And that's what happened to my dogs and I yesterday!

  2. drivingtenacity New Member

    Nothing too exciting happened to us today. My mom came over to visit Miss Shepherd, and we got a couple of new toys. A rare uneventful day.:D
  3. storm22 Experienced Member

    had to give my dogs a bath yesterday, it was soo cold too, but they decided it would be fun if they went for a swim in this horrible stinky water (we went on a different track) and the dogs came out looking like swamp thing, they thought it was great, then on the way home koda decided to roll in cow poo (someone must of moved his stock down the road and it seemed all his cows pooped on the road)

    so i had two swampdogs crossed cowcrap dog:dogtongue:

    it was sunny but quite windy and i bath my dogs outside (storm shakes and if you wash them inside you have to get up and dry the roof) soo i only did a fast wash but poor koda hated me after, she sat in the sun looking at me with sad looking eyes as if to say
    :dogsad:"why did you do it, what was wrong with the way i smell":dogunsure:
    but otherwise we all loved the new walk and we did have a good day, koda soon loved me again (i gave her a bone, with heaps of meat on it)
  4. dat123 Experienced Member

    exercise at the park.

    The dogs needed some exercise so we took them to the park for some fun...

  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    What a great vid Dat!! I love the music. ^^ Very upbeat and cheery. You have such a neat little group there. :doglaugh:
  6. sarhaspups New Member

    Great video Dat! I love watching the dogs play. Looks like fun was had by all! Thanks for sharing!! :)
  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    Wow great video dat123!!!!!!!! The log walking is awesome! :dogsmile:

    Man you have some great looking trails there in Australia!!!! I wish I didn't live in the city when I look at your video!!!!
  8. josiebell New Member

    Today me and Duke managed a whole 20 minute walk without any pulling on his lead! And it was stress free too. He didn't even jump out of his skin and start barking when the dogs in the gardens down the road started barking at him.

    It has been a long road of try this that and the other but I think we might be on just the right track to get him feeling safe secure and normal, not to mention his owner feeling slightly more sane and happy.
  9. dat123 Experienced Member

    Thanks Jean, Tx, and Sarha. I struggled a bit with that video, it was 22 minutes of footage, had to trim it down to 9 minutes so it wasen't so boring. The highlight (if you could see it in the video) was Talin running back to the log, and missed it, falling through the overgrowth and into the creek, it was so funny you had to be there !!! :dogbiggrin:

    Jean - the frisbee at the beggining and the obedience at the end was a park ( not a dog park, bit illegal , but haven't been caught yet) the rest is undeveloped land between houses, around 10 acres. It's very nice bush walk ( getting rare in our city ), the dogs just run crazy through it, they love it.:msnohyes:
  10. josiebell New Member

    Well today, after our clicker desensitising training, I took Duke for his usual 'safe' walk. Unbeknown to me there was a party going on at one of the houses down the alley.

    He walked past, still with a loose lead, without hesitation. I was so proud of him, (and to be honest me because we have go so far in under 4 days).

    However, on the way back, a group of youngsters, around late teens early twenties, and at least 12 of them came up behind us, screaming, shouting that the dog would attack, and generally being quite aggressive.

    I made Duke sit politely while they passed. Then proceeded to walk behind them to the usual rebuff of general nasty quips from them. Once or twice, I probably stupedly told Duke to get them but still in my calm everything is safe voice. They then shut up completely and got quite nervous. However, me and my boy were fine, thanks to my clicker, keeping my voice calm, and treats to show he was doing just fine and nothing to worry about.

    Why do youngsters have to be so gobby? I know not all of them are because we meet plenty of them that are generally interested and want to say hello.

    Its a shame that the few spoil the image of the majority.
  11. bullysheful New Member

    Today i was minding my own business at the computer and he was sleeping on the floor behind me.I had my backpack next to my chair , he woke up and started sniffing , i saw him and as i like to play with him all the time i tried to scare him a bit and said "WHAT are you doing there?" and he's got the most "humanly" reaction , he started walking slowly looking up like nothing happened and he looked at me like he was really human : "nothing man...what?? i was just passing by". That made my day really !
  12. storm22 Experienced Member

    had a good day left storm at home today, to do some work on koda, shes been in the b*tches box for the last 3-4weeks cause shes been in season so i just wanted some one on one walking and training with her, she was abit crazy just sticking her nose to the ground and off, so some more long lead training is going to make a come back, i think she'd make a great tracking dog she really uses her nose,(might ask when i go back to training in august, we have the bad part of winter off)

