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Bella in her new harness, typical it came after i had already taken the dogs out, its been horrible weather today but i took her for a walk to try it out, she can pull but she manageable and more secure than just the collar and i'll probably take the swag head collar and leash too.DSCF3400.JPGDSCF3409.JPGDSCF3414.JPG


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Yeah, she gets off the lead on most walks, usually twice, once on a soccer field near the start of the walk and then later where the picture is taken (although we have been missing the first field out lately because it's so wet).

She is very good. Always comes when I call her and often she will run up to me without me calling her (I usually give her a treat for that too) or she will just start walking next to me like she does when leashed.
Even if we see another dog she doesn't race over to it, she'll only say hello if it is close and if the other dog isn't too big (she doesn't really like big dogs, which is understandable given her size :LOL: )

She really is an excellent dog to walk, she doesn't pull or even walk ahead much (I just make a noise and she will drop back to be next to me), she doesn't bark at other dogs, is good off leash and only stops once for a pee on walks (she's only recently started to pee off our property on walks and doesn't usually poop) which is nice compared to some dogs that have to stop all the time O_o
WELL DONE YOU!!!! Sounds like you are going great with Holly!! She wants to be with you which is most of the hurdle to overcome with reliable recall work. Nice work!


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pic 1. Today Miles went to the vet!
pic 2. The vet says his big boy teeth are finally coming in :)
pic 3. Cute pic taken of him today
pic 4. He also got cute mini tennis ball toys at the vets today
pic 5. Miles met Juan the fish! :p
pic 6. I'm treating him like a baby!

That was 6 pics all taken today only! Wow, I need to put the camera down sometime...It's just so tempting to take a pic of him every second, lol. :D



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The spy dog is so cute.

I tried to take a picture of Holly with sun glasses on yesterday, but everytime I went to put them on her face she would wave at me with her paw O_o and wouldn't sit still :rolleyes: .