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It's summer here and me and Holly have resumed our obedience classes for the year. We used to go to the dog park on our way home so haven't been for a while. This is what the dog park looks like (we go to a different one for agility which is similar):

It has two "playgrounds", the close one has a higher dog walk and jumps than the far one. The dog parks here are never very busy, these photos were taken around 1pm on a saturday and we saw a total of three other dogs the entire time we were there.
This is Holly standing on one of the lower jumps (it's too high for her to jump over):

And the tyre jump:

A bit after after the second playground there are some trees and the grass slopes down to a stream running through the park. Holly is getting more and more confident in the water:

Nice way to cool off. I think Holly had fun :D
I am so freakin jealous of your dog park. My is so lame it has one jump one tunnel and one dog walk and it's small not even a acre.


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Evie found an Echidna on our walk in the forest today!!

Oh and this is her 'flying' over the fence to the forest

And then some randoms from the forest

Love all the photos. Zeus found an Echidna too! Loved the 'flying' photo!:love::love::love: