What happened to you (and your dog) today?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by szecsuani, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Poor Storm! I hate when people do that. I have always had that problem with my horses. People would get pissed off at me for riding in the road, but there was no way I would take my horse in the ditch. There is just way too much glass. And I was always leery about crossing water for the same reason Storm got hurt. I hate stupid people. I hope he is feeling better today.

  2. storm22 Experienced Member

    he is feeling better today but hes not putting much weight on his foot again :( its been three weeks now, we've got puppy school tonight i hope, its storming here koda doesnt know what to do when the lighting and thunder happens but storm has been excited all day, he loves storming weather (i picked a good name for him aye lolz). but he loved his walk this morning i pulled him up on my horse and away we went i let him down to go toilet but he just ran around and hurt himself again, he slipped on some mud trying to turn to fast and had to put weight on his sore foot so i made him come back and get up, but as soon as we got home he jumped down and played with koda so he's doing it to himself you can hear him yelp every now and again, then he bites koda (he thinks shes hurt him), well got go cook their liver for tonoght
  3. puppyluv911 Well-Known Member

    i had a great day and i came home to my wonderful dog then we went for our daily walk to the doggy park.
  4. josiebell New Member

    I had a stressful time at training classes last night. For some reason Duke is getting gobby with one or two of the dogs at class. Then to top it all there were four new dogs in the class as well.

    He is no bother out and about with other dogs but once he gets in that classroom he gets loud. I was asked at the end to say if I thought that the class was too much for me, but the trainer did say that she would like to think that we could complete the class. Felt very down with the situation but I won't give up. The lightbulb should go on for me and Duke soon, afterall he is only a youngster and I've never trainned a dog before.
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    hang in there josiebell, your trainers should realise that some dogs just bark at others, koda did for the first two training sessions (the only time she didnt was when i was stuffing food in her mouth), she would do everything i asked but barked along with doing it, and now she only barks at the rotti pup he pulls n his lead real badly and makes a hissing sound (its really hard to explain sounds) but thats all she'll bark at now, and when we first get there as she cant see everything and there are others barking, but my trainers just told us all to let them bark their heads off they will stop eventually some dogs just take a little longer than others, its been 5weeks since we first all started and we still have 6 out of 30 dogs barking at every dog that goes by and some like koda that bark at a particular dog.
    so keeps your hopes up your dog will stop barking it just takes time and patience :)

    last night was training and we went really well, koda behaved really good apart from when the rotti went by she did get distracted by him but she looked at me as soon as i called her name to get her attention again, my trainers are really pleased and complemented us that our heel work is really good, we were weaving in and out of the other dogs and she was totally focused on me even when the foxy and spaniel jumped at her she just got closer to me, so heaps of praise for koda for a job well done. and storm got a good boy too as he has been a good distraction at home (he is really trying to make her pay all her attention on him not me) so we have good training tactics at home lol, i let storm run around us when we're practising our heel, she knows how now so its just enforcing it with distractions amoung us, storms doing his job great, but i do let her be storms distraction too so she gets him back
  6. kdiana2603 Well-Known Member

    yesterday i groomed my cocker and gave him a haircut, becaue in 3 weeks we are going to enter our first trials - obedience and rally, im excited and super nervous... i think he can feel it... because he has been around me constantly lately!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. dat123 Experienced Member

    Wasen't today, more like the weekend.
    We entered the biggest dog event of the year for us, called " Dogmania" , 5 sports over 3 days. We entered our 2 girls, Delta and Arlie in agility, with bad results in almost every event. We also entered all 3 in frisbee, Talin won the championship on saturday and came 11th on sunday.
    But, the highlight of the w'end was the agility team fun event. Teams of 4 dogs with tunnels only. I was in one team with Arlie, my wife in another with Delta and she was short a team member. A good friend from the RSPCA was working there ( she is also helping Talin with extra agility training ), I asked if she could help out in the team thats short, handling Talin, who has never done agility competing before. She was delighted and couldn't wait. Talin is extremly over-excited with agility and very difficult to handle. She had a ball, Talin had a ball, and although I would've liked to handle him for his 1st ever event, I was happy that she got a chance to join in, and helped out my wifes team. She was thanking me all night, for the opportunity to join in.
    Another surpise came later when i was told a frisbee friend videoed it, and put it on youtube.
  8. sarhaspups New Member

    Dat , That is awesome!!! Talin did great for never had done agility before! Good job!! Looks like fun was had by all , two and four legged. :)
    Give those furkids lots of goodies for a good weekend!!
  9. storm22 Experienced Member

    goosh storm would of loved that, you cant get him away from tunnels at agility, talin did an awesome job, are you going to do agility full with him he'd excell
  10. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Getting or making boots might not be a bad idea for both of your canine buddies. Seems like those paws of theirs have terrible luck! Especially poor Storm. :(
  11. storm22 Experienced Member

    i know hes just been terrible with his feet in the last year, we have had four ripped paws and a ripped butt (i have no idea how he did his butt, i came out one morning to find blood all of his buttocks and a rip on his butt) he used to be soo precious about where he'd put his feet but now he dont care, he doesnt even realise he's hurt till i show him the blood and sore, ive looked at this booty thing for him but its kinda like a sock which velcrose up the top but hes doing fine with his colourful bandages
  12. dat123 Experienced Member

    I got Talin to do agility, and if he did other things that would be a bonus. As it turned out, he's excelled at frisbee winning several competitions, and is good at tricks, but hopeless at agility. It's driving me insane, to the point of doubleing his training this month to get him ready to compete. He absoluletly LOVES tunnels, so when an event came up with tunnels only, and a team was short of a dog... ...bingo !

