Post Your Pic!!


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I know everybody has a picture of their dog that is so cute you want to show it to everybody you know! So, this thread is to do just that!!!:LOL: If there's a story to go along with the picture, post it as well! I'll get us started. Here's a picture of my dog Shivon trying to sleep with her favourite toy. The next one is of my dog at 2 months old, when she stole the leash and made herslef look innocent.



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Everybody's pups are so cute looking. Here everyone can see most of the pack. The only one not photographed is Meatball and that's because he hate cameras.

Kona and Chloe (Kona is the one in front and Chloe is the one that's hiding her face):

Tre (The first day we got him):




It's never a dull moment here!!


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Haha you have got me looking through my photos found some cute ones of when Bella and Zara were younger and pups.

Bella firsy day I brought her home. She still has that sme toy now lol nearly 2 years later.

Zara chewing the leash

Nope I'm not chewing the table leg ... honest.

Sleeping beauty.

Love this pick of Zara.

Playing tug with each other.


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One dog too many photos... but I can't remember how to post them so this'll be an experiment :ROFLMAO: Zac isn't all that cute, he's too angular and his elbows always stick in your guts when he sits on you.

When I first got Zac and for the first year or so he was so elegant... like a sculptured dog...

He still likes to run and jump but you can't see his ribs anymore because my family insist on feeding him sausage rolls :ROFLMAO:.

I think this isn't going to work, I expect I've got the settings on photobucket wrong, Oh well, nothing venture nothing posted... LOL :D


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awesome photography there, Rdog, of your most elegant and CUTE dog!

i have not ever taken one good photo of Buddy running or jumping. Not a one. I now have a stack of about 50 photos of his tail at the edge of a photo,:ROFLMAO: or of just his nose coming into the photo,
but, i can't get one good "action" shot, ever...