Ra Kismet Is On The Sick List


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First thank you so much, to be so surrounded by love, prayers and well wishing is something I hold dear.:)

Now, for the bad news. I am NOT going into full details, suffice to say that the ultrasound showed Lymphatic Cancer, with is inoperable, it's already into his brain. He's home now, on steriods, for how long, maybe just tonight (if he's not showing signs of perking up and eating or anything nasty and his wonderful vet, who's day off it is tomorrow, said to ring and she'll come in for his crossing) or it maybe 2 weeks t0 6 weeks. Until his quality of life isn't there.
But I am not going to dwell on the sadness, instead I'm going to let Rakins pass on his message to you.

Hi everyone, first thank you all so much, I am sending you all big soft doggy kisses and a whole world full of unconditional love. And a wee message for all.

First, briefly, I was born wild, my fur Mom raised two youngsters in the country side. How she did it I don't know. Then I was captured and put into a doggy prison, for no crime at all! I was on death row, until a wonderful lady rescued me and found me my Mom and my forever home.

Wow!!!!!!!!! And what a life I've had since finding my forever home. I've been on road trips, my first was when I was only four months old and, oh dear, thanks to devouring some KFC whilst crossing the road with my Mom - yep I got it down before she could do anything - suffered a little bit of a tum ache, but I had FUN FUN FUN on that road trip and even managed something impossible - got my older Big Bro to get his paws wet!!!!!!!!! And if you knew my Big Bro, you'd realize just how much of a miracle that is!!!!!!!!

I've run free on beautiful beaches, swum in the wide ocean. Climbed cliffs with my Daddy in the Pine Forests. Mom was too pudden hearted to climb the cliffs, but hey Daddy and I weren't and boy was that FUN!!!!!!!

I've strolled along shopping centers and, it would be false modesty to say I didn't attract attention for I'm a very handsome boy, I graciously, with a tail wag and big smile, accepted all the compliments that came my way.

I've been on boat rides, in taxis and oh so many, many things I've done in my three and a half years of life.

I've LIVED LIFE TO THE FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've teased the two sybaritic cats, well a dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do hasn't he - but NEVER hurt them - and truth be told, Maeve is a femme fatale and teased me too!

I've NEVER been sulky, resentful or hurtful. I LOVE everyone and NEVER NEVER have I had a chip on my shoulder.

I've always been truthful and let Mom and Dad know what I wanted or didn't want.

I'm respectful of others dogs, cats and even humans.

I've played soccer like no other boy could play and been the very best I could be!

And that, my dearest friends,this is my message to you all. Live life in the NOW, no regrets about the past, no chips on your shoulders because you didn't have a brilliant start to life - hey that silver spoon stuff is rubbish - you make you life what YOU want it to be. And moi, hey I want to be HAPPY!!!!!!! Is there any other choice? I mean, think about it. So love unconditionally, love life, have fun and - above all live in the NOW.

Eat Your Deserts First!!!!!!! The only thing love will fatten is your soul.

So, please do not mourn for me, instead, take my message of love and spread it all over the world. All those wonderful prayers which have come my way are truly a blessing which now must be shared around.

Hey, I'm a nosey parker, so I'll be watching you all when my time comes to cross to the Summerland, across that Rainbow Bridge and if you don't remember my message, then I'll still LOVE you. Be the best you can be in life and don't ever let anyone tell you you cannot rise above the mire. I'm proof you can!

I'm not going to get all morbid, I'll just say, Adieu, we shall meet again, some day.:love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:

Ra "Rakins Kismet.

Friends, I do need some space right now, Rakins and I need to Eat Our Deserts together. But I will not disappear, I'll be back, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a day or two, but I'll be back very soon. Mary K Rakins Mom.


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Mary you come back when you feel like it. Take care of your fur baby first and give yourself time. Lots of love to you both. Please give Ra Kismet hugs and kisses for me. :)


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That was beautiful. Rakins certainly has a way with words. There are no guarantees in life, and his message is a great reminder to all of us to not take a single day for granted. I hope that he and Mary and Zeus and Daddy all have some wonderful times together. Will keep thinking of you.

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I am so saddened to hear this news. Rakins, you and your message are an inspiration to all of us. I know your mom will let you do anything you want and try to make you as happy as possible. Blessing and prayers to you and your family.


