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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jean Cote, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. tazzdabell New Member

    Hi Jean,

    I'm new to this site and am looking forward to learning from it and teaching my Brussels Griffon pup. He's the most energetic dog I have ever had so I need all the help I can get.

  2. cppugs New Member

    Ohhhh, I think Griffs are the most adorable little dogs in the world! Can't wait to see pix of the little guy! Welcome to the academy!
    Charleen :msnohyes:
  3. makakoa New Member

    Hello, all. Have just joined this group and am anticipating learning a lot. I've been involved with animals for a long time, and am currently the lucky owner of a 17 month old female standard poodle, "LuLu". She has recently achieved her registration as a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Incorporated, and seems to enjoy hospital and nursing home visits and showing off her tricks. We are both looking forward to learning new tricks together.
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

  5. morgel New Member

    Hi all,

    I train Service Dogs. Currently I have an 8 week old male German Shepherd. After a week, he knows how to come on call, walk on a leash, and to sit on command.

    Glad to see there is a place for people to learn "tricks" for their dogs.

  6. alecs_6 New Member

    welcome to the acdemy everyone!Im new here too!
  7. rjcrpntr New Member

    Love the Site!

    I just found this site on utube where I was watching huskies talking. We just got a new Siberian husky pup about 4 weeks ago. She is adorable and we call her Denali, or Nali for short. She has learned sit, down, stand up, come and says "out" when she needs to go outside. She also knows "quiet" and drop it, but is not always consistant on the last one.LOL.
    We are trying to get her to be nice around our cats and that is meeting with some success. I am so excited to teach her more basic obedience and some awesome tricks! Thanks for this great site. I look forward to learning more. Denali is certainly not our first dog, but I am planning to help her be our best!
  8. samt New Member

    I have just joined as am looking for new tricks for my 12 months old lab x ret. This forum looks exactly like what I am after and I look forward to learning a lot.
  9. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Welcome everyone! :)
  10. mymuffin New Member

    Hi all - meet Muffin our 1 yr 1 mth old Labradoodle.

    Just finished his 10 week puppy training course.
  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    Congrats on puppy training! :dogsmile:
  12. torram New Member

    Hi, I actually found this site while looking into the Peticure. I have a Boxer mix who is probably close to two years old. She's my little Destiny. She was a dumped puppy that my friend found in her driveway. She has separation anxiety and we've had a struggle with that. I now have a new couch and a new dining room table, as she found the old ones quite tasty. lol

    Anyways we've worked hard and she's now in a kennel while I work and she's doing much better. Love to share ideas and learn more ways to be a better mom to her, so I thought I would join here.
  13. johnveryveryveryverylongname Well-Known Member

    Glad that you found the website!!! It's a pretty neat website! :) See you around the forums! And have fun training your dog ;)
  14. carthu New Member

    First time here

    This is my very first time at anything like this, so please forgive any newbie errors. I have a 16 month old Lab/Border mix with LOTS of energy, and a willingness to please. I've already gotten some good ideas on what to try next.
  15. bustercube New Member

    A Yappy Pappy

    Hi Jean

    Thank you for the welcome. I already enjoyed the trick videos and have had some success with a few. I have a little papillion who is brilliant at clicker training and shaping, she is however stubborn at obedience and very yappy. Any suggestions out there how to take the yap out of a yappy pappy. Bustercube
  16. kinna New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm Annik and my dog is a 5 years old siberian husky mix (probably shepperd) and she need to work a lot or she just destroys stuff...lol. She had a lower back hernia in december 07 and needs to calm down now. She knows a lot of tricks and understands a lot of words. I'm always trying to learn new ways to entertain her and keep her busy. I'm from Québec so excuse my english..
  17. Jean Cote Administrator

    Ooooh un autre huskie! :dogsmile: Bienvenue a l'académie! :dogsmile:
  18. philip_puppy09 New Member

    WoW! I did not know that you can speak like that!
  19. dbaber New Member

    Hi everyone,
    My GSD, Remy and I show in Rally, and hopefully someday in obedience. We've come here to learn fun tricks and increase our bond. Looks like a great site!

  20. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Welcome to the academy!
    Have fun training tricks! :)

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