Post Your Pic!!


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Ooooh, nice!!!!:cool:
I can see why you need to get used to it. Do you always have to lok through the top, or can you look at the screen???


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How is it going with Holly off lead now? Good I hope - are you gaining confidence?
Yeah, she gets off the lead on most walks, usually twice, once on a soccer field near the start of the walk and then later where the picture is taken (although we have been missing the first field out lately because it's so wet).

She is very good. Always comes when I call her and often she will run up to me without me calling her (I usually give her a treat for that too) or she will just start walking next to me like she does when leashed.
Even if we see another dog she doesn't race over to it, she'll only say hello if it is close and if the other dog isn't too big (she doesn't really like big dogs, which is understandable given her size :LOL: )

She really is an excellent dog to walk, she doesn't pull or even walk ahead much (I just make a noise and she will drop back to be next to me), she doesn't bark at other dogs, is good off leash and only stops once for a pee on walks (she's only recently started to pee off our property on walks and doesn't usually poop) which is nice compared to some dogs that have to stop all the time O_o


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Wow!!! That is GREAT!!! You must be soo proud of little Holly!!!:D
I am very proud of her.

Especially since our other dogs always pulled, barked at other dogs when they saw them on leash, ran over to dogs, didn't have a very reliable recall (so they only got off the leash at dog parks and beaches away from roads - they would come back, just not always very quickly if they were distracted), and had to stop all the time to send and recieve pee-mails (especially the boy).
I didn't know much about training then and it wasn't really that much of a problem (just slightly anoying).

Holly is very different, there are so many things I do with her that I would never have done with the Cavaliers (Paris and Kiefer) and they did things that she never does - eg, she doesn't cuddle or sit on knees - she's too busy for that! I don't think she even likes being patted that much whereas the Paris (especially does) and Kiefer lived for cuddles and pats.