Ra Kismet Is On The Sick List

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by MaryK, Jun 7, 2013.

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    It's good that he's not in pain, hopefully by the time they figure out whats wrong it's fixed itself.

    Could you give Rakins activities to do lying down. Maybe some puzzles and kongs that don't require him to walk around/stand so he stays quite but has something to do.
    Maybe puzzles that only require him to use his front paws.
    Like cutting some tennis balls in half and putting them in a muffin tray with treats under each so that he has to get them out of the tray to get the treats, he could do it lying down or sitting then to minimise the stress on his back end.

    Does he like to chew? if so maybe some new chew toys are in order. When Holly was speyed she did a lot of chewing, it was amazing how many chew toys she got through in just a couple of days. She couldn't be too active (it hurt) so I think the chewing helped her deal with being bored, used up energy and probably helped her deal with the pain.
    If Rakins doesn't like to chew plastic nylabones (Holly does but I know a lot of dogs don't) then there are some more natural alternative such as deer antlers (although I think I remember you saying you couldn't get those) or just flavoured ice cubes or cow hooves. Holly recently had a cows hoof (the petshop gave it to us for free for Holly to review :D, but they retail for about $2.50 here so pretty cheap and should last at least three days) and she loved it. Or maybe just a raw carrot if Rakins likes them.
    Maybe ask your vet what sort of thing would be most appropriate considering that lump and the vomiting.
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Holly's Mom, excellent suggestions. Rakins doesn't like Nylabones, and he's not into chewing toys, but maybe because he's not allowed to play with his balls, they may be something to try with him, will get him some today. With the antlers, they are apparently available online here, but not sure how long delivery will take, will check them out, plus very expensive by dog treat/chew standards and I think, not sure, you have to buy them in bulk too. Never seen cow horns, though we do get the dried tendons, which he chews up in five seconds flat despite them being so hard I cannot break or cut them. The muffin try idea is a very good one, will fix that up for him immediately. We'll have to see how that works, as he's not into treats/food at all at present, so unlike Rakins, but maybe cheese will tempt him. Or I could use the only food he seems to be able to keep down better than anything else, especially as I'm feeding him like a puppy, little at a time. That could well work well with a muffin tray.

    So glad that Holly found relief in chewing, it's a very good way to help 'keep the patient quiet and not bored silly'. She's such a darling little girl. How lovely she researched the cow horns, she must have been really chuffed about that.:D

    Unfortunately, he vomited again the other night, about four hours after eating, and again early this morning. I was still in bed (it was 5.05.am.) when he got up (climbed not jumped) looked at me with a woebegone expression and proceeded to bring up bile, all over the duvet of course but the boy couldn't help it. Since then, after letting his tum settle a bit, he's had just a wee breakfast and so far that's stayed down.

    He doesn't seem any worse, or better, his condition seems to have 'stabilized' at present, which is I guess a good thing. Only 28 and a half hours now until we're at the Specialist, yes I'm counting the hours, this waiting is the worst. So hopefully when we get there he'll be able to pinpoint what's wrong and fix it, albeit, may be not immediately but set us all on the right course for a cure.
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    Oye poor pup! :(
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  4. Amateur Experienced Member

    I wont be around for a bit
    so good luck and I'll be thinking of you both
    hope its good news when I get back
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  5. Mr-Remington Experienced Member

    I have been absent from the site MaryK sorry I didn't see this sooner. I'm also praying and keeping Ra Kismet in my thoughts. I sure hope your boy gets better.
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Amateur. I'm about to update now.:)
  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much:) Updating on the boy now.
  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Update on Rakins.

    We went to the Neurological Specialist today and the good news is that it's not Rakin's spine or brain which are causing the problem! His spinal column is relaxed and perfect, reflexes are all perfect and nothing to show any problems with his brain. That's the good part. His front legs though are now also affected. I did think this the other day, but was hoping I was wrong - I wasn't:(

    It is, in the opinion of the Specialist, the 'mystery mass' which is causing the problem. Something called an extremely long and complicated word which neither partner nor I can remember, but in layman terminology means that there is a peripheral 'something' - the mystery mass - causing all the trouble. I've had that 'gut' feeling the mass was at the bottom of it all - though on the wrong track as to what/why - well I'm not a vet, nor a neurological specialist - my excuse and I'm standing by it.:) A & C you had that kind of thought too great minds think alike:)

    What has happened is that the antibodies which move in to attack/seal anything which is foreign in the body, also affect, for a reason not known to anyone, the nerves and surrounding areas. As his Specialist said, a dog presenting with bad hind legs, front legs also affected, vomiting AND a massive mystery lump, he would be looking first at the lump. Well he's a specialist my lovely G.P. vet's don't deal with problems like this every day, so I do not blame them in the least for thinking with the legs, possible spinal problems, were more important than the mystery mass.

