Post Your Pic!!


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Jackienmutts- Remi is to hyper for Chance. He hates the running around, and barking. If Chance is active that day then he will play but most of the time he just growls and walks away from him. :rolleyes:


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Thanks Amateur!! :D I sat and looked at pix forever the other night, but I think I might have missed a page or two in the middle - I kept starting and stopping, then going back - it's so fun looking at everyone's dogs. :love::LOL:

And btw, Dogster, I LOVE Shivon's ears in that first jumping picture!! :ROFLMAO: She's lucky she didn't go totally airborne and come down in the next county!! Too cute!!!
She didn't actually jump after that:whistle:

We took some more pics at Dogcrazy's house yesterday:) (we tried to make them jump at the same time) They jumped over two jumps.:)



These are the only ones we have of both of them together



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Love all the pics, everyone. I haven't viewed this thread for a while and, boy, did I have some catching up to do....! Lovely to see pics from some different members too! Keep it up, love seeing everyone's dogs.

Carmel has some crazy big ears!!! She looks gorgeous jumping with those ears!


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Foto's from today
I stood in the water, hovering my camera just above the waterlevel.

Well...what can I say:rolleyes::ROFLMAO:

Ready to jump...

Throw it already!!

I'll get it!!

Why are you holding the ball so high up?(so I could take the picture:cool:)

I've got it, i've got it!

Just dug this pit. You like the sand around my ears??


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FABULOUS FABULOUS PICTURES everyone!!! Was sitting here trying to pick favs - I can't.

Anneke, I love all yours but ohhhh, something about that one of Jinx on his back in the sand just grabbed me - maybe cuz it's just a dog doing what dogs do best, and that's having total unbridled fun. And - I was kinda glad I didn't have to clean 'em up!:ROFLMAO: I loved all your pics, one is better than the next!!!

Ripleygirl, I LOVED the closeups!!!!!! :love: They're just beautiful.

And Ariel, that's so cute about Karma - hey, she knew what she was looking for. Trap me in a chocolate store and see if I care how fast I find the way out!!! :ROFLMAO: Adorable.


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A couple of weeks ago I won a contest on the Success Just Clicks blog. It was for Bite Prevention Awareness month.
Here're some photos of the pups enjoying their new things.
Dingo with his prizes

Dasy helping herself to some rabbit jerky and Dingo stealing the bag from her.

Eating the rabbit jerky

Sharing rabbit jerky

Playing with their new tug toy