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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jean Cote, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. scearcegsd Well-Known Member

    I just stumbled upon the site while reading about training and tricks. I am happy to see that there is some place to go and talk with others who are also training things. I currently have a one year old German Shepherd who loves to try new things.

  2. posie New Member

    welcome to dog trick academy there are heaps of fun things to here and we have just got a arcade that is lots of fun. I have a 2 year old king charles caviler spanile
    and her birthday is the day after mine!I also found the site the way you did
    hope to chat to you soon
    Maddie and Rosie
  3. ebby New Member

    Hi guys, I just joined this morning. I am a 4H leader who trains dogs & kids to have fun. I am going to pass the challenges on to my kids. My goal with my Australian Shepherd (the real Ebby) is to have her jump from barrel to barrel through a flaming hoop. However the fair won't allow fire so we are going for tissue paper. I would be interested in watching any routines/acts to give the kids ideas to string together. Thanks, Ebby
  4. leyla New Member

    Thanks for the Introduction :)
    My 2 Year old husky mix is a quick learner & she knows about 16 tricks as of right now.
    I came to this site hoping to hear about more tricks to teach her.
    Any tips?
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Sure, check out our monthly challenges, that should give you a few ideas each month. :D
  6. leyla New Member

    Cool :)
    Thanks a lot.

    Also thanks for nominating me :)
  7. leyla New Member

    One more question..
    How do I get my signature to show?
  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    I can see it! :dogsmile: Great signature!
  9. dat123 Experienced Member

    Hi ebby, welcome to the DTA, theres lots of things to read, watch and do in here, lots of fun.

    If I read correctly, you do dog shows for the public ? I'd be interested in what you do, routine etc , as I do something similiar and would love to swap ideas with you.
  10. leyla New Member

    haha great :)
    thank you!
  11. good_doggie New Member

    I have a Shih-tzu that is turning 2 in September.Im very Eager to teach him the trick "take a bow".For any shih-tzu owners that know the trick "take a bow",Please post some tips here.It will really help me.
  12. w0lf New Member

    I'm not a shih-tzu owner, but what I do know is that you should be able to train this trick the same way you train this to any dog. Did you watch the videos yet? Sorry if this post seems a bit too obvious, but I'm just trying to be helpfull. Good luck!
  13. class3203 New Member

    HI all

    Hi all!! I found this site while searching for some tricks to teach my pup. New Jersey here, with a 5 month old malinois puppy. He's so smart and learning fast, so I want to keep his mind active. "Linus" (the Mal) and I thank you for your tips.

  14. katznk9 New Member

    Hello! New here. Just joined today. Always looking for new ideas on dog training & both my dogs are actively involved in obedience training.
  15. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Haven't had time to take a peek at the forum for a short while but I see membership is blooming. So, to avoid danger of typists' cramp this is a big welcome to all of you who have arrived recently. Have fun browsing around and looking forward to seeing you showing off your canine's tricks.

  16. sieanie New Member

    Hello from Malaysia!

    i am impressed with the lessons laid out. Previous dog's training was a failed attempt. BADBADBAD. Now i haf fear of my new pup never being able to understand what i'm training. Purposedly took in a poodle (because i keep reading that they r amongst the most intelligent thus easier to learn... i know..owner stupid not dog.. T____T )
    I hope to learn lots and fingers crossed Ju Ju B learns lots too. :dogblush:
  17. pugly Guest

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi from hot & humid PA. We have a 2 year old pug named "Mister" that my wife rescued running down the street one day. Vet said he was about 8 months old at the time she found him. He is a great little guy and don't know what we would do without him now. I actually found this site while looking for information and reviews on the "Peticure" nail file. Will be looking forward to meeting you all!
  18. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hey cool! Glad that you found some useful information on here! We all train our dogs to do tricks and stuff on this forum so it's a lot of fun!!! :dogsmile:

    See you around the forums! :)
  19. kbg07d New Member

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kenneth and my dog's is Achilles. He is an Pomeranian and is 5months months old. But I recently got him a two weeks ago. He does very good on sit when he's hungry but when I just randomly ask he doesn't always respond. I'm trying to get him to learn the basic commands and house training by August. Since I will have less time due to school, and I don't want to leave him in the cage all day. He has a very short attention span which makes it hard to train him. So far this website has been very informative in helping me train Achilles.
    Kenneth Guzman
  20. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Kenneth, make sure that you read the level 1 theory lessons as they will help you understand what it is that you are doing when you train a dog. :dogsmile:

    Good luck and keep us updated! :)

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