The Plight Of The Purebred


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//"You misinterpreted my thought "//

oh sorry.:notworthy:

//"Even the dogs people pay thousands for are technically "mutts" just like my guys."//

do you mean, cuz all breeds ARE mixes of previous breeds, is that what you mean there?? I thought you were discussing the doodles there, are really "just mutts"
i did not realize you meant all breeds, sorry!:rolleyes::LOL:

lol, i did not notice any hyrid vigor comment, lol, i will have to find it:ROFLMAO: ah, nevermind, i won't probably understand it anyway!:ROFLMAO: I've been dense like that alllll day long...


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Hereyago TL ... maybe you should lay down for awhile

I have a big problem with organized anything. How the kennel clubs can change the standards of working breeds to the detriment of the dogs is beyond me. Why we breed dogs so much bigger they can no longer do their "job" they were bred for in the first place, much less lead a healthy life now filled with other problems. And why these dog shows dont contain a measure of behaviour and temperament is beyond me. People suck, plain and simple.

Give me a mutt and hybrid vigor anyday.


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ah, maybe you do like i do, and go back and edit your posts?:rolleyes: or maybe i never saw That one!
i LIKE that post,:D and fully understand your meaning there!!


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yes, but one can edit a post, for quite some time afterwards.
i almsot always go back and edit my posts,
and someone might have replied to my original post,
and i have since editted it. <---which is good thing, cuz i never say anything right the first time.:LOL:

see, coulda happened the other way around this time, who knows? no big deal, though, imo.


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Geez, I missed ALL OF THIS?!?!?!?!:eek:

I think breeding a dog to the point where it doesn't look, act, or can't do all the thigs a dog SHOULD do is absurd.:mad::cry: It may not cause any pain to us, but trust me, the dogs are in pain.:cry: Imagine a female bulldog in the breeding program. If they breed her more than once, then she'll have to get cut open multiple times!!!!:cry: HOW IS THAT NATURAL?!?!?! Even humans don't have c-sections unless it's absolutely necessary!!!!

I do not get the "breed standard". WHO CARES!?!?!? Who cares if their dog is the best looking dog on the block, it's measurements are "perfect", the placement of color markings on it's fur measure up to standards?!?!?!?! (for real, black and white poodles are not breed standard, and thy're not considered poodles by the AKC.:mad:) I care about my dog's well being, I don't care about how she looks, I don't care if people think she's ugly. She is not and will never be an AKC registered dog, and frankly, I don't care.:) She is my dog, a lab/whippet mix, otherwise known as a whipador or lippet.:D(y)

This is why I fully support rescues and will rescue all my dogs.:) There are too many problems, too many glitches in all these "systems".:rolleyes::confused:


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I don't really have a problem with breedstandards. The breedstandards are usually very well discribed. It doesn't say that the GS should have a steep sloped back, just that the back should be sloped
-- The
are higher than and sloping into the level back. The
is straight, very strongly developed without sag or roach, and relatively short.

So the original GS had a slightly sloped back.
Look at this picture. Don't you love this dog??? It is what I picture when I talk of a German Shepherd

This is actually a different breed. Known as Old German Shepherd. Some breeders went back to the original shepherd and I know a few of these dogs in person. These dogs ARE the true shepherds, powerfull and well build.
I don't know if this breed is known in america, but it is becoming more and more popular in holland.
Unfortunately(ofcourse) the FCI(kennelclub) does not recognize this breed, only the modern GS. But this is the breed that the modern GS came from.


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Yeah, I don`t have a problem with most breed standards, but for some breeds, the standards are too carried away.

Wow, Anneke!!!!:eek: That`s a GSD??? Have not seen one like that here yet.... but I have seen these:(:


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It is sad that the GS back is so slopped but not all are just google German Shepard and you can find some that don't have an exaggerated sloped back like this one.


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Yeah I know...Just look at the way those hindlegs are bend.(in your picture) There is no way this dog could perform in good way:(:mad: So sad...


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//" It doesn't say that the GS should have a steep sloped back, just that the back should be sloped
-- The
are higher than and sloping into the level back. The
is straight, very strongly developed without sag or roach, and relatively short."//
THAT is the 2012 standard you are reading, Anneke.
standards get CHANGED allllllllllll the time, but recently, a fairly new law for AKC is that standards can not change every year anymore,:D
and can only change every FIVE years now...
But in the 1960s to 1970s, the standard WAS changed, to a severely sloped hip in the GSD,
and it increased and escalated for decades,

til finally, everyone realized, "the GSDs are falling apart, this slope is TOO SEVERE!!!!",

and THEN,
they began to change the hip slope back to a less severe slope.
by then, much much damage HAD been done, many many dogs were crippled by the latest fad, oops, i mean "standard".


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//"The breedstandards are usually very well discribed"//

oh, absolutely. No one here has complained, "geez, i do not understand exactly how smushed a bulldog snout should be THIS year..."

The standards are VERY clear.
but the standards are arbitrarily set,
they are nothing more than FADS or whims of some person or group,
and the 'standards'
have NOTHING to do with a dog's HEALTH
or ABILITY,------------------------------- it is only a BEAUTY standard.

and there is most obviously a recklessness seen in many breeds taken to exxxxtremes, with no regard to the impact that THAT angle,
that size, that whatever,
has on the dogs life
or health
or function
or ability to live a normal life.

we now have----------because of fads, oops, i mean "standards"
dogs who can not
not breathe
not give birth without surgery and would die if they tried
not run
not swim at all
not tolerate heat at all
not eat easily
not live a normal life
and are very riddled with disorders.

I think many many standards should be reconsidered and changed to help the dog live a more normal and healthy life.


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:D Ok, I never saw it discribed as severely sloped. But then again, I never read the breedstandard in english, only the dutch ones. Maybe the FCI doesn't change the standards as often as the AKC;)


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Yes, the dog Anneke posted, a most wonderful looking dog---------
looks like what we in USA call a "Belgian Malinois"
and that breed seems to have been spared decades of abusive "standards" imposed upon the GSD, and generally have more naturally shaped, squared and functional hips.


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yeah, the standards CHANGE....the standards of 2012, for the GSD hip,
are currently going back to a more functional hip,
after decades
and decades
and decades of ruining the breed.:cry:

the standards are just for LOOKS, not function, not health, not's a BEAUTY contest...

i would not mind a dog beauty contest,
dawg knows there are enough owners out there who only feed and admire their dogs,
and that's all they do with their dogs,
but, i mind a beauty contest which is making some breeds into freaks,
and standards which are sooooooooo disabling to so many breeds....

i think the orgs which are in charge of this stuff,
are missing out on an opportunity to add in things about dog HEALTH, FUNCTION and ability--------even just the ability to breathe and give birth and have a normal life...