Ra Kismet Is On The Sick List

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by MaryK, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Caiti Experienced Member

    Sorry I'm so late to reply! I'm glad to hear he hasn't gotten worth, and what a relief that its not poison. It horrible when a your dog is sick, especially when you aren't 100% sure whats wring, you just want to give them a hug and make them feel better. Lots of love from my pack to yours, and I hope your little boy feels better soon!
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes, he's better in himself but his hind legs are worse. His coordination is way off, best described as his hind legs look like he's drunk - which he definitely isn't.

    Thank God vets today, have hardly slept and the boys been curled up with me all day/night. No breakfast OR treats this morning, poor love, his appetite is quite healthy.

    Will of course keep everyone up to date. Don't know what I'd do without everyone here.:)
  3. MaryK Honored Member

    That's o.k. thank you.:) The problem is it all started around the time he ate the rat poisoning, which makes it all that much harder. But as another member said, maybe the rat poisoning scare has unearthed something else and is a blessing in disguise.

    Yes that's exactly what I want to do, hug him and make him all better. He's been even more of a cuddle bug, just wants to cuddle with Mom all the time.

    We go to the vets today, it's been the longest three days of my life, so will have news later on today (Tuesday my time).
  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm sorry to hear that his back legs are doing worse. :( Poor Rakins.
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  5. Evie Experienced Member

    **waiting impatiently for news from the vet**

    But given that it's 8.30am on the tuesday, I doubt they'll be much news yet :(
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  6. Amateur Experienced Member

    *impatiently waiting for news* too
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  7. Caiti Experienced Member

    Good luck at the vets!
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Again, thank you all so much. I have news, not a lot, but some news. We've just come home from a two hour visit to the vets. Three vets, Kylie, the specialist Allan (who came in specifically for Rakins) and another lady Megan from one of their other clinics plus a young trainee vet (who observed) have all examined Rakins. - He's not talking to any vets at the moment, they're not on his welcome list poor chap.

    He was though an angel, not a single sign of being nasty, even though a lot of his examinations were quite intrusive, like rectal ones, he just cuddled up to me and 'bore it with fortitude'.

    Nor would he oblige with a urine sample, so we've on 'pee watch' here at home and have to take in a sample a.s.a.p.


    His legs, which have worsened over the long week-end, are now the first priority. The 'mystery mass' is second on the list. It's still there and is very 'mobile'.

    Legs: It's not Myelopathy and doubtful if it's HD - thank goodness. But what it is is a mystery.

    Mystery Mass: Still a mystery. One (Meagan) thought it maybe poo, but Kylie and Allan don't think it's poo. He's had no trouble pooing and if it were poo, they both feel it wouldn't still be there, or so mobile. They feel it maybe an internal blister, benign tumor. But, as it's not causing stress, no collapse or anything, legs have taken over. Mass will still have to be treated of course, they're not neglecting that, but for now his legs are first priority.


    Blood test. A General one for elecrolytes, white/red cell count etc. and I mentioned to Kyle, at the suggestion of a member here, about Addisons disease. She already has that on her radar, and said that this blood test would give a very good indication if that was what is wrong. Then if there is an indication of Addisons, he will need the very expensive specialized blood test - been there already but for Cushings - so am ready for the expense if that happens.

    Once the result of the blood test is through, then they will know what/how to proceed. They want to make sure all his major organs etc. are functioning well, his heart beat was a little slow today, unusual as most dogs are higher due to stress of being at the vets. Temp. was normal, but he's lost even more weight.

    Also checking cyanide poisoning as he did eat, crunched them up the worst thing possible, Apricot kernals, we tried to clear them all, but well as you'll all appreciate, this is well nigh impossible. Though Allan isn't that concerned, as it's well over a month at least, since he ate them and as he said some dogs munch them all the time with no ill effect. But they're checking everything and any possible cause for the leg problems. Both the trainee vet and Meagan were googling like crazy - even vets use google!

    For his legs: Xray's, if it isn't neurological, will be the next step. Hip's/legs/spine etc. Although none of them think he has HD or Myelopathy - thank goodness.

    The Mystery Mass:

    Two areas here.
    One ultra sound - it will show a lump/mass but may not show what exactly the mass is.
    Biopsy: Last resort - they do not want to do any surgery until they have ascertained that all his vital organs are working well etc. As surgery, which carries some risk as you all would know, may at this stage cause more harm than good, due to the leg problem (not knowing if this is physical or neurological etc.). And may be a complete, very expensive, red herring, as if it's a benign tumor, it will heal itself.

    None of them think the two are related at all. So a round table discussion was held to work out which was the most important step to take first. Blood test, which today Kylie thought , after seeing how much his leg condition had worsened, was the first step met and with full approval of the others present.

    In the meantime, bland diet, no tricking at all, and for walks just as much as he feels he can manage, and the worst part for Rakins no football/soccer playing just at present. And the boy STILL wants to play soccer.

    I'm a bit numb at present, haven't really slept as you can all well imagine, but do feel a bit better now Kylie and the others have all seen just how bad his legs have become and we're taken the first steps to finding out exactly what is wrong in both areas. Funny, but I too am more concerned about his legs than the mystery mass.

    He's eating well, pooing and urinating (except when asked to on cue:rolleyes::D and over all is, whilst not his old self, not 'sick' as in lethargic or giving any signs of being in pain. Not even in the leg area, just they are not coordinating, like his back legs are 'drunk' and the message isn't getting through to them, especially if he turns, has a wee scratch, jumps and even stands - his hind legs are really splayed out when he stands otherwise he topples over.

