Post Your Pic!!


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My most recent piccies

Bella all crinckly on her mane lol

Heehee sticking her tongue out. Caught a few of those lol but this one looks most like an actually tongue sticking out rather than lick.

Love this one

Muddy Jenny lol

Jenny going to roll the football

Zara all alert


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Cute pictures everyone!!!!

Mud and Z on my friend's fountain in his backyard

Mud and Zeke again...

Terrible picture but this is Mud with my cat, Elli when she was a kitten. She loves her Mudflap. :)

It's a Border Collie statue...

One of my favorite pics of Mudflap...

I don't have near as many pictures of Zeke because for a while he had a major camera phobia, lol. Glad he got over that. :)

Love this picture of him, perfectly captures his sweetness in my opinion. :love:

Lol...sorry didn't mean to bombard the thread with lots of pictures. Haha still have more!! :D



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Lol, actually that was her name when I adopted her. I suspect it's because on her back legs she has two large black mudflaps on a truck. That's my guess, lol. I thought about changing it, but she LOOOOOOOVES mud and getting messy so it just kind of fit her. There can be just one tiny little puddle of mud in the yard and she has a way of covering herself from head to toe in it. :rolleyes: After it rains, I have to either take her outside on leash or watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't get filthy. The first time we got a really good rain after we adopted her I just let her outside and got a bucket ready to wash her paws....I opened the door to let her in and she was so filthy I had to carry her through the house to the tub so I could wash her! :ROFLMAO:


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The name fits, then!!!!:LOL: My dog has NEVER rolled in mud, except if a dog tackles her.:) I can't imagine how long it takes to wash a filthy dog with fur THAT long!!! LOL!!!:ROFLMAO:


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Fairley does this "thing" when she's in her crate and doesn't want to be.

We took the dogs to our local creek to go swimming. We bought them both life vests because they'd never actually been swimming for real. I was so afraid about the dogs getting hooks in their paws, I bought them booties too, but they kept falling off.

This is Willlow. She's such a spaz. :D

Sorry for so many pictures guys. :X3: I love photography, and my dogs are what I practice on.



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OMG!!!!! GREAT PICTURES!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!:ROFLMAO: You'd be great a a photographer!!!! Love your dogs, by the way!!!:LOL:SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!!!


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I've been meaning to do this for awhile... but keep forgetting, or dont have enough time...

You asked for it!!!

Oliver and Mouse.

Mouse sunbathing

Oliver and Scout




Mouse and Boo

This one's titled "Pinky and The Brain" LOL

Oliver and his best bud, Rocky

All 5 of my dogs together


Nap time!

Everyone but Mouse (she doesn't do walks LOL)


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Mouse using Boo as a flutter board


See we brought it back together!

Get back here with my ball!

nice head shot

Get in the box

Ouch! It bites!

Snowy face.

Ollie and Annabelle (my sister's dog)


Ok I'm done... I have many, MANY more... but I'll spare you... for now LOL