Ra Kismet Is On The Sick List

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by MaryK, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Please tell me you are not feeding your dogs human meat!!!! You mean steak intended for humans, yes?:D;)

    All kidding aside, I am so happy to hear that the test results are coming back with good news. Once they have eliminated all the scary scenarios, what is left to consider? Is there any connection between the mass in the rectum and the leg weakness? Could it be putting pressure on something?
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  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Just can't stop thinking about him, I hope they get to the bottom of this soon. I can only imagine how hard this is to watch your boy in this condition, not knowing what's wrong or how to help him. :confused::( I know how exhausted you must be too, as worrying is tiring business. I keep trying to think up weird "out of the box" things that could cause all this (like the apricot kernels - good idea). While that may not be it in this case, strange things like that so often can cause or trigger other things to happen. I hope someone - be it vet, neighbor, someone on this forum, anyone! - figures it out SOON so your boy can get his life back -- and get back to feeling good and get on with playing soccer!!!
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  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Glad to hear the good news!!! Hopefully there is more to come. :) Get some rest and give him lots of cuddles.
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  4. Dlilly Honored Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that he is ill. :( I hope he gets better soon.
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Guilty as charged Your Honor!!:D;) Yes my boy's on human rump steak, bought from the Butcher, and boy he's loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    Yes, all kidding aside though it's good to have a laugh in these times thank you, it is grand that all the tests so far are 'normal', I'm just waiting on the Pancreatic test results, which should be through today (Thursday) my time.

    It's a mystery, but I'm wondering too if the lump is pressing on something, or has caused other organs to move, which in turn is affecting his hind legs. We're all up in the air at present, so I guess eliminating other possibles one by one, means there is less to consider as to what is causing the leg problems.
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh Jackie you're so right, not knowing is very worrying, at least if you know what's wrong, you can take steps to heal him.

    I too am thinking out of the box, as nothing seems to 'fit' what's wrong with him. Spent loads of time googling and although he may have some symptoms of something, nothing quite fits the bill. Trust Rakins to have something different and not along normal lines.:rolleyes:;)

    I too hope they find out soon, the boys not happy at present, though a lot brighter this morning I have to say. But for him the worst is NO soccer/football, he runs up to where his ball is kept and 'squeals' for me to take it down and play with him. It's so hard saying no, but vet's orders, no football or anything strenuous at all.

    I guess one step at a time, it's hard, but I am sure we'll find a solution to his problems. At least I got a full nights sleep and was wakened by Rakins laying right on top of me, kissing me awake - he's awake so I should be too albeit at 5.30.a.m.!!!!!!! But hey, not complaining, so lovely to be awakened by my boy kissing me.:love:
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes, at least I know it's not liver, kidneys or blood cells. And urine tested fine too, nothing wrong there. Just waiting for the Pancreatic test results, they'll be through today (Thursday my time) I hope, apparently they take longer to do.

    I did get a good nights sleep, and was awakened at the ungodly hour of 5.30.am. by my boy laying right on top of me and kissing me like crazy - his motto is "I'm awake so you should be too - clocks don't go by them" - I'm not complaining as it was grand to have the boy kissing me and a lot brighter this morning. Legs though are still not good.
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you. He's brighter this morning, test results so far are all good. But his legs are still not working properly, which is hard on him, as he wants to play soccer so much.
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes, if anyone on this forum has ANY suggestions, no matter how wild they may seem, please post here or p.m. me. As Jackie has so rightly said, it could be something really weird, outside the box, which is causing the problems. And I can safely say my vet's are not ego mad, the patient is the one who counts, not their egos, so they will listen to any suggestions offered which may be causing Rakins problems. He sure isn't so far, fitting into anything, normal/usual at all! So far he's a real mystery boy, they don't call in three vets just for the fun of it or they've nothing better to do. It's a very busy practice.
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Update Thursday: Kylie, his personal vet, rang and results for the Pancreatic Blood Test are not as yet through, hopefully tomorrow, they do take a bit longer as they are more involved.

    As Rakins is a bit of a 'mystery case', with three vets working on it and much head scratching, Kylie has now emailed full details to Specialists in the U.S.A. (no one here has the right qualification:(), giving them all details from start to present, asking whether the 'mystery mass' and leg problems are related, or separate issues. She said, all things going our way, she'll have a reply tomorrow (Friday my time).

