What happened to you (and your dog) today?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by szecsuani, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. good_doggie New Member

    Philip and I were sleeping side by side at the night. When I woke up, I saw him licking my face. Then in the afternoon,When he was mysteriously looking at me, I was not looking but I still saw him. When I looked at him he turned his head away as if nothing happened. :dogtongue2: This kept repeating for about 4 times and thet REALLY made my day.

  2. szecsuani Experienced Member

    That must have been so cute!!! :)
    Nothing really happened to us today, since it's only around 13:00, and I woke up at 12:10... :LOL: :D
  3. disceptre New Member

    went to the vet yesterday to get some shots. she did pretty good with all the other dogs that were there. then when it was time for the shot, the doc gave her a biscuit and i dont even think she noticed the shot at all.
  4. drivingtenacity New Member

    We were taking our morning walk, and Zena smelled something irresistable in the ivy, so I decided to indulge her, and we go trudging on after the smell.
    She finds what she was looking for- it was a used tampon. Yuck.
    She wanted to snatch it up, but that wasn't happening!
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    dogs can be gross cant they, koda finds things too, we went to dog training and they had let sheep into the paddock a few days earlier, so of course she was rewarding herself (when she managed it) that 'leave it' command was getting a really good workout, but she did really good with a down stay she stayed for about 1minute till we went back, im soo proud

    for the bad news

    storm got into a dog fight last night, we were walking down the street last night as usual, going home thankfully my mother came with us (she took koda away when the fight broke out) but as we were walking home i noticed a dog that we walk past daily out in his front yard, hes usually behind a large gate away from the foot path, so a casually walked my dogs onto the road so storm didnt start up (he has fear agreession, that we work on, he had been able to meet new dogs calmly showing no agreesion till now - ill explain later what happend today)
    anywhoo back to my story, the dog came rushing out and startled koda, she was away with the fairies smelling the road as usual when something involves her nose, and storm shot round that side to protect koda and probably me, the dog backed off abit but i asked my mum to take koda away, i didnt want her getting hurt or learning to fight, so as soon as koda left the picture this dog turned around and grabed onto storm and it all went to custard, i couldnt grab this dog off him, a kid was out the front with the dog so i told him to go and get his dad,
    the dad managed to get his dog off and stick it round the back, and he was very sorry and remorsefull, and he came over to check storm out and see if hes ok, there was alot of blood on his dog but storm only got a bite on his ear and just under his eye (so im guessing his dog came off worse, i havent seen him today), but he did say to tell him if he has to go to the vet and he'll pay the bill, he was a nice guy
    but unfortuanly storm has reverted back abit with his agression, we had a dog run up to us today, one storms been used to meeting and having short plays with, but storm growled at it and tried going for it, the dog showed submission and lay down and storm did listen to me when i told him to leave and come behind but he has been on edge all day passed dogs, when he sees another dog he'll stand up tall and be dominant showing agression signals, so again its a work in progress which we'll be going through again, it has taken about 8months of slow training to work through it to where he had been happily trotting up to dogs to play, but i'll guess we'll start again
  6. marieke New Member

    Two weeks ago I started working parttime, so now I have fridays off from work. I took Guus for a long walk, had lunch with my boyfriend Gijs at his work, took another walk with Guus and then we practised our tricks.
  7. forensic New Member

    Lulu has learned to jump through a hoop today, despite her constant insistance that she can get to the other side by walking around it. :dogrolleyes: Heeheehee...
  8. storm22 Experienced Member

    ive started training koda to roll over, im having abit of trouble getting her off her back, she quite happily lays that way im starting to have to drag her over to sit up agian,
    storms still abit tense around other dogs, koda and luka were being loud while playing and storm pinned luka as he was being louder and more agressive, but hes a little dog and koda full on runs into him and squishes him on the gorund, she has to learn softer play with smaller dogs, shes slowly getting there
  9. szecsuani Experienced Member

    We will do a presentation with our agility team this saturday!!! :)
    I can't wait, I'm so excited! :)
    We will do some agility, and canine freestyle. I hope I1ll be able to post some pictures... :D
  10. szecsuani Experienced Member

    This is what Pami did for a VERY long time. But she somehow realised that it's not the thing I want from her.
  11. storm22 Experienced Member

    hope all goes well for you and pami in agility

    i have beenaway so my mums been spoiling my dogs, but i got them a new squeaky toy each, kodas not too sure on the feel of her new toy but storm loves his and wants kodas
  12. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Thanks! Al is going really well, we are now CRAZY about agility!!! :)
  13. heidib860 New Member

    Today Max and I went out for a walk this morning and then recovered the rest of the day from the walk. Max hasn't been feeling very well last tuesday I had to take him to the vet because he couldn't even stand. Had a 104 degree temp. All tests came back negative except his white blood count came back at 27,000. The vet explained that 14,000 is normal. He's been on antibiotics and pain killers since. He's standing up on his own now and almost back to his old self and is eating normally now. He definately missed his walks and was excited to get back out there. We walked down the street and back. It was nice to see that he's responding to the meds.
  14. storm22 Experienced Member

    poor max hope he gets better soon

    well i had to go to the vets too with koda she got an ear infection, (apparently alot of dogs have come in with ear infections) i caught it early though the vet said it was just starting to build up and the eardrum hadnt burst (i noticed it when i was doing my normal check all over i do on the dogs i was actually looking for ticks cause she had been running in the long grass were cattle had been) so she just needs eardrops and no antiboitics, but i go back next week to see if its worked

    storm has been getting abit bratty lately as i havent had much time to play and train both of them with my new job (the hours are nightsift so im sleeping through the day) but he'll get used to the new routine
  15. heidib860 New Member

    Hi hope Koda feels better soon. Good thing you were able to catch early before his eardrum burst sounds painful. Max goes back this Saturday morning for a checkup and to see if he can come off the meds yet. Doing much better. Still having a bit of trouble with walking every once in awhile but is a thousand percent better than what he had been.