    took the dogs to the vet and weighed them earlier for thier worm tablets, storm weighs his normal 19.2kg but koda now weigh 18.0kg at 8months, i do have to say she has gotten abit soft not going for the long walks but not too bad shes looking healthy, and i booked her into be speyed on the 24july, they have alot of speys at the moment and thats the closest time
  13. storm22 Experienced Member

    koda got speyed today, i just picked her up, shes still abit dopey on her feet, but she was really good and happy they said, i have a made up collar for her (my uncle works in orthotics, he makes them for humans), shes abit picky about having things on her and she will probably chew her stiches out so for the next few days she has to wear a big collar preventing her from doing it, but storm got abit worried when i turned up with no koda cause i did leave with her, but he liked having me to himself for a change, kodas in her kennel at the moment so she stays quiet storm will get her too excited

    but yeah thats been my day so far we're now going to take storm and luka for a big walk over the hill
  14. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I haven't written anything here for a pretty long time... :D
    Süo, we are going to agility training today, again! I just love it, and I see that Pami does too!
  15. irisha New Member

    Well today.... i did a bit of training with my 5 month old puppy Dashka. Um.. it was fun i guess. I started teaching her how to jump onto and off of furniture when i tell her to (when i've taught her that I wanna move up to teaching her to jump into my arms), then I went and did some of my own stuff, then i did some work on teaching her to high five. She's finally started to get the hang of it. Anyway, i didn't do that for long, and then i did i little practice with her on how to crawl. She is so cute when she does that. I dunno what i would do without her.

    Then i thought that was enough for now and gave her a dentabone which she loved eating but when she was full kept on trying to leave it on my bed. She also got all dentabone crumbs on her forepaws which kinda mixed with her saliva which grossed me out a bit.
    But anyway, that was what i did with my baby puppy today. Ciao
  16. marieke New Member

    It's really, really hot and humid today so we took little strolls and afterwards Guus got some ice cubes to cool down.

    It's too hot to move much so I made this for gardening and/or sewing. I'm thinking about making one simulair that I can use for dog training. I can put treats, toys and leash in it.


  17. storm22 Experienced Member

    that would be so handy, no more dog cookies going through the wash lol

    yesterday koda had her spey stiches out and her large collar off, which shes loving, she can now bend her head and sratch her neck, she got a collar cause she was trying to chew out her stiches, shes pedantic about things on her belly, so i got her a collar to stop her ripping them out, storm went for a bike run the other day, i finially got it fixed, it got a flat tyre, soo he pulled me down the road till he settled into a groove he was just soo happy to go next to the bike again
  18. torram New Member

    Destiny and I went for a walk at the state park and she even romped in the lake for a bit. It was such a beautiful day. Then we just went for a ride later on.:dogcool:
  19. szecsuani Experienced Member

    We have been to our fourth agility training today!
    And we got indian names too, because we are now members of the Csepel Indians Agility Team! :D
    I am KóborLó, and Pami is Bátor Kóc. I know it doesn't mean anything to anyone here, but I can't translate the names into English, since they are "wordjokes", or I don't know how you call them... :D
  20. storm22 Experienced Member

    im back, ive been sick for the last 2weeks and havent done much with the dogs, ive pretty much stayed in bed the whole time, and its not fun trying to share your bed with storm he pinches it all so hes been outside and koda has gotton into slapping you with her feet, shes trying that cause shes finaly found out biting gets her in trouble so when your trying to rest it can get annoying these big giant feet slapping you round, but all is good well better now,

    went back to training obedience on thursday, we had fun seeing all the new puppies and begginers in there class (seriously about 50 dogs all up from 3mnths to about 3year old dogs)we did alot of heel work and turning in our group (we have 2dogs in our class lolz) which got abit boring for koda, but i have found out something new about her, when she gets bored she starts sniffing the ground so when she starts sniffing i know shes gtting bored and i can start curbing her round and doing something different with her,

    storm has been out for abit, him and koda were tied up to a hitching log (were you tie horses) and koda kept pulling to try and say hello to all the people that were walking past and she pulled so hard she broke the pole off and it dropped right down on storms foot poor bugger so hes at home or coming with me in the car (i think he could get used to this) he likes being pampered abit, thankfully its not broken had an interseting time getting him into the vets, hes not a big fan of them they touch his sore parts, and try and take photos (x-rays) of him

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