    Seems like the boy's causing a lot of headaches, not just mine, but his vet is wonderful and she, along with the other two, will stop at nothing to find out what's causing all his problems. And of course, he may make their web site under the 'interesting cases'. Rakins is not about to let Big Bro Zeus have all the fame and glory, Zeus is up there already for not succumbing to Cushings. Rakins also wants his 15 minutes of fame too!:D

    Rakins is still on his deluxe diet, human rump steak, along with a morsel of Sushi Salmon tonight. No, he's not spoiled, but hey a chaps gotta have the best when he's on the sick list. Kylie agreed, with a big laugh, the boy's not in the least spoiled:rolleyes: . That we may be eating bread and butter, well it's healthy, while the boy dines in style is a moot point. Seriously, we won't be eating bread and butter, but partner (who eats meat UGH) is casting a longing eye over Rakin's meals. Apparently raw steak tastes great and Rakins is eating like crazy. Small meals, feeding him like a puppy, little and often which Kylie thoroughly approves of and of course, Zeus is having a bit extra don't wont the green eyed monster appearing! He can always diet later, he's right on perfect weight, but well....gotta keep it all fair and square. Not sure if Rakins has lost any more weight, but it doesn't look as if he has. Will know that when he goes back to the vets, my scales have broken and not bothering at this point to buy new ones. Rakins is also on DOGtorX Formula, and I swear it's making a difference. Also, partner tried Tumeric over his meat, silly man put it on raw!!!!!!!! Then wondered why Rakins refused to eat it and had to wash if all off. Tumeric is a brilliant anti-inflammatory, as good if not better (no side effects) than Cortisone. So will have to cook some meat, so he get's his dose, as the leg problem maybe some form of inflammatory condition. And if it's not, then no harm done, as Tumeric is a natural herb.

    Rakins overall condition is improving markedly. He's alert, bright and BORED!!!!!!!!! Still no football/soccer, no energetic play (in his eyes the ONLY type of play) and only very short walks. So, I now have a boy who's still a bit uncoordinated in the hind legs, though there is a marked improvement, especially in his 'trot', which is now normal. He still cannot turn, even slowly, without collapsing in a heap, neither can he run fast (not allowed but try stopping him) his 'gallop' is rather uncoordinated. Sits and drop are not very good, but he did manage to jump on the sofa in the normal manner. Plus, after crashing out in bed early, I was awakened very early (5.30.am.) by my darling boy laying straight on top of me and kissing me like mad. Now that really does tell me he's feeling better, as his motto is 'if I'm awake then you can wake up too", and he's not done that recently, made my day!:D:love: Even though I'm definitely not a morning person, to be woken up by Rakins, well who would complain about that, nothing better than gentle, but still energetic, doggy kisses albeit at 5.30.a.m.;)

    My partner, who's a masseuse spotted a 'hot spot' the other day, it's still there, so he gentle felt up and down Rakins spine. The large muscle, about the middle of the back slightly towards the hind quarters, reacts immediately to touch. We don't think it's painful but there is definitely an unusual contraction of that muscle. Tried the same thing with Zeus, who stood there looking a bit astonished, no reaction at all.

    The thinking is now that the 'mystery mass' and the legs maybe connected in some way, Kyle has asked the U.S.A. Specialists if this is possible, or are we still working with two separate issues.

    Next line of treatment, depending on the results of the Pancreatic Blood Test, will be (not necessarily in the right order) Ultra sound, Xrays of the spinal column, hips and last resort bioptic surgery.

    Me, I've finally managed to get in a good nights sleep and eaten properly, first time for days, as I just couldn't face food. So I'm definitely feeling better, more optimistic and that surely must be helping my boy.

    Again, don't know what I'd do without all of you, you've no idea how much you've all helped. Please keep up the prayers and thoughts, we're not out of the woods yet but hopefully the Specialist in the Good 'Ol U.S.A. will come up trumps and work out a solution to my boy's 'mystery case'.
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  11. blacknym Experienced Member

    Wow that is quite the story! Glad your vet is on it and seeking a consult with a specialist. :)
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  12. brody_smom Experienced Member

    It's always a difficult thing, even for people, to keep resting after an injury or surgery when you feel better. How do you explain that to a young, soccer mad dog? I guess it's a good problem to have, though, as it means he thinks he's all better, even if you know differently. Here's hoping the American vets can come up with the solution to the mystery.
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  13. Linda A Experienced Member

    Still sending healing prayers your way.
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you all so much.:D

    Linda A - please keep up the healing prayers.

    Brody's Mom: Very difficult, I know myself as soon as I feel fine I want to be up and running again, even though I know with certain injuries (and I have had a few horse riding, dancing and sking) rest is best. For a young soccer mad dog, it's tough as tough, but as you so rightly say, at least that means he's feeling better himself. For now though, he's on cuddle rest:);)


    Kylie has just rang me, and his Pancreatic Test is fine, so we now know that there is nothing wrong in any vital organs, blood etc. etc. He's fit and healthy in every way, except the legs.

    The U.S.A. specialists came back with a massive list of what questions to ask, like head twitching, eye twitches and many, many more none of which apply to Rakins. So, it's a neurological problem, probably lower lumber, caused more than likely through his own energetic little self. All top soccer players carry injuries don't they?

    As Kylie and all the vets there are General Practitioners, and as she said they don't won't to try this and that and possible still be none the wiser or worse, cause more damage they are passing on the U.S.A. Vets advice that he needs a Neurological Specialist. Kylie said this is what she would do if he were her dog, she always puts herself in that position ' if it were my dog what would I do'. Of course, all his records will be emailed through to the Specialist.

    Fortunately there is a very good one here in Adelaide, a Dr. Ian Douglas (anyone in Adelaide know of him?) and so Rakins has an appointment for an hour long consultation next Thursday morning at 11.30.a.m. my time.