    What is it with hyper dogs and tunnels !!!!!!!! :dogrolleyes:
  13. dat123 Experienced Member

    I don't know if this will help storm; our Delta had a run of problems with her pads, she injured them once , possibly running on rocks, they seemed to get soft and not healing properly.
    A doggie friend recommended this liquid called " Tuff foot " made for dogs. Anne had been rubbing it into her pads, especially before flyball. It has worked very well.
    I think it's available at pet shops, if not is defineatly available over the internet.
    Other than that, I think socks or dog boots would be a good idea.

    Hope storm is better soon.
  14. storm22 Experienced Member

    thanks for the advice dat123, i have to have a look to see if i can find some, i do work him up to getting his hard feet back but he seems to injure himself before they're good to go,
    i dont know why hyper dogs love tunnels, but storm cant get enough of them, he managed to pull his tunnel down out of the shed and un-tie it the other day, him and koda had a great time chasing each other through it, but as it wasnt hooked onto the ground it was moving all over the backyard, i looked out to see what they were up to, to see poor storm run through and SMACK into the fence, but koda followed him and did it too (they must of been playing simon said)

    we had puppy training last night and koda did really well, she played with a little french bulldog pup which is the same age as her, she was quite shy the little pup as she had been hurt a couple of nights before and didnt trust the other dogs but koda wormed into her heart and by the end of the night they were playing happily, (the french bulldog loves boxing the other dogs in the face, koda thought it was great)
    we can now do a down stay with other dogs really close to us and i can walk away from her about 4metres and she stayed there for 2minutes before i went back to praise her, well done koda, (i now know what its like to have a sedate dog learning obedience, not an adhd dog)but i still love my stormy,

    storm and i did some agility yesterday and he hasnt come up lame so its good news, im still bandaging his foot just cause his toe is still half a wound, just to protect it a bit more when he's turning sharply as he really digs into the ground and pushes off hard but im going to try looking for that tuff foot stuff for him, so he can finally go for a run next to my horse (they miss each other), ratty calls out to storm if we go past my home and storm howls after us,
  15. storm22 Experienced Member

    puppy training went soo good last week koda hardly barked and played with about four dogs (its a good thing cause shes quite shy with strange dogs at night), anyhoo my trainers said, as koda and i have been learning really fast and shes good we could go in a elementary obedience competion, its just for puppys out of puppy class to have a go at a competion, oh so fun, so we might have a go, im going to be training her a bit of agility soon as were finishing puppy classes in the next week so she going to learn to weave and walk on planks and such shes still abit young to jump.
  16. shegen New Member

    I've taken to walking my dog Di (jack Russell) in the mornings. It's much more peaceful than evening, usually.

    Today (as almost every morning this past week) we run into free roaming dogs. This morning Di turned suddenly and started barking. I turned to see what she was barking at. There, to my surprise, was a large white dog rushing up on us from behind. I hadn't even heard it approaching.

    I had no time to be afraid. I was pissed off. I yelled "BACK" at the white dog and it stopped. I then turned and made Di heel though she was reluctant to turn her back on the larger animal. I didn't know if the other dog was going to continue it's advance but we just walked calmly away, me with a mind racing with ideas of what to do if the dog attacked.

    Lucky for us the white dog retreated. I'm still angry that I can't take my little dog for a walk without seeing, on average, at least 3 large dogs ambling unchecked around the nieghborhood. Why don't people keep an eye on their animals?!? I should be able to enjoy an hour long walk with my pet, without fear of being mauled by some random dog, shouldn't I?
  17. twobigfeets New Member

    We were on Australia's Got Talent tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 7.
  18. marieke New Member

    Well, after months of absence we're back again! Hope you are all well.

    Today we started training tricks again, we had to take it easy because Guus had some problems with his legs. I've got the idea of teaching him tricks based on ballet so we've made a start with the arabesque. Guus is now able to stretch his left hind leg, now I have to teach him to stretch out his front right leg.

    It's a good day for tricks: rainy and chilly. I'll take him for a walk in the forest later, hopefully it's a bit dryer under the trees.
  19. storm22 Experienced Member

    poor gus hope hes getting better

    koda and i passed puppy school with flying colours YAY!!!!
    so now theres a break till august when we start obedience and agility so im going to hopefully get her speyed and keep training her

    at the moment our yard looks like a dirt track you can see little glimpes of grass left the dogs have been ripping it up soo badly and theres more rain to come (i cant wait till summer) we been getting heavy rain and no real breaks to let the ground dry up a bit and after a dry summer the rains just sitting on top, and drowning the new growth (before the dogs find it)

    i found out koda likes apples she ate two big ones that were sitting outside waiting for my horse to come and get his feed and a treat (which was half gone, koda was eating the last one), ive found i cut down time if i bring him home and give him his feed and groom him there and then ride him back to his paddock (i dont know why i didnt think of that earlier)

    storm has been loving running next to the motorbike the only problem is i have to speed up to catch him, he averages 30km/hr (i dont like him going that fast but if im to keep up with him i have to go that fast or he does leave me behind), after about 1km he does slow down to about 20-25km/hr, brat i didnt realize how fast he was running but next to the bike i could, so now i going to try teach him to run slower (i know good luck right)
  20. ambercecelia New Member

    I New Here And I Need Someons Help Please!!!

    i really need some advise if anyone knows home remidies for mange- look at my other posts and you'll see what i am talking about. also i do not know how to set mt settings. does anyone know how to help me out with either of these? i want my pic to be a girl not a boy and i would like to know how to fix the rest of the stuff on my profile lol

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