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Thank you all so very, very much, from the bottom of ALL our hearts we thank you.

But Mom and Dad, after a good deal of crying, boy you humans sure can cry, have decided to take a stand against this dis-ease which I have. As I am NOT in pain and still very much alive, Mom said, people may think she's a crackpot etc. and that's fine (I don't but hey I know her so well) she along with Daddy are going to research like crazy for an alternative method to heal this dis-ease.

A dear friend of ours, from this forum, you know who you are:), sent Mom an email, which arrived at the most opportunistic moment, with a url for a site detailing an Alternative Method, which has proved highly successful in both humans and animals.

So please keep all those POSITIVE Prayers coming. Mom and Dad know it may not work, but then again, miracles do happen!

Me, well after the injection I was given yesterday and with the medication today, I'm feeling extremely chipper!

Almost before it was light I had my sleepy headed, bleary eyed (you really don't want to see her eyes at present *sigh* all that crying when she should be laughing and having fun I don't know- humans!:rolleyes:) up and about playing soccer with me! I'm not quite up to beating David Beckham yet, as I would have done pre sickness, but brother did I give that ball a good work out:) I barely stopped playing long enough to eat my breakfast!:D I was hungry, but being a gentleman, I didn't gobble my food but ate it slowly and LOL with my paw firmly placed on my soccer ball! I sure wasn't going to let Mom have any chance to take that away from me:p

And oh I feel so very special too, all those kisses and hugs you're all sending me, a chap just LOVES it all. Yep, I'm a boy and lots of lovely ladies (and gentleman too of course it's called a Bromance :D) is heavenly:love::love:

So keep up the prayers, kisses and hugs, and who knows what tomorrow holds:D Stay positive and eeerrrhhhh donations of Kleenex tissues will be appreciated:LOL: Only joking, cuz Mom's gotta stop the tears, I like water but............, there's a limit to how much a dog can take. Don't won't to catch Arthritis:LOL:

On a serious note, yes I can be serious I'm a deep thinking boy, we truly don't know what tomorrow holds, but what Mom, Dad, Zeus and the two Madams (those pesky cats) are going to do is, play soccer, laugh, live, smile ,stay positive, and Mom and Dad are going to research like crazy, did I say PLAY SOCCER YEAH!

Your truly grateful soccer loving friend, Rakins - HEY WHERE'S THAT SMILE!:p


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Rakins has had his say, and now to mine. Yes, after I broke the news to my partner last night, ghastly as I could hear him at the front door with the boy talking to his 'buddy' Rakins and saying things like 'hey you look so much better' and then coming in with a big expectant grin on his face, only to see it vanish, replaced with a look of abject dismay and horror and a lot of 'it sucks' 'he's so beautiful' 'it sucks he's too young' and other such things he pulled himself together.

Next thing directed at me was "have you googled for Alternative Treatment?" Yes, like right, I've had to gather myself together to break the news, but well that's men for you. :rolleyes:

As I came online there was an email from my dear friend, with an url for alternative therapy/diet that she had used successful on one of her dogs. I was too upset to digest it all then, but after my VERY early wake up call from Rakins and a good healthy game of soccer, I have been reading like crazy. We'll be researching all we can, thank God for the internet, and if anyone here has anything which can help, please either post here or send me a pm.:)

I do not know if it will work with my boy. I believe that when our time comes to cross the Bridge, then so be it, sad though it is, we have to accept the circle of life. But, in the meantime, neither my partner, friend or myself, will leave any stone unturned to help my boy.

And I also know that our wonderful vet Kylie would not poo poo what we're doing. In fact, she'd be right there with us, even if she felt there was little chance. She adores Rakins and all her patients, anything which can help, she's give us the thumbs up(y)

And truly, everyone here on this forum, your prayers, hugs, kisses, and thoughts are appreciated more than even
Rakins can find words to express.

I may be a bit slow in replying (though if I have many more of these VERY early wake up calls I may find I have more hours in a day - if I can manage to stay awake:whistle::sleep:) but I am a 'doer', so whilst my boy comes first, I'll not forget others, he wouldn't like that at all.