    Will have the results of the blood test Thursday (my time) this week. Another wait but was kinda prepared for this wait.

    Both my partner and I have felt a 'hot spot' (not the usual type of skin hot spots) in around the middle area of Rakins spine. As you move your hands along his spine, all feels normal, then wham a really hot area, so when I've had some sleep, am going to do some crystal work on the boy and my partner will do some healing work on him too. We're NOT taking over from the vets, just adding what we are both very good at to the mix to help my boy.

    Also put him on DOGtor X formula as well as Zeus, as it helps the dogs body to heal itself. Again, not taking over from the vets, just doing all I can to help my boy.

    Again, thank you all so much, don't think I could make it through without your support.:)

    I'll check other posts on the forum etc. later, after I've had a wee sleep, sorry everyone, but truly I am exhausted at present.:sleep:
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  9. Amateur Experienced Member

    Sending good thoughts !
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much, so appreciate them.:)

    I crashed out for almost 10 hours. My partner, in the meanwhile, managed to get a sample of his urine, which we'll take in tomorrow morning, too late tonight.
  11. southerngirl Honored Member

    I really hope they figure out what's wrong with him soon so they can help him get better. Keeping Ra in my prayers.
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Danielle, I sure hope they can too. It's always bad with any dog, but with a young, normally healthy, energizer bunny dog, it's ghastly.
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Just while I was typing Rakins vomited up his dinner. He's kept it down for almost six hours, almost midnight here, and it wasn't a full on vomit, more a cross between reguritation and vomit, but I'm so worried, as he's lost even more weight - down another .3 kilos (300 grams). Will let them know tomorrow morning when we take in his urine sample. This is NOT like my boy at all, he never vomits back his food. And he didn't bolt it down either, even though he'd not had breakfast, nil on food from 7.p.m. last night because of all the tests.
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  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Poor boy. :/ Hope the vet can figure something out for him soon.
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you he looks so woebegone, it's so tough. I do have a wonderful vet, and three of them are now 'on his case', so I am sure they will figure it all out. Cannot expect a miracle, but boy do I wish one would come his way.
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  16. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Oh, Mary, my heart is aching. Waiting is so difficult when we have no control over what is happening. Our minds can go to so many places, can't they? I will be thinking of you over the next couple of days, sending you peaceful thoughts. Hang in there!
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  17. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Hi Mary

    So sorry to hear your boy's under the weather. If the vet doesn't get you answers, or if there's anything you're uncomfortable with, I'd see if there was a board-certified internal medicine specialist in your area. You can bring all the test results to him/her and have him/her figure it out. They are diagnostic specialists, putting together a million different symptoms to come up with a plan. Also most of them do abdominal ultrasounds to look at the whole digestive system plus kidneys etc.

    Best of luck and keep us posted!
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much. Yes the waiting is the hardest part in many respects. I'm a 'doer' so waiting doesn't come easily for me in any circumstances, let alone ones like these.

    Now another wait for the blood tests and the boy's not chipper at all. Been up all night with him.
  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Adrianna, I will. I think, not sure, the ultra sound specialist here is also an internal medicine specialist, she was the one who worked with Tiger Lily. I will check and see, as I know the vets are struggling with a solution, though they are very, very good but, could be need for a Specialist. They want an ultra sound, after the blood test results are in, which will take in the kidneys, the blood tests will also show kidneys etc.

    They're dealing with, it appears, two totally unrelated illnesses, the legs and the mystery mass and now, once more, the vomiting. This may though be because my partner, who absolutely will NOT stick with what works but always has to try something different, bought different chicken mince, not organic but human quality which of course means it could have all kinds of nasty things lurking in it, like steroids etc.

    I definitely will keep you posted. As soon as I know more. Been up all night, as he's not looking good at all. Have to drop the urine sample into the vets a bit later this morning when they open, so will let them know what's been happening. They may want him back again, as he's vomiting. About to feed him breakfast, so will see/hope that stays down, he's got so thin, he was never fat in the first place.
  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Update on Rakins. Got a call from his vets re the results of one lot of the blood test. GOOD NEWS YEAH!!!!!!!!:) His white and red cell count, all normal, ditto liver, kidneys and elecrolytes everything is in order. And NO INDICATION it maybe Addisons causing all the problems either. Kylie said this blood test would show if we needed to do the specialized Addisons test, there would be clear indications that the disease was present. So relieved on that one as you can all well imagine.

    The second blood test for Pancreatic abnormalities takes a bit longer and results should be through tomorrow (Thursday my time).

    Hoping to have the results of his urine test today, that will be done in house, so fingers crossed that will also be a good clear positive result too.

    He's up and down. Horrible night, after he vomited, spent all night looking after him. He wouldn't eat this morning but around Midday, ate some tinned Pal (something I never normally buy but ran out of food for Zeus over the long weekend and all I could get). Plus, he devoured some human rump steak (apparently a good cut of steak, I hate even the smell of it though).

    I'm feeding him little and often, and so far everything has stayed down.

    Rather like a roller coaster ride, he's up and down. Legs are still all over the place, but again, marginally better this afternoon. For how long anyone's guess?

    But at least there's some good news to impart.:)

    I'm going to have a bit more snooze time, was having a wee nap in front of t.v. whilst reading a book, when the phone rang. Was so startled, almost dropped my cell phone YIKES all I needed!:rolleyes:
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