What happened to you (and your dog) today?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by szecsuani, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. szecsuani Experienced Member

    So this would be a thread to tell what happened to you (and your dog) today.:D

    We vent for a big walk in the park, and a (probably drunk) man wanted to buy Pami for half a million Forints (it's a really huge money!), and told me that he would take good care of her, and that dogs are more important to him than humans, and things like that, but he almost fell asleep while he was talking, so it was really funny.:D

    And I've been to the dentist last thursday, and one of my teeth was pulled out :S (still have 3 to go, I will get braces...)
    I still can't talk, not becouse of pain, but something happened to my jaw, so I'll have to go back, and the dentist will have to check it out, what went wrong. Ouch.

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    If it's any consolation, I've been to the dentist today too. It's the last session of a lot of treatment I've been having. Gums are tender, but I'm relieved that it's all now over. He's done a great job.

    When I got back, I nearly decided to just relax and let my gums soothe a little. Then I looked at Ellie and I just couldn't miss our walk. So, we set off, and didn't return for an hour and forty minutes. I keep finding new routes along our usual walk, which we both love investigating. I'm trying to get her more confident in water, and it's working. We found a little stream and there are some deeper parts. She's getting into the deeper parts more and more now.

    My new television cabinet has arrived today, so I'm going to see if I can get that up, without Madame wanting to get her nose into the affair. (Fat chance of that.)

    Later, we shall go onto the playing field for a training/play session, and then that's us done for the day!
  3. addictinganimal New Member

    Meh. Sick today. I was going to bring Lobo to my Tech school, but my stomach hurt too badly and I came home. :( Usually I ride my friend over, and he was going to just skip and hang around with me, but my aunt volunteered to drive him over. Just me and the dogs now... and a packet of Tums.
  4. nereis Well-Known Member

    An IDIOT Weim owner let his dog run right across the park into the fenced of area where I was happily playing tug with Alfie. Alfie isn't great with dogs, we're working on it but it's important I avoid any bad situations to increase his level of positive experiences with dogs. So this weimaraner comes bounding over, it was obviously a baby wanting to play but that's just a recipe for disaster with my boy. I got hold of his collar and tried to move him away, but this dog wouldn't stop following us. I shouted for the lad to call his dog back, but of course, he couldn't, he had NO recall and sauntered over to collect the dog while I'm holding onto Alfie who is squirming to try and move away from the dog. No apology or anything.

    On the other hand, we had a nice experience with a very sweet and polite cavaliar, and the other owners with rude dogs who had been walking with the weim owner stayed well out of my way.

    I plan on starting the March challenge this evening :D
  5. marieke New Member

    I went to visit some clients in the lovely city Leeuwarden today. Guus stays with my boyfriend Gijs at work during the day. He has 2 acres of sand, grass and tiny little lakes to discover there all day. After diner I took Guus for a walk. Not too long because sometimes he limps a bit, I'll take him to the vet tomorrow. Now I'm on the internet searching for a new house for Gijs and me with a big garden for Guus. We are also looking in to building a new house at Gijs' work (his parents company) but there are some problems with getting all the permits so we might need a plan B.
  6. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Bit of a boring day catching up on the aftermath of the weekend, ie housework!
    Milo's still on shortish lead walks as a growing pup so did a round the block tour, different route to usual, which involves a steep hill at the end. That was for my benefit - I need to lose some weight! Followed by a quick play in the park. Had to pass a really loud pneumatic drill which was good practise. Thankfully the guy stopped the machine to let me pass.

    This afternoon did a longish walk up to the local junior school - Milo was mobbed by several of the children who know me as their Gardening Club leader. I was rather annoyed by one lad who as a dog owner, was overly confident with Milo, at one point grabbing him by the muzzle. I told him that even though he can do that with his own dog - he should never do it to a strange one. I really feel children should as a matter of course have a lesson at school on do's and dont's with dogs for their own safety. Milo is really good tempered and has never growled in anger at anyone but you just never know I had another little girl deliberately push her scooter at him to scare him and another making hissing noises!! I was very proud that Milo doesn't react nastily. My last dog was reactive and she would have lunged.

    On the way back home Milo walked into a wall which gave both of us a bit of a shock as I heard the thud!

  7. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Forgot to say had a go at teaching Milo the Intermediate challenge. He just about got it but needs quite a bit of further work. He can't yet do it sitting but is happy to attempt it lying down! Not too happy with me sticking sellotape on his nose or post it notes!
  8. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Hmmm. Really bad day today.
    We got so many English homework, that I can't bear it. We got a new teacher recently, and she is soooooo boring!!! We are learning reported speech now, and we have to put a long Calvin and Hobbes part into reported speech. More than 3 pages!! :msnsick::no:

    But at least my french lesson was really great...

