Post Your Pic!!


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Thanks guys! MaryK he looks photogenic but he never stops moving! I have to take 20 pictures to get 10 good ones of him. He just loves to have his nose in the lens. :rolleyes: He's learning to sit still tho! Mine and my roommates Jack russell is super photogenic, I've never taken a bad photo of that dog.
I can relate to that:D Ra Kismet is the same!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:


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We went to Big Bear yesterday for my birthday. It was Remi's first time ever seeing and playing in the snow. He loved it, though after we went to a super cold area his tongue was turning a light blue color. He refused to get in the car after playing in the snow.

I love this photo, he has never stood like this. I think it makes him look grown up. :love:

When I finish uploading the ones of him playing I will post them.