What happened to you (and your dog) today?

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  1. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    Ouch - I'm glad Storm is starting to feel better.

    Today I took 3 m/o Harmony to my friend's house to meet the chickens and horses. She was great and surprised me with enough energy for a couple mile walk up and down hills (next to two horses), even after running to her hearts content with a great dane, border collie, and large lab before the walk began.

    When we got back, she got to be held up on horse-back... now that's an experience that not every puppy gets to have!! :D

  2. storm22 Experienced Member

    haha its fun to have your dog walking and riding horses, storms does this too, but for season koda is still shy of horses and doesnt like going near them still, but she got close to our nosy horse blaze and blaze licked her they both got a fright from that lolz

    yoyopoodle it is amazing when you realise your pup does have alot of energy for that kinda walk, kodas doing this too, you still think there babies and cant handle it, then they prove you wrong lolz
  3. l_l_a New Member

    Hmmm....had a not so good experience with my dog today. we were hiking off leash on a trail that allows dogs off leash and he got harassed by a pack of three loose dogs.

    Some guy had three dogs off leash and they were all out of control harassing other dogs. They harassed my dog twice, they were smaller than him but they were ganging up on him snarling and biting at his neck and ears and legs at the same time so he was pretty stressed. They weren't drawing blood so they weren't being vicious they were just being very rude and overbearing. Then they left him alone, and he was fine, no blood or anything. they weren't vicious dogs, they were just extremely ill mannered. I call them "pirana dogs" because of the way they were ganging up on my dog, swarming around him snarling and snapping nonstop and not quitting.

    I saw that the dogs were all wearing shock collars, and I later saw that the owner had a shock collar remote hanging around his neck and he was fiddling with it everytime he yelled at his dogs.

    So we kept on walking on the trail, and my dog met and played gently with a small puppy which was nice. Her owners thought it was so cute that she was following him around. But then the three nasty "pirana dogs" appeared again suddenly and set upon the puppy. they ended up quite far away because she was running so hard with her tail between her legs trying to escape and they were pursuing her and then they caught her and she fell and rolled and they were all over her the three of them snapping and nipping her constantly. her owners were in a panic and didn't know what to do. My dog took off running to save his little friend and I didn't try to stop him. He body-slammed one of the pirana dogs and so they left the puppy alone and set on him yet again.

    Again the owner was just standing at a distance watching, yelling, and fiddling with his shock collar remote. I swear whatever he was doing with the shock collar remote it was only inciting his dogs even more!! (and this is not the first time I've seen this happen with other dogs and other owners, which is why I don't like seeing shock collars being used for obedience training...) My dog was getting overwhelmed since he was outnumbered. Since this was the third time they were harassing my dog, blood or no blood, I was so mad I grabbed a branch that had fallen nearby and started running full speed towards the dogs, I wanted the owner to think I was going to beat his dogs with the stick and actually I had every intention of doing so if they didn't leave my dog alone by the time I caught up.

    When I had almost reached them, then the dogs finally ran off and again the owner didn't apologize or say anything. Probably he thought that since his dogs did not draw blood then everything's OK and he has nothing to apologize for.

    Rough dog play is natural and harmless and healthy IF all the dogs involved are equal participants and are all enjoying it equally. It is not OK if it's unequal, for example in this case three dogs together bullying one dog, even a puppy. And not if the outnumbered dog is giving off all kinds of submissive signals that are going unacknowledged, at that point the owner should intervene. But he didn't lift a finger (except to fiddle with the shock collar remote which only made his dogs worse and more frenzied) nor did he even apologize, and that's what makes me so mad.

    About half an hour later I saw those same pirana dogs and their owner in the distance, I picked up a rock to prepare, but they turned and went another way. Lucky for them.
  4. storm22 Experienced Member

    that sounds horriable l_l_a, im proud of your dog sticking up for his little friend though (gives virtual treat) i couldnt even imagine what that would be like, i bet you would of been pissed

    i dont like shock collars, and by the sounds, he would of been prevoking his dogs by shocking them as they were attacking other dogs, you would think he would get it after the first few times that his dogs thought the shock was coming from the other dogs (then again maybe not, he did let his unruly mob loose)

    you've got a very tolerant dog there, storm would go nuts after the first time (he has a bit of fear aggression through dogs like these attacking him)

    good luck in not meeting him again
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    on the other side of things (forgot to post) had a boring day of sorts storms back to his normal self (yay) but koda did a dumb thing, she was hunting for crickets (we have heaps at the moment, she does this every morning) and she was jumping and smacking her head into things then she YELPED, shes banged her head against the trailer and skinned abit of fur off her head, she looks like shes been in a fight :(
  6. emmasmamma Guest

