Post Your Pic!!


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And now for my pics :p Two monsters at the beach and a couple of random horse photos that I took over the last two days. I've been looking after a friends horse stud while she was on holidays and have been waiting very impatiently for a mare to have her foal! Looks like she's going to do it tonight which is GREAT because her owner just got back :D

So, sorry in advance... but I'm hijacking this dog picture thread with pictures of horses (and soon hopefully foals) too lol.... which I'm quite sure that at least Mary won't mind.

I LOVE the two photos of my puppies at the beach. :love:

One of the young horses in the paddock playing..

The pregnant mare "Shiraz" in the sunset :D

Oh and back to dogs... I bought Evie a new toy yesterday... I don't think she likes it...

LOVE the horsey pics, gorgeous.. and, of course the dog ones too!


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Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!:love::) Shivon has such beautiful eyes and such an expressive face. The one with the leaf on her head, she looks as if she's asking if her 'hat' is on correctly. She's an angel to sit like that, LOL, Ra Kismet I know wouldn't do that, Zeus just may though.


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LOL!!!!:ROFLMAO: I love that pic!!! It's adorable, though!!! :love:

Welcome back, by the way!!!:D I haven't seen you on here for a while...


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I've been peaking around though not posting. I've been without power and have also decided to move so everything is a bit crazy right now. I'll be more active after everything gets settled.


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Absolutely ADORE the pic!:love: It's so natural and just plain loving!:love:

Nothing worse than being without power. I have my fingers crossed as it looks very stormy outside and we often lose power when it storms:(


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TiflovesBC - adorable pics of Bella and her antler!! She sure looks like she's having a GREAT time!:D

Evie - beautiful pics of the dogs and the horses! :love: Omg, the one of the horses playing is spectacular, and the one in the sunset is just pure beauty.

Dogster - I love the new pics of Shivon! I love her holding a leaf in her mouth:love:, and how adorable with the leaf on her head! And please, peeking from under the blanket.... :) Too cute!

CharmedWolf - really sweet pic of Kratos! :love: Long time no see, glad you popped back in!


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One dog too many photos... but I can't remember how to post them so this'll be an experiment :ROFLMAO: Zac isn't all that cute, he's too angular and his elbows always stick in your guts when he sits on you.

When I first got Zac and for the first year or so he was so elegant... like a sculptured dog...

He still likes to run and jump but you can't see his ribs anymore because my family insist on feeding him sausage rolls :ROFLMAO:.

I think this isn't going to work, I expect I've got the settings on photobucket wrong, Oh well, nothing venture nothing posted... LOL :D
He looks like one of my dogs when we got him. His tail would always curl up like that :D