    So, now Rakins has to go to a Specialist Ultrasound lady, Friday week, and she will do an ultrasound of course and, depending on what she finds, will either aspirate the lump under sedation, no anesthetic, or do a biopsy (keyhole from what I gather) if she deems aspiration isn't appropriate and then it may well mean full on surgery.

    After that his Specialist said his legs should come good and be right as rain. It all depends now on the 'mystery mass', whether it's benign or cancerous, I'm feeling sick at present at the thought of the big C. But, will stay positive only way, and see what happens on Friday next week.

    Rakins was given a very thorough 'going over'. Poor wee chap was twisted, prodded, gently pulled in every conceivable position. He was so well behaved, until about three quarters of an hour through all this, when he was taken outside. Walking up and down, fine he was all for that. But, when asked to stand on two legs on the same side - both right side legs first then left side next - he snapped - literally!:mad: He was at the end of his endurance and I am sorry to say he lashed out biting at anyone and anything. No warning growl either, but I did see his eyes change and knew he wasn't at all happy but as he's never bitten anyone before, didn't quite expect him to 'lash out' - a bit of a zoned out reaction understandable but really upset me. I was almost in tears:cry:. Only casualty, fortunately out of the Specialist, Nurse, my partner and I, was my partner who caught a bite on his thumb which broke the skin. Bit of TLC from the nurse and some Iodine and he was right as reign. I needed a stiff drink, but none was forthcoming. The nurse and the Specialist were so cool and told me not to worry at all. Rakins was just letting us all know he'd had enough the only way a dog can - with his teeth. He was, I'm relieved to say, an angel for the rest of his examination, which required him to lay comfortably on the examination table.

    What has upset me so much is that Rakins has always LOVED, LOVED, LOVED his vets, now he's taken an aversion to vets. What I am going to do is to ask his GP Vet Kylie if he can visit at a slack time for just some cuddles and treats, as I don't want him to have bad memories of vets and take pot shots at any vets in the future.

    He's also on total rest still, bad news for the boy, no play, no walks, no tricks no SOCCER:cry::cry: He's doing it really tough, breaks my heart, as he goes outside for potty and toddles/wobbles over to where his football is kept and gives me his 'soccer squeal' - it's a special 'hey Mom I wanna play soccer" squeal and all I can do is cuddle and say sorry little one, no can play. Plus he'll find a wrecked soccer ball and bringing that up to me, with that 'pleeeeeeeeeeease Mommy pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese just one little play" look and again I have to say we can't play my darling boy. Think I'll have to hide the wrecked balls too, don't want to throw them out as he loves playing tug with them and shaking them really hard.

    The Specialist totally approved his diet of Rump Steak along with DOGtorX Formula to ensure he gets all his necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and said all I had done was excellent. But I feel so helpless, I'm not doing much, except cuddling my beautiful boy:cry:.

    Plus Rakins could eat as much as he wanted and could hold down. Also, he needs food high in protein, due to all the muscle wastage, he's a shadow of his old self. So any suggestions of SOFT food, he still doesn't want kibble, even organic which he's normally fed along with meat, would be appreciated. Oh, he's now not wanting chicken, as it made him vomit that last time he ate that.

    I'll catch up with other people's posts tomorrow, so sorry everyone don't mean to be selfish, but I'm honestly so completely drained, the letters are waving at me as I type. Excuse all typos too please.:)
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    Hey! Thanks for the update!

    No fault to Rakins for snapping. He endured a lot and might have felt some pain at that moment. He's a good boy. :)

    Just a little note... Kibble should not be fed with raw meat it upsets the digestive tract. ;) if you need more protein try getting some raw liver and organs that will bump the nutritional value plus protein. Heart and tougne are great mucle meats as well.

    I am sending positivity and healing thoughts your way that things will be benign and easily fixed. :many hugs:
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    God bless you, Mary. You are having to endure so much waiting, and that is so difficult. And poor baby Rakins. I am so thankful for sweet animal lovers who help us deal with our ailing pets with such love and compassion. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers continually.
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you, yes at the Specialists they weren't upset over his snapping, I rang them this morning to arrange an appointment for the Ultra sound one, and apologized - said the same as you - he had endured a lot - got the feeling they're used to that happening.:) He is a good boy and when I spoke to his GP Vets today, they're happy for him to go over and have just a cuddle/treat session to ensure he doesn't take vets into dislike forever:D They adore him and again, said the same thing, chap was at the end of his tether, not a naughty boy. Oh I didn't 'correct' him just let out a rather shocked Rakins!

