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Chester, a Boston/Rat Terrier mix, and I are new to the site and look forward to discovering more tricks to learn. I adopted him from a pet store because he had pneumonia, but you would never know that now! We live in Massachusetts, he gets to come to work with me (full-time job and my Sunday work), and like everyone else thinks of their dog, I think he's just the best. I look forward to discovering new tricks to teach him.


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hi everyone, my name is George, i am a first time dog owner, i got an 11 weeks old male Boxer and his name is Levi. i have had Levi for 1 weeks now and i never realized how much i could love a dog! i cant wait to get home everyday! right now we are slowly potty/crate training him and teaching him not to bite! he is very head strong just like his owner (me) but slowly we will get there, please if you have any ideas/tips/suggestiongs let me know.


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first time here

I just signed up on this website. I have a 1 1/2 year old dachshund/schnauzer mix, who loves to be the center of attention. I also have a 5 year old german shephard/rott mix. I love the both of my dogs and am looking for more tricks to teach my 1 1/2 year old.


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i just joined up.we have 6 dogz as a family but i own a rising 3 heading dog bitch called Point.we do agility,obedience paws to music and flyball.i need new tricks so anyone with some really cool/new funky ideas let me know.
^thats so my dog


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Hello I am Yvette and I have two English Mastiffs. Tank is three and I have self trained him to be a service dog. He trains well to me and does tons of service tasks for me as well as tons of tricks. He does laundry, he retrieves the phone, my purse, my keys on command, he braces me on stairs as well as tons of other stuff. I have always been into training him for fun since puppy hood so when my back problem became a real issue and surgery etc, it was easy for him to train for this.

We recently got a new puppy 11 week old mastiff delilah she has already learned, sit down and touch (aka shaping). Potty training and leash training is our main goal.

We are here to find new tricks as tank loves learning more :)


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Looks like a cool site. I've recently rescued a lab/pitty cross, who I have named Chloe. She is very brite and wants soooo much to make her new very own people happy. She has already learned the basic commands, so we are trying some fun stuff. Our latest game is hide and seek, where i hide the treats and she finds them. I came here looking for ski-joring info, looks like i have found that and much more!

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Oh cool! Your dog is very good looking!! There are sure plenty of ways to train tricks, there are many tutorials in the forums and the challenges. But the best place is probably the classroom... :)


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:msnblushing:hi everyone! im just new hear. i have a dog she is 6 mnth. old midget dog shes a mix breed dog given to me by a friend as a gift. actually it doesnt matter to me what kind of dog you are having as long as you love and took care of her. she will return back to you all the love that you been given 100 percent more.:dogbiggrin:. by the way my dog already know several tricks. im looking forward to teach her more. this is a cool website for a dog lovers like me. hope i can learn more about dogs here the academy.:msnblushing:


My first time on this site, totally awesome! I have 3 great dogs, all pound mutts.

Bishop is part collie and golden retriever and he is (drum roll plz) 16 years old....The vet calls him supernatural dog and other than being old he is pretty healthy for his age.

Karma is part yellow lab and jack russell (that is an interesting mix) she is 12 years old, I call her my diva dog. She always wants the attention.

Largo is our youngest dog at 6 years old. She is part boxer and part black lab. Out of the 3 of them she is the biggest lap dog I have. The other two come to about my knee or a little above, Largo comes up to the top of my thigh weighing in at about 85 lbs.

This is my pack, I won't be adding anymore out of respect for Bishop and Karma, they need alot of attention right now.

So it's nice to meet y'll....


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I am a new member and very interested in training Oliver (an English Cocker). He is very intelligent, easy to train. I'm looking forward to teaching him new tricks and hope to correspond with other parents owning an E.C. Thank you for this wonderful, informative website. (Dog lover in Pa.)


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Hi Everyone! I am excited to become part of this community! I have a mix breed dog who might be Blue Heeler, Australian Shephard - don't know for sure but what I do know is that he is so smart and very energetic! He loves to perform and really enjoys training. I am looking for help and support in training him in a positive, humane way. So glad to have found this website! Mukta047


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Hi Mukta!! If he is those two breeds, training is the best way to keep him entertained(and you too)! Clicker training is a great way to train him in a fun and humane way. Clicker training helps the dog do desired behaviors because he wants to, and not just because you want him to. Animals work best when they are working for themselves. I would highly recommend subscribing to the classroom and looking into our monthly challenges. This month's is almost over, but there are plenty more to come. The members in the forum should help you come up with new ideas and give you advice with any problems you may run into. Welcome the the Academy, and good luck!!


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Hi, I'm Chuy's Mom...

:dogtongue2:It's instructing me to introduce myself here, so I will. I'm the proud mom of a ~2 year old border collie mix rescue. She's super energetic but also very affectionate, eager to please and quick to pick things up. I often find myself struggling to come up with new tricks to teach her, so I figured this would be a good spot for me to go to make sure I keep her engaged. Usually, I run ~30 miles/week with her, but while I'm out of commission with a bum foot, our training time has become even more important as a way for her to expend energy. :S Hopefully we'll get back on the trails soon - she's definitely being very patient with me even when she realizes that we're walking *again* and not running every time i take her out on the leash. I'm not so good at this forum stuff, but I'll try to include an image of Chuy below...

Hey Jean! I love Dog Trick Academy. My little dog and I enjoy this great website. Please help me pick a name for my puppy. Check out my blog ASAP.



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Thanks for welcoming me! I have been told that this Website is wonderful! So far, I am liking it. We have two puppies at home: a 6 month old mix spaniel/pekinese and a 4 month old Whippet! We need all the tips we can get! ;)
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