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That certainly is the worst possible news. It's so hard to even process a dog so young being stricken with something so tragic. It's just not fair. :cry:

Rakins certainly had beautiful words for all of us - said as only a dog could! :love: Life certainly is short, we're only guaranteed the "right here, right now". It sounds like Rakins has lived the best life a dog could ever want! If only love and well-wishes could make him all better, he'd be back to playing soccer like a star in no time! Know that lots of prayers will be sent his way.


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So glad that you are still hopeful. From your post the other night, I wasn't sure what you were planning as you said "inoperable", and dogs don't typically respond well to chemo or radiation. I think he has youth on his side, and high spirits. I also believe with animals you can tell when they are ready to let go. If he enjoys playing and eating then you are doing the right thing to try whatever you can manage financially to beat the illness. Once you see he is no longer enjoying his life, then you know you are doing things for your own reasons, not for the dog. Will pray for a miracle for Ra Kismet, and wisdom for you, Mary.


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That certainly is the worst possible news. It's so hard to even process a dog so young being stricken with something so tragic. It's just not fair. :cry:

Rakins certainly had beautiful words for all of us - said as only a dog could! :love: Life certainly is short, we're only guaranteed the "right here, right now". It sounds like Rakins has lived the best life a dog could ever want! If only love and well-wishes could make him all better, he'd be back to playing soccer like a star in no time! Know that lots of prayers will be sent his way.
Rakins did have a way with words. Thank you so much Jackie, for everything:love:


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So glad that you are still hopeful. From your post the other night, I wasn't sure what you were planning as you said "inoperable", and dogs don't typically respond well to chemo or radiation. I think he has youth on his side, and high spirits. I also believe with animals you can tell when they are ready to let go. If he enjoys playing and eating then you are doing the right thing to try whatever you can manage financially to beat the illness. Once you see he is no longer enjoying his life, then you know you are doing things for your own reasons, not for the dog. Will pray for a miracle for Ra Kismet, and wisdom for you, Mary.
My vets do not put dogs through the agony of Chemo or radiation, they know as you so rightly say, dogs do not respond well to it, so why add to their suffering, especially when in traditional methods the cancer is inoperable.

Thank you for your kind and wise words.:)


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It is hard to respond today, for I have to tell you that my beautiful boy Rakins crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, Wednesday June 26 at 4.10.pm. (my time).

After the glorious morning we had together, yes I now understand why he was so early waking me up he needed the time for one last walk, one last game of soccer with me and one last little trick session, my beautiful boy had a seizure.

I had just cooked myself some egg and toast, (after returning from our walks and play) having not eaten anything other than apple pie noon the day before, when as I walked into the living area, he went into a seizure. I dumped my meal on the coffee table the nearest spot, which was fortuitous as Zeus ever the opportunist, dive on it and thereby allowed me to hold, steady Rakins. Then once the seizure was over, lock Zeus in the bedroom, I somehow didn't think he'd be much help but he was kept busy hoovering down egg and toast. If any of you have ever had to deal with a seizure, you'll know what I mean when I say you need all your wits, hands and arms to deal with the situation and definitely don't want another animal, or human unless helpful, poking their nose into it all.

Unfortunately, my partner's cell phone had broken, so he had taken mine (we do not have a landline here) and he also had the card which still had some money available. And I knew, of course, Rakins had to be rushed to the vets, I couldn't allow him to suffer. Not sure how I did it, but well, when the seizure had stopped, I raced barefooted (I never go outside barefooted, again, you don't feel the sharp stones in a crisis) to a neighbors.

Her lovely young daughter immediately rang the vets. She also kept trying to call my partner, but as usual, he wasn't answering.She also called her Nana, for she couldn't drive us, she's just got her license and not allowed to have passengers, too see if she could help but her Nana was already on an emergency (she takes care of disabled children). And in light of what happened during the drive I am truly thankful she wasn't able to drive us there, it would have been a huge ask for a young inexperienced driver to keep calm and steady through it all. . They suggested I called across the road to another lady but she was out. So, again they said the people next door to them, I don't know them, but this was an emergency and you can't be shy.

