What happened to you (and your dog) today?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by szecsuani, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Marieke, those are great. It's so pretty there. =)
    Storm, lol, cute vid! Koda really holds her own! xD I love the branch clip. That last pic is a great picture of Storm. He's very pretty. I wish Cattle Dogs here weren't so inbred and...well, crazy, almost. :dogdry:

  2. marieke New Member

    Thanks Heidi and tx! It's snowing at this moment. We haven't had snow for years and now in march it finaly is falling. Weird moment, nature is confused.
  3. storm22 Experienced Member

    i know we have branches lying round at home all the time now, we also have a tyre she bought home when my mum was walking her (just a scooter tyre) but a tyre none the less

    yes she does hold her own with all dogs, shes strong headed and not one to hold back (lukas not playing anymore cause shes too strong for him and he doesnt like rough play but he plays with storm)

    thanks for the comments on storm, i know what you mean by inbreed cattle dogs we have a breeder in my town and her dogs look horrible (she doesnt cross with other cattle dos as she thinks they're not pure like her dogs) she has stumpy fat little dogs that are agressive, and thats not being true to breed standards now is it

    well im off to walk storm over the hill before it rains (my mums taking a liking to having koda round so shes there at the moment, so me and storm are having one on one time (HE LOVES IT)
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Today Mud and I walked off-leash for a while...she enjoyed herself, and did very well. In my area, I always want her staying in the heel position(although the command "Heel" is used for the actual position), rather than just following or sticking close. Really shows how much Border Collies prefer more active things to do...she would very willingly stay in position, but you could tell she was a bit bored. When we got home, I went to the back gate and released her with an "Okay!" and she zoomed in and romped in the backyard. Lol. I think she'd been waiting for that the whole walk.
    Here in the U.S., it's almost impossible to find a decent ACD. You rarely find a group of ACDs that are relatively the same--in Texas, there is a huge variation. Some are short, some are leggy, some are stout, some are twigs; some have long, slender muzzles; some have short muzzles...the possibilities are endless, and it's terrible. I know one ACD here that actually looks good, with the exception that he is smaller in size and build than the actual breed standard. In South Dakota, it's not uncommon at all to see an ACD the size of your average German Shepherd or larger. Most of them are very attractive ACDs, only they all come in Extra Large, lol! It's just hard to find an ACD in the U.S. that comes close to the true breed standard.
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    jeez what were they feeding them for breakfast, steriods? lol storm just above standard he's more of a farm type (thats what they have here standard or farm -working types) he's about 30inches at shoulders

    but on the topic, IM SOO ANGRY!!!!!!!:dogtongue::dogmad:
    we went on our walk and everything was going fine, we were coming up to the blind corner (you really cant see round this till your half way round) so i put storm on his lead as i usually do and crossed the road to notice a dog stare at us and come running hackles up and growling, (thank god storm was on his lead, were working through his fear aggression) and he came running up to us, i stayed calm and kept storm calm but this great dane thing came charging and stuck his head over storm, i thought i was going to have a fight on my hands but storm was good (YAY trainings working:dogsmile:)
    and then i saw his owner coming to grab his dog, and he explains 'he only does this with male dogs, your dog must be a boy' well no sh*t sherlock, but then i notice he's actually a dog control officer, he still had his uniform on (you would think he would know what the laws with dangerous dogs are)
    i told him he should have that dog under control round these ways as there is often dogs and stock on the roads, he just shrugged it off and walked away, THEN LET HIS DOG GO AGAIN!!!!! and it came back towards us but got interested in the sheep in the paddock, and started climbing through the fence, he just kept walking damn $#$Y&%^@@$%^$#:dogmad::dogangry:

    but for the rest of the walked we loved and storm got to play with a random dog down the road much to the dissapointment of the lady walking hers (she was pulled over the road to play with storm hehe)
  6. marieke New Member

    Wow, and this guy is supposed to tell other dog owners what the rules are??? What an idiot. How did he ever become a dog control officer I wonder...
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Sheesh...idiot! That is so irritating. I was in Petsmart one time when this woman came in with her Aussie pup off-leash...had she actually been working on off-leash training, I wouldn't have cared, but she wasn't. She was just letting the pup roam around freely. Had she wandered up to the wrong dog, the poor pup could've gotten very hurt! I was surprised that none of the employees said anything to her...they ask that all dogs are leashed. They don't mind as long as your dog is actually off-leash trained, but otherwise they aren't supposed to allow them. Luckily the pup and her owner left without incident, but it irritated me nonetheless.
  8. storm22 Experienced Member

    i know this guy was an idiot, we went there this morning and there was a sheep limping in the paddock, albet that dog got hold of it, what a complete moron i talked to my friend who works at the spca (she deals with the dog control people all the time) she was going to have a talk to his boss about him and his dog, good aye hopefully something will be done about it, and shes going to look for the farmer whos sheep it was he probably has no idea this has happened and hasnt checked on his mob (this is rare in our neighbourhood of dogs getting at stock as most dogs are on leads or there off leash trained and good with stock in that area)
  9. mopar53190 Well-Known Member

    Foxy, the cat, and I went to the vet today. Foxy was spayed, the cat declawed, and I am a good $300 lighter! Foxy is doing good, she is at home resting, sleeping off the drugs. The cat is spending the night at the vet and doing well, when I picked up Foxy I went in to see her and she looked pretty drugged up yet. Poor little critters! They get to recover together and figured that would be the best thing since they both love to play rough together. The house is pretty quite right now with the little fellar under the weather. In a day or two I'm sure they will be back to there own selves again.
  10. marieke New Member

