The Plight Of The Purebred

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    //" I believe it was the UKC you could be thinking about. The standard for them was last updated in 2009. "//

    I've posted from AKC, in many replies above, and the "ideal dog" pictured, in rely #176,
    is straight off a re-direct the AKC site sent me to examine the standard.

    I am not entirely certain, if you, charmed wolf, hearing me rail about "recent" changes towards extremism in many breeds,
    think i must mean in past 2 or 3 years?
    i don't mean in past 2 or 3 years.
    let me try to explain again,
    why, when some breeds are 100s or 1000s of years old,
    and since 1960 to 1970, to 1980, are NOW going extreme,
    i feel those changes are 'recent',
    but twice now, you seem to imply you suspect i mean last year,
    when for pages, i've been pretty clearly stating, to me, "recent" is refering to past decades of abusive standards being demanded by the AKC beauty pageant for way too many breeds.

    see, many many breeds do not look the way they did even 30 to 50 years ago. we've "recently" ruined many breeds, from the dogs they once were for centuries, or even for 1000s of years....lots of breeds have "recently" been ruined,
    but i don't mean LAST year they all suddenly fell apart.
    does this make sense?
    but ppl don't always realize, the way a breed looks TODAY, is not often the way that breed looked all the centuries before.

    //"I wondered if a petition to make health testing mandatory if the akc or ukc would start to listen up more."//
    there have been some in the past, but, i am an optimist i guess, i'm all for it!
    but changing ppl's minds takes a long time...especially when cash is involved, it's hard to fight against the power of cash.....

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    but i now realize,
    i have been mistaken all along,
    for some years now,
    cuz i had heard that AKC had recently (in past 10 to 20 years or so)
    reduced *some* of the extremism from the GSD standard,:D
    that they HAD decided all their ridiculousness:cautious: of the 70s to 90s was cruel,
    and that the AKC had changed it back to a more natural hip........i thought the AKC had improved the standard.....
    and i no longer believe that anymore.....i don't see much improvement at all in AKC standard for a GSD.........i was wrong,
    i thought they HAD buckled to outrage over all the crippled dogs, but i was wrong...

    or if they DID improve the standard,:eek: i can only shudder to imagine the fad, oops, i mean "standard" right before THIS fad, oops, i mean "standard" would have looked like...:eek: ....
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    I was going to comment on something but I forgot what I was going to say after making it here to the end ...time for more coffeee :coffee:
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    for Amateur
    inkpen.jpg + coffee.jpg
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    What the heck is that first thing ?
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  9. Amateur Experienced Member

    well ? what is it ?
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    oh, for real?
    and i thought were joking that ppl today do not even know what inkpens ARE, rofl! there are lots of jokes how ppl today never write anything, don't even know what a pen is, kinda thing,
    and i thought you were also making fun, acting like you also don't know what a pen IS!! ROFL!

    meaning, you can jot down things you want to say, on a 9 page thread, was my point...see, Amateur, inkpens can be used as a memory aide.:rolleyes:

    (well, YOU are THE #1 teaser on DTA, sooo, i guess you won't mind getting teased, right?:LOL: )
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    if I dish it out, I can take it
    Of course I know what a pen is !
    I just couldnt tell what it was in the picture .

    and I would have used one if I could have remembered where I left it :p
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    Ugh!!! Forgot the ink pen!!!! Facepalm.
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    //"Ugh!!! Forgot the ink pen!!!! Facepalm."//

    Here ya go....
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    what is that ?
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    ooOOooo a fancy pen at that !

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