The gentleman said yes, he would drive us to the vets. I raced home. and fortunately Rakins was fine, he actually came to the door to greet me as he always did. But that awful 'stoned' look was still there, I had noticed earlier in the day it was appearing more than it had over the last few days. He managed to walk to the car, well a pick up truck, old one with the smallest cabin I have ever seen, and very high of the ground, but I had to lift him into the cabin and get myself in, with Rakins on my lap. We hadn't got round the corner when the seizures started again, and this time they were virtually happening one after the other, and they kept up the entire 15 minutes journey to the vets. It seemed like 15 hours and of course, every light was red - around all six or seven of them. It wasn't the easiest to manage a dog of Rakins size in that extremely small cabin, but somehow I prevented him from harming himself, harming the driver or causing an accident by hitting the driver, steering wheel or gear change.

As we pulled up the vets I was barking orders bit like a Sargent Major on parade ground, as despite the kind gentleman saying to use his cell to ring them and let them know we were on our way and also try to get my partner, I couldn't do so, as of course I needed both hands and arms (and legs actually to stop him sliding down under the dash board) to control Rakins. Go get the vets, tell them he's seizuring now HURRY (this man was so slow but hey he helped me and he was calm and stable, phlegmatic springs to mind).

Two nurses and Allan came at the gallop. Again, fortunately the seizures had stopped and I was able to somehow unbuckle my seat belt, and open the passenger door. But as Allan was carrying Rakins inside, they began again.

Allan complimented me on how I held myself together and had handled the situation and I accepted his compliment but really what choice did I have? Cry, panic? Wouldn't have done a bit of good, only harm.

They settled my boy down, put him on vallium, then called me to be with him. All the while one nurse was continuously phoning my partner - again mental messages sent PLEASE ANSWER THE PHONE ROBERT!!!
We were just deciding whether one of the nurses should drive me to where he works when my message was answered. She had him on the line. After screaming (he couldn't hear me) what was going on he said he just couldn't come but had already said his good byes as Rakins had acted a little differently that morning and he felt that it was 'the time' but would be there just after 5.p.m. It was then only around 1.30. I remember because when the seizures started I noted the time, just in case it was important.

The staff at Four Paws couldn't have been kinder. Allan said that he could keep Rakins under sedation for maybe long enough for Robert to arrive and be there at what we all knew without saying, would be the final curtain.
I made it clear, though I didn't need to really they are absolutely marvelous people, that ONLY if Rakins was calm and peaceful and that Allan was to say when if he felt Rakins wasn't calm. As with everything there with these wonderful people, we talked it all through as Allan said I was to have a say too, not just have it all taken out of my hands and dealt with by the vet. So we made a deal, if he become worried he was to tell me and well..........

Rakins was moved off the table and taken into a spare surgery, everything was cleared and they made a bed for him on the floor (after asking me if I minded sitting on the floor as if I would I like floor sitting anyway they had cushions there for the young nurse and myself if needed, so thoughtful) as it was safer for Rakins.. Four very thick special quilted type blankets were folded in half, and covered with a silk eiderdown. My boy was safe and peaceful.

They supplied me with endless cups of tea and the young junior Vet Nurse sat with me, holding the oxygen mask IN THE SAME POSITION with her right hand for over three and half hours until Allan told her she'd better get some movement! That is dedication above and beyond the call of duty! She never, by so much as a flicker, showed how much discomfort she was in, but talked quietly to me, she made me giggle (laughter is what Rakins wanted) as we chatted about our dogs, their funny ways and our partners and their even funnier ways. It may seem strange to some of you that we could chat and giggle (and believe me I did have a cry when I first saw him on the table) but it was what I needed an also Rakins, he wouldn't want us sogging him up with tears, that wasn't his style at all. Allan even bought me lunch, and although I wasn't overly hungry, felt I had better eat as when I stood up I did feel a little light headed, hadn't eaten or really slept in over 24 hours, so sensible thing to do - eat something light and he got me some lovely asian fish cakes - just right.

Rakins was peaceful and Felicity and I kept watching the clock, but the sound of the phone in the next room started a reaction, so these wonderful people turned off all the phones except their main one at the reception, turned off the music everywhere and well basically turned off everything possible which could cause a seizure.

