The Plight Of The Purebred


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Impressive Dogster! I just read from page 4 to 11 and I am shocked. I have heard about bulldogs breeding problems, breathing problems, arthritis etc but after watching the documentary and reading everything its way more to it. I am shocked how badly humans have messed up dogs from double merles, to tail and ear docking and messing up the dogs ability. There is way to much breeders that breed just for looks. Basset hounds with extremely long ears that they fall over because of them, chihuahuas so small and fragile, golden retrievers with white coats and blocky heads, border collies with no herding instinct and Labradors that hate water, cant retrieve and have such wide shoulders they cant walk. :mad::(
When I went camping I met these people who had a 10 week old GS with pink eyes and droopy eyes:cry:. the people are like ``his parents had the same eyes and the breeder said that its normal for GS to have thous eyes! ``:cry:

Another example. There is this australien shepherd breeder that breeds double merles and sells them for 2,000 $!!!!!!!!:mad:


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That's why one of my favorite breeds is the Border Collie. They are usually bred for working ability, not for the exaggerated standards of the breed. Although some are bred for the standard, they are a small minority.

I see this a lot in my country. I try to turn a blind eye to it... because I can't really cope with reading "Male red nose pitbull looking for red nose girlfriend call xxx-xxx-xxxx". Clearly NOT responsible breeders!

Dog shows should change their rules to include a genetic testing, veterinary testing, etc. But I highly doubt that this is going to happen.

I sincerely do not think that there is anything that can be realistically done to change the fate of the purebred dogs. Breeds will continue to be ruined, until all the viable purebreds left are those from good breeders. I'm really pessimistic on this issue :/. It leaves me heartbroken.

No matter how many campaigns we raise against bad breeders, stupid people are always bound to NOT CARE about it! You can't really blame somebody who trusted a breeder because they didn't know any better. But the people who know about it and still support BYBs... they drive me NUTS.


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When dad and I were breeding andd selling hounds, we only used "proven" bloodlines. they were either proven in field trials or on actual hunts, we chose dogs to breed to each other based solely on the dogs' abilities to track and tree game, and how "cold" their nose was. My best dog could line out a three day old mountain lion track in the snow. On bears, him and his son would not leave the tree, we watched tis from a distance one time, we were bear hunting with some friends in central Idaho and saw all of our dogs treed on a bear, we sat on a ridge about 300 yards away and just observed the dogs doing what they do best through binoculars. All of the dogs would sniff and run around the tree and bay at random, but our two Bluetick Hounds, were sitting at the base of the tree, looking up, and constantly baying at the bear. It almost brought a tear to my eye to see how dad and I picked proper bloodines to get the most out of the breed's ability to hunt, and we had people that wanted to pay good money for our pups, and our adult dogs...I miss raising hounds sometimes:cry:


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<----this dog was considered a "no-good biscuit eater" by whoever threw him away before i got him off of death row!:ROFLMAO:
but to me, that exact same dog is a marvelous dog, no finer dog in the world, imo.:love: but, whoever had him before me, did not think he was...