    Kylies orders are, no walking, no playing, definitely NO soccer, no tricking, just cuddle rest with Mommy.

    O.K. so how do I break that news to my boy???:rolleyes: Along with nil by mouth yet again from 7.pm. on Wednesday night! Hope he still loves me after all this, he must think I'm the worst Mom around town.:(:cry:

    Also, looks like Doggy School maybe out this term, which commences on the July 29. Just rang the head trainer and she said to ring her when I know what's happening. Although they book out very early, because I'm starting my own training, I think she may squeeze us in if Rakins is able to commence. The boy loves school too, poor darling, I do so feel for him.

    Again, thank you all so very much, don't know what I'd do without your support.:):love:
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  15. blacknym Experienced Member

    This is good and bad news. At least at the moment...he is not sick but injured so hopefully he can be fixed up. Maybe all he needs is a doggy chiropractic adjustment? :)
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  16. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Hi Mary

    I missed your thread for a bit and just came back to it. My thought was IVDD (intervetebral disk disease) for his hind end, certainly sounds like it. Treatment is usually steroids (for inflammation), pain medication, and strict cage rest. As in, no jumping on anything, no exercise, outdoors to potty only, etc. Gabapentin should be available in Australia, and it can work wonders for neuro pain so I would check that out too.

    Re the lump, is it somewhere where it can be aspirated with a needle? I lost track of where it was. It could be a lump of fat (lipoma) for all we know, and is a red herring. I'd get someone to stick a needle in it, if possible, so it can go off the suspect list.

    I dunno about the vomiting, but if he's got a bad disk, it's enough to keep anyone off their food and down in the dumps. My late dog had some lumbar/sacrum pain and gabapentin helped him out quite a bit. Tramadol is a synthetic opiate pain medication, dunno if it's available down under, but it is pretty cheap and works well in some dogs.

    Has anyone done x-rays? And a neuro exam, simple stuff like a proprioception test?
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you, I'm thinking the same thing. At present he's on a no walks, no play, only outside for potty routine. I cannot fit a cage into this place, it's literally too small, but I am stopping all and everything, just in case it's a disc. And have a VERY bored boy - but it's important for his overall well being - so I try to ignore the 'looks' I'm receiving when I say no to everything except bed rest.

    Will check out Gabapentine, a lot of medicine available over seas isn't available here, don't know why if it's tested elsewhere, just Australia being behind the times maybe? And if you try to import it, without all the licenses etc., quarantine will confiscate it, charge you the earth and then destroy it! They even did that with some catnip, which was imported into the U.K. from the U.S.A. (and which my late cat loved) and told me it could spread here - oh boy what total balderdash!

    The lump could well be aspirated with a needle, if it can be used up the rectum, as all vets could feel it very easily when performing a rectal examination. At this point his General Vets feel that the lump may well be a lipoma but want the leg issue looked into first, as they feel this is the more important issues. I agree, it could well be a red herring and only shown up because of his thorough examination re the leg issue.

    With the vomiting, not sure why this happened, but it could well be he's been off color because of the leg issue and, as you so rightly say, if he's got a bad disc that would be enough to put anyone off their food. He's eating now, little and often, but still refuses his organic kibble, so have him on 'soft' food (organic of course) which he's eating normally with no vomiting. So I don't think he's loosing any more weight, which was concerning me a lot as he wasn't over weight to start with, so any loss shows up big time.

    He's had Xrays but so far nothing has shown up. His GP Vets were going to also do an ultra sound, but after receiving advice from the U.S.A. Vets, felt it was best for him to see the Neurologist here, as they openly said they're not qualified to deal with something like this and could potentially cause more harm. So he does need more specialized "Xrays' like ultraound etc. and I am sure the Specialist will do those.

    Yes he's had a proprioception test. I actually did the first part myself, as I was terrified it maybe Myelopathy. One of the vets felt he has a lose hip but not HD. Not sure what that could mean, or whether it's causing his problems.

    Will be glad when Thursday arrives, I hate the 'not knowing' once I know what's wrong, then with his Specialist, will know what treatment etc. can be done to heal him.
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes it is the good and bad news. Now that would be excellent news - just some doggy chiropractic adjustment - sure hope that's all he'll need.
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  19. Amateur Experienced Member

    Hang in there you two !!
    Hopefully its a pinched nerve or something that is just taking its sweet ole time to heal ...
    Get some sleep too sweetie ... you are no good to your baby if you are sick too !
  20. MaryK Honored Member

    I'm counting the days until we go to the Specialist!! Hanging in there, just:) The boy's BORED and keeps asking to play, I feel so darned awful saying sorry no way.:(

    Hopefully you're right and it's just a pinched nerve which will heal in it's sweet ole time. He doesn't appear to be in pain, which is good in one respect as I would hate it if he was showing signs of pain, but oh shall be so glad when I know what's wrong.

    You're right, I'm trying to meditate and get a good nights sleep, cannot let the boy down.
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