    I made a profile on dogster.com for Guus. They didn't have the stabyhoun listed so I sent them a mail asking if they would ad it to the list. They did and used Guus' picture in it! (even though he's not a pedigree stabyhoun) You can view it here: http://www.dogster.com/breeds/stabyhoun
  11. sarhaspups New Member

    Very Cool! I love the dogster website. :dogsmile:
  12. marieke New Member

    This morning I took Guus for an early walk in the forrest. They predicted rain but it turned out to be a beautiful day. So in the afternoon my boyfriend Gijs and I took my parents and their dog Buck to the place where we are going to build our new house soon. It's 1/3 of 3 hectare of something that looks like a nature reserve but it isn't really. It is where Gijs' company is situated. Guus and Buck had fun running after each other and we walked along with them. The weather was so nice, still a bit chilly but sunny and there was very little wind. Then we went home and I made soup and sandwiches.
  13. storm22 Experienced Member

    ive been house sitting for the last 5days and storm is soo happy to have me home he's greasing up to me soo badly like PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!!!!!!
    koda happy im home too we've just gone for a walk but had to cut it early as i didnt take a rain coat with me, our back yard is a mud pit at the moment (20 inches of rain) and two dogs wrestling in it is not good

    koda and i are going to puppy school tomorrow so ill tell yous how it goes
    good luck to us :)
  14. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Guus is lovely on that picture!!!!
  15. storm22 Experienced Member

    im seriuosly considering buying storm some booties for his feet, he jumped into the creek yesterday (where he alway does) and some^&#$%%&*%^&^$^& has smahed glassware and crockery there.
    koda jumped down to and we herd a loud smashing sound she jumped out but storm was still wading round in the water i got them out (that recall is soo good now with koda) and went down the creek to check and i saw glass sticking out, i checked over the dogs to find storm has nearly ripped of one of his toes (off to the vets soon, thats an experiance)
    kodas fine but storm is once again out of action his foot is bandage up and he dont like putting pressure on it so he's hopping like a bunny at the moment, i have to change his bandage atleast three times a day as he likes to go out and its pissing down here (its storming everywhere else where just waiting for it to hit us)
    but after the vets tonight im dropping him at home and going to puppyschool (even in the rain us dog people are commited or need to be atleast)

    puppy school went well last week, koda and a snauzer(dont know if thats the right spelling) were the loudest of the bunch of about 30 dogs of all ages but we were inbetween two snappy foxys and then when we moved we were beside a big goofy lab (he kept tripping him and his owner up hehe) and a little black french bulldog (koda thought it was luka and didnt understand why he wasnt coming to say hi it sounded just like luka

    well im off bye
  16. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Its more what happened yesterday with consequences for today. Milo got nipped at the beach yesterday by a German wire haired pointer. Milo, in his usual wisdom, as a six month old pup and not knowing better, tried to hump it.

    We only realised 10 minutes or so later that his ear had been torn and was bleeding profusely. Went straight to the vets on return and they are putting him under a general anaesthetic this morning to debride and stitch the wound.

    I do hope he is not going to be prone to scrapes - he was electrocuted by an unmarked electric fence a few weeks ago on a visit to an open museum where dogs are allowed - I was furious with them for not putting up warning signs.

    Glad he's insured!

  17. storm22 Experienced Member

    sad to hear about milo getting into a fight, storms jumped right onto a electric fence before he now doesnt go near those fences he can hear the current going through them, koda however has never been hit by them but she nearly has.

    went to puppy school last night it was quite good koda was quieter (we were inside the building, instead of outside as thier lights are still not working) the dog training club has just mooved in the last couple of months so everythings still getting moved round, koda has learnt heel really well if she thinks you've got food, other wise she'll walk abit ahead of you like she does normally, and now were improving on her downs from further away and her wait, shes got kinda clingy to me, if i walk a couple of steps away she wants to follow me and sit again beside me, so she is learning wait i will come back its only a couple of steps lolz

    storm didnt get to the vets but his foots healing better he's not trying to rip his toe off now and i got more bandage for it now, and some antiboitics, heh didnt like me giving him an injection he was shocked i had it (i knew the vet that was on and he trusts me so he gave me the injection to take home to give him that extra boost, i did my vet training through him) but im sure storm just likes getting a little bit of meat twice a day for his pill (thats why he gets hurt) i also think he likes the bit of extra TLC he gets from me putting on a bandage and stuff
  18. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    If you've got any tips Storm22 on giving eardrops please let me know. He also has an ear infection so needs eardrops twice daily. It was like giving them to a bucking bronco this morning!

  19. l_l_a New Member

    Poor Storm! Hope his foot's getting better. Why do people throw glassware and crockery into the creek?? how irresponsible of them!
  20. storm22 Experienced Member

    storms foot is getting better, slowly he was driving everyone crazy (and himsef) so i took him out for a walk and hes decided that he doesnt want to come with us now cause it hurts so its kinda peaceful once again, kodas doing good at puppy school now, shes learnt so far sit, down, heel, wait, stay, and come in her little life thus far, shes going really well in obedience so i might carry on with her, storm never really liked obedience it kinda bored him, thats why we do agility but koda seems to like the relaxed stuff more, theres a show coming up in a few months so i might train her for that, fingers crossed.

    jasper as for outting in ear drops, its kinda a two person job if the dog is diffucult, but you have one person restraining the dog holding each side of the neck and the dogs body inbetween the persons legs (if the dogs big enough) and the other person holds the ear open and sqyirts in the ointment ive got a photo of me holding luka for my sister, hope it helps

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