Ra Kismet Is On The Sick List

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by MaryK, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    I haven't posted earlier as I did not want to cause a stir, but my beautiful boy Rakins is a sick laddie.

    Just to bring everyone up to speed. It all started a couple of weeks ago when my partner took him for a night walk. I had food poisoning and wasn't feel too chipper. Apparently, I wasn't told at the time, Rakins ate 'something' which my partner thought was Rat Poison (how I found out was while searching for a sent email and saw one to his mother where he said Ra Kismet had eaten what he thought was Rat Poison but had vomited it up immediately - no I don't normally read other people's emails but.......). Anyway, I was furious to say the least, as Rakins had been vomiting a lot, which may have been due also to the fact that partner bought some dog food I NEVER normally give the boys. The vomiting and diarhea did stop when I put Rakins on a diet of cooked (I steam it) organic Chicken Mince. However, he wasn't himself, so a trip to the vets was the order of the day. He was also due for his annual injections, which to date he hasn't had, due to his sickness.

    On this visit, he'd lost a little weight, his normal weight is 21.7 kilos, perfect 3 but was down to 21.6. Not enough to cause alarm, but his temp was up, just below the danger level of high. Partner did say he ate 'something' - not the truth and I didn't know it at that time - but the vet, not his normal vet who went over to Scotland, said he thought Rakins had a tummy bug, nothing serious. But to watch him, and all being well, back for his injections the following week. Also this vet hasn't met Rakins before, but did accept it when I said he wasn't his normal bright, energetic self, who just LOVED the vets and would normally give them all big doggy kisses and huge tail wags, he thought he was just a very well mannered dog - well he is but........ he's also a very enthusiastic well mannered boy.

    All has not, sadly, been well for my boy. His back legs are giving trouble, he's lost his 'mojo' and doesn't want to trick or train. Everyone who knows my boy and has seen his videos knows just how much he LOVES tricking and training, even the boring tricks like 'sit pretty' but the fast ones, boy his tail goes like a whirlwind.

    So booked him for a visit tonight. And, there is a God, his 'old' vet Kylie, who had the awful task of assisting Tiger Lily across the Bridge and has only met Rakins a couple of times when he was a wee puppy, is back from her overseas trip!!!!!! Happy Days on that score, as she's the sweetest lady, funny, kind, loving, caring and a seriously good vet. Plus of course, she knows my boy and remembers how he normally greets them all. Hugs all round this time, and boy I needed that hug.

    Well, she was concerned over his weight lost, down now to 20.95 means he is a tad under weight, plus the leg problems. The good news, yes there is always good news, is that she has ruled out Rat Poisoning still being in his system. She said if it were he would be dead by now - take heed partner!!!!!!!!!

    But his loss of 'mojo' and also, on a rectum examination (the boy was soooooooooooooo good) found there is a soft mass/lump high in the rectal area. She did an immediate xray, bless him he was again such a perfect gentleman and trotted off for his xray with total dignity, no pulling or silly stuff. We weren't, as Kylie sadly said allowed in with him totally understandable, as she said she would have allowed us in but 'rules are rules'.

    Nothing has shown on the xray, which apparently are not good for showing up what a soft mass can be, more for your hard obstructions, which she doesn't think it is. So, due to the fact it's a long weekend, she couldn't get an ultra sound at 7.p.m. on a Friday night.

    He has to go back on Tuesday at 11.30.a.m. where she will see if the lump has gone, it just may be poo, if it hasn't gone then ultra sound and see what that shows up. If the mass has gone, then we discuss what our next steps are going to be. Probably a blood test, which she didn't do this time as she's more concerned about the mass and a blood test, at this point anyway, wouldn't tell her what that was.

    She also feels his leg problems could well be related. His reflexes are perfect, so that rules out, thank goodness, Myolopathy and she was also quick to reassure that she definitely doesn't think the mass is cancer. It may turn out to be he's eaten something soft and it's lodged in the high bowel area, no tea towels have been devoured though, but well, he just may have eaten something inappropriate which I haven't spotted.

    Kylie was also very pleased I (not my partner who tried to claim the honor) had put Rakins on a bland diet, said I had done just the right thing.

    So, it's a long wait, with strict instructions that if he deteriorates to ring their other two clinics immediately, as they are open longer hours over the week end, if not back on Tuesday.

    She surprised me though when she said how I had picked up so quickly that all was not right with Rakins, saying that most people do not pick up on the small, insignificant changes in their dogs and only pick up somethings wrong when whatever the cause is is well advanced. I thought everyone would know their dogs, after all, they're like children. Or is that just me??? I am sure others here are the same anyway.

    Please everyone, send thoughts, prays, whatever is your way, for my boy. It's breaking me up seeing my lively energizer bunny dog so quiet and lacking his 'mojo'. Going to have a good cry, sorry I just need one right now, probably nothing seriously wrong I know, but well...... I do know everyone here understands, so good to have D.T.A. Thank you all.

  2. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Definitely praying for you and Rakins. Big hugs to both of you. Hoping whatever it is passes (literally) over the weekend so you don't have to spend it all in worry.:(
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  3. blacknym Experienced Member

    Oh sweety... So glad it's not poison!

    I know everything will be OK. :hugs Try to give him lots of loves and cuddles. Tuesday will see what is up.
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    So sorry to hear MaryK that Rakins isn't' feeling good. I'll keep the handsome boy in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you and him.
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  5. Linda A Experienced Member

    So sorry to hear your boy is not feeling well. Sending prayers that everything goes well and he recovers quickly.
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  6. MissyBC Experienced Member

    Sorry to hear that Rakin's isn't feeling well. So glad it's not poison. I hope he recovers quickly and gets back to his old self soon!! Keep us posted on his progress.
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  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Praying for your sweet boy. Keep your chin up. Hope his next vet visit brings good news! :)
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you all so very, very much. Don't know what I would do without you all.:love:

    No change as yet, which I guess is good. And yes Brody's Mom, I am well and truly on 'poo watch' to see if it passes, literally.

