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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jean Cote, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. whizzy New Member

    Hi. I just signed up. Still trying to figure all of this out, but I'm excited to get training my dogs.[/FONT]

  2. marysia_p17 New Member

    Hi everybody! I'm Maria and I have crazy and full of energy polish hunting dog Una :dogtongue2: We train agility, a little bit frisbee and obedience. And tricks of course :dogcool: I hope I will find here some inspiration :dogbiggrin:
  3. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    Hi Maria and welcome to the academy! I have a crazy, full of energy English Coonhound! So glad to see another hunting/sporting dog on here! Be sure to post lots of pictures and come join us in the monthly challenges!:dogbiggrin:
  4. marysia_p17 New Member

    Hunting dogs rulez :dogbiggrin:

    I have a "small" problem with challanges - no video-camera :msnsad:
  5. rauni New Member

    Okay, I've registered yesterday and finally found time to introduce myself (my baby is asleep, shhhh!).
    I'm Olga from Poland. I have two dogs: an English cocker spaniel Sunday and a pyrenean shepherd Vigo. Both of them know lots of tricks already, but as we just looove new tricks, I hope to find some inspiration and motivation here :) We also do some agility and a little bit of backyard frisbee.
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    :welcome: to the Academy! Make sure to check out the monthly challenges as we practice some tricks that aren't in the classroom. :D
  7. marysia_p17 New Member

    "Some agility" means that Olga was the participant of the World Championship in Agility with Sunday a few times (2? 3?) :dogbiggrin:
  8. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    I have a "small" problem with challanges - no video-camera :msnsad:[/QUOTE]

    Oh no....:msnsad:
    Well thats ok, you can still work on the different challenges and post your progress to the forum. The challenges offer some great tricks, and all the responses give you help and support when you work with your pooch.:dogbiggrin:

    Come on in and join us!
  9. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the academy! Oh please, please, please post a picture of your current training item: lifting two diagonal legs!!! I would love to see this.:msnohyes:
  10. rauni New Member

    As soon as Vigo masters the trick, I would :) Meanwhile, you can see that and other cute tricks on Silvia Trkman's website (google it, as I can't post links)

    Yes, I've been to AWC with Sunday twice. But the real thing would be if I even qualify with Vigo :msnhugegrin:
  11. goldencheddar New Member

    leg lift too

    I am working on that too. You may want to check out Daisy Peel's website too. She does some good work with this. She has some great variations on the trick.

    her website is jump start agility . com with no spaces. Look under her dogs and go to Solar's page. She has some videos of doing leg lifts.

    I just started working with my one year old GR Canon to do this. We are also working on skateboarding with 3 feet on and one to push.:dogcool:
  12. sweetcanela Experienced Member

    The website is great and i told my niece to join too..Glad i found it and can't wait to see what trick you will be putting up. I have a golden and a border collie...Thanks again
  13. photosmith New Member

    New member from Florida

    Hi! My name is Lindsey and I am the training director for the Tailwaggers Learning Center/Agility Club in West Palm Beach, Fl. We are a dog club with an all volunteer teaching staff offering classes in basic obedience and agility. You can see us at our site by googling Tailwaggers in Florida.
    One of my wire fox terriers is a therapy dog and she has learned some tricks. The people she visits get a big kick out of her on the skate board and playing the piano. I know she could so so much more and I am looking for more ideas. thanks
  14. msapelkina New Member

    Hello All from Maryna and Tyson
  15. menna New Member

    Hi all from the UK!
    I've just joined this site and am looking forward to taking part and training my pup - she's a six-month old Chinese Crested Powderpuff and is already starting to learn to dance, but I am wondering if she's maybe too young for the physical aspect of standing on her back legs! She's very bright (I used to own border collies, so I compare with them!)
  16. tango61 New Member

    i have a miniature schnauzer and she loves to stand on her hind legs...
    for some dogs its very hard, but for others its very simple. Just see what your dog likes
  17. joey New Member

    i'm here

    hiya! i'm here fanally, so what is next?:msncool:
  18. joey New Member

    I'm from Africa, (Liberia) i raelly dont know dogs breeds. can someone help me? my dog is those ones that are very short to the ground. it was gave to me a year ago by a friend. she too doesn't know the breed. can one tell by the look of the dog?

    I'm sorry if this ia a stupid question.
  19. Jean Cote Administrator

    A picture would help a lot here. :D
  20. joey New Member

    ok i just went reading around and found the breed of my dog. she is a BEAGLE. thanks to this site i'm going to learn more.:msnblushing:

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