What happened to you (and your dog) today?


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I'm Back!

I'm back! I feel bad for being gone for so long, but things were getting really stressful at work. Anyway I now have a new job as a part time receptionist at a Vet clinic. I am loving the discounts on all my dogs' stuff!!

Yesterday I took Jackal to work with me (was only there for 4 hours and the vet was out of town so very quiet - mostly answering phone). He did really well except for whining the entire time. He doesn't have a problem with humans or dogs (or even the parrots), he just doesn't like being places away from home for extended amounts of time without something to do. I tried ignoring the whining for the first three hours. Then I got fed up and had to do some work so I put him in one of the kennels in the back. I could hear him barking all the way at the front.

When I went to get him he was happy to see me and quiet for a little bit. When the whining started up again I started working on correcting it. My coworker was helping me too for when he was in the other room. After about fifteen minutes he was doing MUCH better. Hardly made a sound at all, until someone brought their dog in to get its nails clipped. Oh well by that time we were closing up anyway.

So all in all it went well. I think he will improve if I just get him out more. Need to take him to other people's houses so that he learns its okay to relax and take a nap or something. Well that is what I did yesterday. :D I had fun reading everyone's posts.


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Today we woke up to snow so the dogs had a good play in the garden first thing, then we all went for a nice long walk at lunchtime, all the dogs had a great time playing in the snow and we took the tennis ball flinger (which is great for making and throwing snowballs) all the dogs were thoroughly knackered (and soggy) by the time we got home so have all been curled up asleep in their beds or on laps all afternoon. Solo woke up briedfly for a game of catch but soon fell asleep again :msngiggle: will probably do a bit of trick training before they have their supper :dogbiggrin:


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not about today but last thursday, it was our last dog training for the year cause its summer and its not fair to work the dogs in the heat, especially working agility, and to give our dogs a break as it can get tedious day after day of the same work, so we had a little doggy party with games for us to do with our dogs,
the first agme we had to get into pairs (koda and i and sam a german sheperdx and his owner caz) paired up and i got to be the lucky one blindfolded and caz had to call out directions to these boxes painted on the ground while i walked koda along blindfolded, it sounds easy but when you have other people trying to offer your dog food if they drag you near them its not, but we won as we had the fastest time completing the course (koda does an excellent job at heeling close and focusing)

next game we had to get into a group of three koda and i was with a little staffyx and a westie terrier, the first dog had to run up and eat a large biscut (no guessing that was koda) then run back and tag the next who had to run up, blow up a balloon and sit on it and pop it and come back tag the next who had to run up to the end grab a tennis ball out of a bucket and bring it back to all of us, then we raced back to the start and complete a little kids puzzle, there was a tie between us and the trainers for first so we had to do it again and we won, the ref for the games didnt believe koda could eat that fast but she sure knows how to chomp down food the hardest part was trying to convince her to come with me she wanted to keep searching for these magical appering cookies,

the next game was muscial chairs were we walked round the outside and when the music stopped ran in to sit on a chair, caz and i got out first hand as half way running to the chairs koda and sam spotted each other and rolled over to play (so we both got out as both our dogs werent moving from that spot of playing lolz so we moved off to the side and let them ruffhouse more, but it was such a fun night everyone had a great time koda got to pick out 2christmas wrapped toys and open them, (funny she knew to search low and sniff out the squeaky toys)

and the day after was awesome koda was soo tired after playing constantly with sam and the others i had a quiet dog for a day and a half, but what a great way to end training if the rest of your dogs groups are breaking off for the summer or winter i sugest yous have a game night to end with a bang


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today i came out of my house to a rather unusually quiet back yard and my dogs lying there staring at me as if nothing was going on (usually there up at the door waiting for there breakfast)

i couldnt find there biscut bin for breakfast, so thought my mum must of left it in the shed, thats funny she must of left the shed door open to???

i walked in to find someone had actually opened the biscut bin (it holds 2kg of biscuts in) and half of them were eaten, whoever it was also let the other dog eat some as they both had rather large bellies and kinda looked stuffed, but it confused me as to why they were let to run in there knowing storm does have dexterious paws and he can open things sometimes (not sure of he knows or its by fluke)

i rang my mum and she assured me she locked the shed (even put the latch over) so i poored out some more cookies in the shed letting the dogs watch and shut the door the same way we always do, and went back inside, both dogs went near the door and sniffed (didnt think it would work i assumed they were full but thought i might try) storm backed off and whined at the door, and then to my amazement koda jumped up and started scratching at the door lock then she actually got it opened and they had there feed of sprinkled cookies, i went back outside and looked at my two, and they just looked at me as if to say, 'what it was like this when we got here honestly'

so im off to buy another clip to stick on the shed door one that koda cant open lol


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Hehe! Isn't she a Rottie mix...? Rusty's quite the houdini and can find his way into (and out of) almost anything. Lol, silly as those Rotties are, they are quite intelligent and troublemakers in their own way. ^^


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today in northern Italy is very cold.
we decided to go to school. there were many fun dogs doing agility...great show!


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went to dog training again last night, and my trainer had to help with the begginer classes, so i just joined in there, it was good koda kept looking at me like 'common lets get working' but it was good to show her that we dont have to be on the ball all the time we can just go and meet and greet, (whuch she did very happily) but she was abit confused that she wasnt worked hard,

but it was good cause being in a big class of heaps of strange dogs was good for her(we usually have a couple of extra dogs and more in the distance), she got to meet alot of them, and meet her puppy friend that lives down the road and we quite often see them as were walking down the road,

but it was good and we got used as models to show some how to sit and hows the right way your dog should walk at heel, terry(my trainer) was happy i stayed there as having a dog that can do it to show others is a great tool as it showed it can be done, only just last year we were in the same book as those new dog owners and that gave them confidence to try new things