    Working the night shift is difficult, I hope Koda and Storm make the transition smoothly.
  16. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Lets try again - kitten just stomped over keyboard and lost post!

    Anyway -have spent the day minding Milo who was diagnosed with kennel cough yesterday. What a pain - three weeks of isolation from dogs. My ingenuity for keeping him occupied is going to be sorely tested. Lots of trick training I suppose!!

  17. storm22 Experienced Member

    poor milo hopes you both can keep your sanity in the isolation phase.

    kodas doing good, shes finally better and we went back to training last night, we did some agility (just low jumps and the first time meeting a tunnel) she did great it took 3 goes coaxing her to go through then it sunk in and she was bat out a gate for the tunnell she would even miss the jumps sometimes cause she saw the tunnel, made some interesting dance moves on my part not to trip up on her while she hit the jump,

    but shes doing great, i had the day off on tuesday on walked storm to the beach (havent done that walk since i got koda) its about a 3-4 hour walk all up by the time you leave home, walk along the beach, have a swim and walk back home, but i popped in to do some work at speedway and had to turn the airconditioning on and storm lay down in the breeze and went to sleep for 30minutes so he was refreshed before continuing home

    my doggy grass finally turned up in the mail, i ordered a free sample of dog grass when i went to this show, so im going to do abit of gardening and grow storm and koda some grass suited for dogs, (koda loves grass shes like a horse,) she'll walk down the road and graze along so i thought why not get some grass thats good for her
  18. alee New Member

    Well this happened yesterday! A friend of my mother's had passed away so she wanted to go to the funeral, since I don't like funerals(to many sad people) me and rex stayed in the car and listened to music, and older lady came and asked to pet him, I said sure. Mom came out of the funeral we went to my grandparents house and after a couple hours me, my mom, my grandma and my cousin went in to town, we had to go on a dirt road to pick my cousin up so our car got pretty dirty. We drove to walmart got out, I told rex to stay in the car, a man walked up to us and said `` Who's got the dirtiest car in town, I have!`` and walked away. I thought it was funny, my cousin was pretty freaked out though. After we were done in walmart we walked out rex was laying down in the back seat.

    Since superstore was right next to walmart, I just took rex out of the car and my cousin and me walked over. On our way over there their was a man playing live music trying to sell a few CD's when we walked passed him he barked at rex.
    We then went over and stood by my car waiting for my mom and nanny, but quite a ways away there were two kids about 7 and 5 years old with a small white dog(which looked to be a corgi mix) on a flexi leash and there dog kept lunging and barking and growling at rex, rex just ignored it but the kids were having a really hard time holding onto the dog, and the leash kept getting tangled around the 7 year old boy, which was really dangerous because it was a flexi leash. I felt really bad and I was kinda scared that the dog might get away run into traffic and then the boys would run after it and get hit themselves, I was quite PISSED that there parents had just left them outside with the dog on a FLEXI LEASH.
  19. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Ugh. I once saw a guy with a Shepherd on a retractable at Petsmart....the idiot wasn't even watching his very large dog, and next thing you know the dog had wrapped himself around a Halloween display rack and pulled the whole thing down. Yesterday when I was there this guy had some kind of Basenji mix on a retractable that he was letting lunge at the end of his leash towards this GIANT St Bernard. Because of so many idiots with this terrible invention, I HATE retractables.

    But since the post is about what me and my dog did yesterday, Mud and I had a very successful distance training session. She will now consistently sit, down, and wave with me a good distance away. Rusty had a refresher on some of his basics and started learning some more, and we worked on Z's leash training(which has been terrible until investing in a Gentle Leader, my first experience with a head halter). All's well with my gang. ^^
  20. storm22 Experienced Member

    i hate retractable leads also, they are useless, i had a german shepherd dog lunge at me and my old girl, and the dog naturally broke the lead cause its soo small and its trying to contain this large breed, but anyhoo it broke the lead and rushed at me and timex, which she took to it (naturally dogs do that) but the guy was then trying to blame me and my pitty for the whole accident because my dog was a fighting breed and she rolled his dog and it was kinda hard to get her off the big beast, but once i broke her off she was happy to walk away calmy as if nothing had happened and continue on and meet some random dogs down the road.

    timex was like that she liked dogs but god help them if the went her she'd become the fighting pit bull.

    i bathed koda and storm yesterday, they really needed it and gave their kennels a big clean and washed all there blankets, also bought koda a new collar its bright pink she loves it (storms abit jealous) but shes showing all the dogs round the neighbourhood her new collar (ill get a pic when my camera charges)

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