They kept topping up his vallium, at first Allan had only given him a light dosage, but as the minutes turned into hours, they had to increase the dosage. It was when Allan said to Felicity to take a break, and she went to get me yet another cup of tea, that I quietly said to Rakins to tell me when he needed to go, did he want to wait for Daddy, what where HIS wishes? And yes, they do hear and understand. A short moment later, as Felicity returned, Rakins started to seizure, quite heavily for a sedated dog. He'd given me his answer and I quietly said to her,"it's time". Allan came in and agreed it was time. He was kind and spared me the awful "what will happen" which he is supposed to tell you, but I asked him not too, I've been there before and know what may happen.


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Contining on - sorry it is a long, long post but well I know you'll all understand.

Rakins crossed peacefully, with dignity, surrounded by love. The young Vet Nurse had, like myself, tears rolling down her cheeks, and Penny (Snr. Nurse) and Allan both had a suspicious wet look too. My boy was loved by all who met him and as was fitting passed with people who whilst never loosing their professionalism, did so with compassion, love and caring for both Rakins and Myself, above all the necessary care needed.

Felicity carefully arranged Rakins paw so his front ones were tucked up against his chest, how he used to lay at times, and covered all but his beautiful head with another lovely quilt. We both stayed a while, until I knew his soul had gone to the light. It went quickly and easily, what else would you expect from a soccer star, after I said 'to to the light Rakins".

I, on a mild winter afternoon, suddenly felt freezing cold and again their care showed, as they brought me the big, warm, soft fleecy blanket, yet another of the endless stream of cuppas, sat me in the office and put on the fire. And there, dozing, I must have been more tired than I realized, I stayed until I was awakened by my partner coming in.

So many hugs, Felicity hugged me three times and everyone hugged me, handed me kleenex - sorry Rakins yes we humans do blub a bit - and seemed reluctant for us to leave.

We got a taxi home and even the driver was lovely. He saw me all wrapped around in the blanket (the vets said keep it on I needed it, take it back later) and asked if I was cold. Put on the heaters, must have been broiling for my partner and the driver, but I sure was grateful.

And so we came home. In tears and I checked poor old Zeus and yes, there he was snoozing away, only stirred when I called him AFTER unlocking the door. He came bustling out and looked a bit surprised, walked around checking everywhere and we told him his little Bro had crossed the Bridge.

It would be a lovely Hollywood ending if I said that Zeus rushed to comfort us, cuddled up and kissed us (he's never been a kissy cuddle bug) but that's pure Hollywood! Reality is, Zeus laid on the sofa for a short time, got off and laid in his basket for a short time, got out of that and laid on the floor for a short time - his usual modus operandi - then as my partner and I sat talking, going down that place without time called Memory Lane" recalling all Rakins funny little ways, Zeus with great practicality strolled into the kitchen and stood woofing a timely reminder that it was PAST his dinner time - and also that the rhythm of life still flows on for us.

I am truly blessed. Surrounded by wonderful people, both here at home, and on this forum. And as my partner so eloquently put it "I had the quintessential dog", cute and cuddly, the type adored by children (and Rakins adored children), smart, sharp as a whip, fast, graceful, energetic, a free spirit and so filled with conditional love which he gave and received back from both my partner and myself. And my partner, who was always 'there' for Rakins and I.

I have a little something I said to Rakins when he crossed, but will post that later, as right now I need another of those endless Cuppas - yep we Brits love our cuppa in times of stress! Milk, no sugar please!

Now - Hey it's Rakins here, go kiss and hug your dogs, cats, horses all your babies. Go play with them and stop all that crying, really life is to be LIVED not wasted! I don't have time to deal tears, I have the Motley Mutts Soccer Team up here to organize. BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM boys - oh of course, I'll have you gals on the team too. Whooo hooooo she's a smashing looking blonde:sleep::sleep:


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For some reason I'm getting a "no permission' message - will log out and come back - a bit later though.

Threenorns, so very sorry to hear your husband has been so sick. How is he now?

Would you be kind enough to pm in a day or two with all the suggestions re feed. Sorry, not quite myself today.


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oh, he's good - he's got permanent heart damage which he wouldn't have if he had listened to a certain someone saying "i really think you need to get this checked" but hey - such is the price. the only things he has to worry about is heavy lifting (don't) and temperature (can't get too hot or too cold) and stress (learn to deal).

send me a reminder about the feed list - i took it out because i felt horribly awkward at the timing - and my memory's not that great.

once again, i'm sorry for your loss and i know Ra is smiling at you now like his namesake.