    Thanks, didn't know that about Kibble, will not mix again. Duh, forgot liver (bit brain dead at present) but didn't know heart and tongue were also good protein muscle builders, so rang partner and asked him to get some on his way home.

    Thank you, everyone here is so kind and helpful, you guys all rock!:D
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you so much Brody's Mom.:) Yes the waiting, not quite knowing, sure is the worst part and knowing all you can do is wait, and keep the patient as happy as possible. I too am so grateful for all the wonderful people who help us keep our pets healthy, and heal them when they're sick. I am so blessed to have such wonderful vets and the Specialist and his nurse were also very loving, kind people. And all the wonderful people on this forum, you guys rock!

    Gave Rakins a very tiny 'play' just a moment ago, those appealing eyes got to me. All I did was allow him to pick up one of his wrecked soccer balls, which he also loves - hey they're a soccer ball aren't they - and bring it to me, give it to me and I past it back to him. Not a lot but it made him a little happier and didn't put any strain on him at all.:);) All taken at, for him snail pace, just a gentle short walk with the ball in his mouth. I doubt that will harm him and mentally at least he feels like he's had a wee play.:)
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  13. blacknym Experienced Member

    Yes it is always best to keep kibble and Raw food meals completely seperate. :D If you would like any other advice on raw feeding please let me know. :D

    Haha Im sure he liked that little play moment. Poor guy must be a bit sad about his situation. :(
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL he sure did like his wee play time.:LOL: Yes his eyes are soooooooooooooooo sad looking, that woebegone drop of the head and oh dear, why's Mom being so cruel to me look. Hopefully next week, looks like Thursday now, all will be well and fine and he'll soon be back playing and everything very soon.:)

    Please p.m. with information on raw food meals, have only just changed over from organic kibble to feeding raw, in a big way, I have always done some raw in the past. Have googled but brother, you know how confusing and conflicting all the articles can be, so appreciate getting information straight from someone who's in the know and raw feeds.
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    Will do!
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Update on Rakins. Had to rush the boy to the vets today, he woke me up in his usual manner, laying on top of me and kissing me, but....... he had the most ghastly shuddering! Just the head, bit like a Woodpecker hammering at the tree, sorry best I can do.

    Long story short, as I'm not feeling too brilliant at present.

    His vet has brought the ultrasound forward to tomorrow (Tuesday my time) as also Rakins hasn't really eaten anything for two days now, just a morsel of rump steak, a few pieces of liver and that's about it. She said the shuddering could be he's low in glucose, so give him honey. We have the best honey here Manuka, from New Zealand but he only managed about a tablespoon all up of that. Now he's nil by mouth of course, and nil for water from 9.a.m. tomorrow.

    The worst thing is they suspect Cancer. Though as Kylie said, they may be wrong, but that's what they suspect.

    As you can all imagine, I am feeling a bit devastated to say the least, but trying to stay bright and cheerful for Rakins sake. And on that note, we went outside and had a 20 minute play with his wrecked soccer ball, made the boy feel so much brighter. Despite uncoordinated legs (he fell of the floor scales at the vets), weight down alarming to 19.33 kilos, should be 21.7 k, the boy still wants to play with his beloved soccer ball. You just cannot keep a top soccer play down!

    My partner did remind me that ALL his blood tests came back normal. surely if it was Cancer, it would have shown up somewhere???

    Sorry, don't feel up to answering other posts, I will when I can, but head's not working to well tonight. Will update tomorrow, when we know for sure, hopefully what's wrong with my precious boy.

    Thank you everyone for all your support and again, sorry not up to answering posts at present.
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  18. blacknym Experienced Member

    Mary sweety!! My thoughts are with you. :hugs I'm sure Rakins will be ok but I know that does not comfort you right now.

    Keep us up to date when you can.
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    We have all of our paws, toes and fingers crossed for good news from the vets. Lots of prayers coming your way.
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    I don't know what to say.

    Mystery illness's are always the worst, you just don't know what to expects.

    When Holly was sick last year the vet said something about blood Calcium levels undicating possible cancer (Holly's calcium levels came back high but the vet said it was unlikely to be cancer because she was under a year old - she ended up only being sick for about 48 hours). So if all his blood work was fine then hopefully it isn't cancer.

    Fingers crossed that they find something that's easily treated in his ultrasound.
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