    I bet she didn't know crickets could be so dangerous did she?;)
  7. emmasmamma Guest

    You're dogs name doesn't happen to be Lassie or Rin TinTin does it? :dogtongue2: Good for him!
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, Rin TinTin was a Shepherd if I remember right. xD Pretty sure he wasn't white though. Way to go buddy! :doglaugh:
  9. storm22 Experienced Member

    haha probably not but it hasnt stopped her, she was doing it again this morning and smacking her head into things she just growled at the trailer though lolz

    its funny to watch puppies, she was staring at her reflection but for some reason

    'it didnt want to play????'
    poor koda
  10. l_l_a New Member

    hehe thanks guys!! No his name isn't Lassie or RinTinTin, but I tell him he could learn a thing or two from them! his behavior was just part of the shepherd's protective nature I suppose! He's done that several times in the dog park too, inserting himself between other dogs to "save" his friends from being bullied. Thanks for the virtual treat too, Storm!
  11. drivingtenacity New Member

    What a sweetheart, sticking up for smaller dogs.
    We went for our usual morning walk, and happened upon a pair of hummingbirds doing their mating dance. They were so engrossed in what they were doing, they didn't even notice us, so Zena and I got about a foot away and watched them until they flew off together.
  12. josiebell New Member

    I know this post is what happened today but I have to say that last night I took Duke for his weekly training class. He has just graduated puppy class and we started his pet class with a new trainer.

    Well, bless his little puppy heart, we are still having to do things with a long lead attached if its something like a recall. So his first go last night at a retrieve was a somewhat entertaining episode.

    All the other dogs took their turn one by one to retrieve their toys. Off they ran in a straight line to pick up their toy and return to their owners. My boy, well thats another thing. I throw his toy and he does not run, or trot to the toy, but bounces like a new born lamb, feet going everywhere, with that look of 'hey its my turn to play. I like this'. Then proceeds to the amusement of everyone to bounce round the room playing his heart out with the ball.

    It was a special moment with everyone in fits of laughter at this huge puppy bouncing around. But it just makes me realise that he is still a little man at heart.
  13. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Awww. ^^ Too cute. My dogs' games of fetch are rather entertaining...
    Rusty will dash after it, almost bounding as you described, and run laps with the toy until you ignore him by turning your back. I've never really bothered to teach him to retrieve properly, as we have fun with our game... As he makes his laps, I'll turn around and crouch down, with my hand held out patiently behind me. "Fine then, I don't want to play anyway." And he'll stop immediately and look at me with his ears perked up like, "Wait, wait! I'll be good! I'll bring it back!!! Come oonnnn!" And he'll jog over and drop it in my hand. xD
    Zeke and Mudflap prefer to tag-team. I'll throw it, and Mud, being uber-fast, will beat Z to it. She'll drop it four to five feet away from me, and Z will happily pick it up and prance over to me like, "See that? See what I did???" Lol. I have a rather amusing group.
  14. tanis60617 Experienced Member

    Spent the entire afternoon throwing a frisbee for Paisley. I just started two days ago but he will play for hours if I would let him. He is already running and jumping and catching returning and dropping it at my feet. I just have to watch him because once he decides to go after the frisbee he's going for it, to hell with anything in his way; trees birdbath bushes my truck
  15. storm22 Experienced Member

    i managed to get my video of the dogs playing up on youtube here it is for you guys, this happened about a month ago but they play like this every day
    hope it works

  16. marieke New Member

    This morning I got up at six and took Guus for an early walk. It was beautiful outside so I took some pictures. This is what Tollebeek looked like this morning:




  17. storm22 Experienced Member

    that looks awesome
  18. marieke New Member

    It was beautiful indeed. The pictures are a bit dark though but it wasn't fully light yet.
  19. heidib860 New Member

    They definately looked like they were having fun. I love that stick he brought home.:msngiggle:
  20. heidib860 New Member

    Beatiful pictures marieke

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