    I'm giving him heaps of hugs and telling him so many people have sent him hugs and are praying for him. Will of course keep you all posted just as soon as I know what's going on, which all being well will be Tuesday my time, Monday for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, I think anyway.:)
  9. 648117 Honored Member

    That's really scary. I hope Rakins recovers and your coping alright.

    I think some people really don't notice when their dog is off colour.
    Last year when Holly was sick the only sign at first was when I put her breakfast down she ate a mouthful and then ran outside and didn't want any more and she was weirdly cuddly (she doesn't normally like cuddles at all). I had her at the vets by lunch time and they were immediately taking blood and she had to stay overnight with IV fluids etc. Everyone thought I was nuts for taking my dog to the vets "just because she didn't want breakfast" but they soon shut up when I said she had to stay overnight and have blood tests, I can only assume that those people would not have taken their dog to the vets in the same situation. Not eating breakfast is the opposite of normal for Holly (just like not wanting to train is for Rakins).

    Another time with my late dog Paris, she was just "off". We took her to the vets but it wasn't our usual vet that we saw and they couldn't find anything wrong. We did warn them that she hides pain very well.
    Two days later we were back at the vets because she still wasn't right and we were pretty sure she had a sore back or legs because she wasn't jumping on the furniture. This time we got our usual vet who had known Paris from a puppy and he found her back was sore (pulled a muscle) and we got some medication for it. I don't know if it was because our usual vet had more experience with Paris or if it was because her back was only sore enough for us to notice a change in behviour at first.

    But I think if the owner thinks something is wrong then there probably is.

    Hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong with Rakins.
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  10. Evie Experienced Member

    Get better soon Ra <3
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  11. Pia Lagotto Well-Known Member

    That's sad news we are praying for Ra Kismit's recovery. Glad it is not poison...I had an Irish Terrier who died of rat poison.
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  12. Amateur Experienced Member

    Get Well soon Ra !!
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  13. jackienmutts Honored Member

    So very sorry to hear Rakins isn't "right" :( - and of course, a 'mommy' would know better than anyone else! I know it's consoling to go and find your old vet whom you know, love and trust so much, there for you. It's bad enough when your baby is sick and you know it, but when you at least have total confidence in that doctor - who now has to somehow sift thru vague signs and figure stuff out (seemingly magically, sometimes - don't ya wish animals could talk??), it makes you feel a little better. Hang tough, we're all here. Sending both of you hugs, prayers, and good thoughts - and keep us posted.
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    You're so right - glad Holly is well again now. I agree, those people probably wouldn't have taken their dogs to the vets, and the problem with their dogs would have just gotten worse.

    I totally agree, if the owner thinks there is something wrong, then there probably is, just as with Holly not eating breakfast (which would be unusual for Rakins too) and Rakins not wanting to play, we, as their owners, know something isn't right! And it does help when they see their usual vet, who knows how they are normally when just in for a check or injections etc.

    So far, no change, which is good I guess. He just wants to cuddle all day and although he is a cuddle bug, he's also the first to let me know 'hey Mom wanna train, walk, play'. Today, on the sofa big cuddle all day. Not my Rakins at all.
  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Evie, the waiting is awful though, can hardly wait for Tuesday to come around, when hopefully, I'll know what is the problem.
  16. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you, I know you're prayers will be heard. I had a neighbor who's dog died of Rat Poisoning, it's awful and I can so feel for you. As a friend pointed out, the suspected Rat Poisoning maybe a blessing in disguise, in that it's shown up something else wrong with Rakins, which may have gone unnoticed for a longer period, resulting in a worse case scenario. So, even though the waiting for Tuesday isn't the best, I am trying to stay calm and stay positive.
  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you, I'm sure it will all be 'nothing serious' and he'll be back right as rain very soon. He's due to start school on the 23rd, not sure now if he will be able to or not. We will stay positive!
  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes, Mommy does know her boy so well. He's spent the day being cuddled, didn't ask for training or walks or play, very unusual for Rakins, who is a cuddle bug but 'hey a boys gotta train, go walkies and play - where's that soccer ball erh cuddle - nope hold on wanna play soccer'.

    Yes, when I knew Kylie was back I sent one up top, she's wonderful and I know he's in good hands. What the mystery mass is, well hopefully all will be revealed on Tuesday - either it's passed through, on 'poo watch' at present, or failing that the ultra sound will show us what it is.

    I agree Jackie, how Vet's know, as if by magic, what is wrong always amazes me. I'm hanging in there, had a couple of decent cries, relieved the tension and knowing you're all here for me is a HUGE blessing and comfort. I don't feel alone with my troubles.
  19. MaryK Honored Member

    First, HUGE thank you to everyone, it's so good to know I'm not alone in this time of stress., it really helps more than you could ever know.:)

    Quick update on the boy. No change, nothing passed yet in his poos, am watching carefully on that score. He's eating well, drinking normally and urinating normally. But he just wants to be with his Mom and cuddle! Yes, he's a cuddle bug, but not so much that he doesn't want to play soccer, train, do his trick training or go for a walk, things he would normally remind me of very clearly if I'm a bit late in doing any of them.

    But, on the bright side, I guess I can say he's 'in a stable condition' which has to be positive I think.
  20. blacknym Experienced Member

    I'm gunna say stable is good. :) hope he stays that way... Let us know what the doc says tomorrow!
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