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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Dogster, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Absolutely ADORABLE:love::love::love: Love they way he's sitting in the basket, too cute for words and those eyes - boy do they get you in.:love::love:
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  2. SarahtheSniper Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :D
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwwww, he's ADORABLE!!!!!!:love::love: Love how he's posing in the basket.:love:
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  4. madeleine Experienced Member

    He is sooo cute!!!
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  5. Teddy Weddy Well-Known Member

    Gorgeous pics everyone!
    Here's one from Christmas, I know it's a little late ;)
  6. Dogster Honored Member

    It's beautiful!!!!:love: What camera and lens do you have?
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  7. Teddy Weddy Well-Known Member

    Aww Thanks!! :D I use the Canon 5D MKII and this was taken with the 50mm 1.2.
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  8. Amateur Experienced Member

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  9. Linda A Experienced Member

    What a fun thread! I so loved looking at all the wonderful photos!!
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

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  11. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Those pics are FABULOUS!!! :love: :love::love: I esp love the close-ups of Shivon and Carmel in the snow - those are excellent! Looks like you guys had so much fun! Is this a new camera?
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  12. southerngirl Honored Member

    love all of the pics.
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  13. Dogster Honored Member

    Thank you!!!!:)

    LOL, about the new camera- we both got the same one!!:LOL: So both of us spent the entire day taking photos, lol.
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  14. madeleine Experienced Member

    Nice pics!!

    Have fun with the camera!
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  15. Anneke Honored Member

    Wow 30 pages!!! I missed a bit:D I'm scrolling back to see them. Love looking at pics.
    That is a great shot Teddy Weddy! Love the bokeh! I'm stll trying to get that right.
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  16. Amateur Experienced Member

    awesome !
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  17. Mr-Remington Experienced Member

    I love all the pictures Dogster! I just got the Rebel t3i, but I suck at photography, so I'm still practicing. :p
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  18. Mr-Remington Experienced Member

    Oh, and gorgeous photo Teddy Weddy. Breathing taking, I just keep staring at it.
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  19. Dogster Honored Member


    Shivon's new favourite toy (she found it yesterday at the park):)

  20. 648117 Honored Member

    Holly head tilt:


    Holly tilts her head if I try to say her name in a deep voice with my hand over my mouth. Might try to turn it into a trick.

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