    School is really bad recently. It became really boring now.

    And yay! Now my speeking (speech?) is turning back to normal!:yipi:
  9. storm22 Experienced Member

    i took storm for a run today and he followed kowhai (our filly were breaking in) in her lunging, its funny to see a horse cantering in a circle nicely and a dog doing the same as her on the outside, then i took both dogs to my sisters, im waiting for her to get home so we can take the dogs over the hill (good luck to me and my foot)
  10. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol Storm, dog lunging is fun. xDDDD I've been there before.

    Anywho, I had a good day. Unforunately, I didn't actually get to do much with the dogs...but when I ran my lamb today a buddy of mine brought his Catahoula over, which was fun. Soon as I get done with some homework, Mud and I will do some training hopefully. I'm fixing to start working on jumping through my arms. ^^ I'm looking forward to it. So, the dog part of my day is only just beginning. Lol!
  11. emmasmamma Guest

    Emma just asked to go outside so I took her out. After doing her duties, she had a nice romp in the snow! We had 5 inches of snow last night on top of about an inch of sleet. It's always a good day for Emma when she can play in the snow.:dogtongue2:
  12. szecsuani Experienced Member

    We don't have snow here now. In fact, it's now getting warm! :yipi:
  13. sammy1 New Member

    My dog Miller and I worked on some of the training challenges and he's really starting to get it. Took a long walk in the park with my 3 dogs and I couldn't let any of them off lead due to a large flock of geese nearby(haven't goose-proofed them yet). Off to work.
  14. whitefam New Member

    Took our new pup for her first walk. She was all over the place, but did pretty well.
  15. storm22 Experienced Member

    took the dogs for a walk and then i bought them some bones from the store they thought it was great getting a bone in the middle of the day then i started storm on the dog trick 'are you shy?' hes getting it yay (i love this trick)
  16. storm22 Experienced Member

    also remebered im going away tomorrow for the horse of the year show so my mum is once again looking after the doggies

    poor storm hes just got back to his old self still i bought them venison bones today so he wont go hungry (he'll quite often go off his food if ive gone away)
  17. l_l_a New Member

    Had an uneventful day for me - just working overtime today.

    However...I learned today that my dog likes muffins! At work someone brought muffins into the office so I swiped one but couldn't finish it so I used the other half for training treats on our regular walk/outing in the park. I just broke off little chunks of it at a time. it's been awhile since I've used anything for training other than his regular kibble so he was going nuts cos not only was this not kibble, it was also something totally new and exciting!! I'm gonna start hovering near the food during office parties to swipe extra food to use as training treats...
  18. drivingtenacity New Member

    Zena and I went for our morning walk, in the rain. Even she wasn't too excited.
    Some woman stopped me and asked if she was purebred. I said yes, and she proceeded to argue with me based on the fact that Zena is short-coated.
    WTF? Do some research before you argue with strangers about their dogs, woman. I was irritated.
    Also, last night I discovered that Zena loves Swiss Chard. Odd, but it's good for her, so I'm not complaining.
  19. storm22 Experienced Member

    :dogunsure::msncry::dogsad::dogsad::msncry:storms put his hip out (i think)
    he hates going to the vet :dogtongue:(they stick him with sharp things) so im gunna wait a day or too if he dont pick up he's going (he might do more damage if i take him now)

    so ive had a crap night and day, he did it on our walk last night jumping in and out of the creek also jumping over logs he slipped on one (again i think), he was going mad its the first time koda, luka, and storm has been up there (koda can now handle that walk as its quite far for them, about 5km all up) and he was being a bit of an egg but he didnt show any signs till we got home and it got cooler and then i notice he didnt want to jump onto his kennel (he always does everynight and grab a toy he put up there) and he didnt want to run round with koda either so i did some poking to find him YELP when i touched his leg:msncry: so ive given it abit of a massage but he not wanting to get to deep, it up in his hip area

    :dogsad:ill keep yous posted:dogsad:
  20. storm22 Experienced Member

    storms getting better, he went for a walk today with his coat on so his hips arent cold, it doesnt appear to be dislocated (he might of pulled the muscle) but he's happier and wanting to rough house with koda but im keeping them chained up away from each other so they dont hurt him anymore than what he has been, but we've found a big bite wound or somethiing on luka:dogwacko: so he's having time out from playing now till that heals abit because they played the other day and agrevated it :dogangry:and nows its worse (koda helped him with his bandage:dogmad:)

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