Post Your Pic!!


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I just love my girls eyes...

And she is not always so clean:D

My kids:love:

This is how you make yourself comfortable, while you wait for your next run at the agility trail:cool: You go sit in the bench, I'll sit here...

I love this shot, because they chose this position themselves. I wanted them to sit on the treestump and Jinx went on first. Then Cooper followed and sat down facing the other way:)

And I was finally able to take some good shots of my cat. He allowed me to take some pictures:notworthy: Usually he will turn away or close his eyes... He'll turn 19 in september.

My all time favorite agility shot. I love the expression on her face! I didn't make the photo, but I love it!


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Love, love LOVE the photos Anneke!!!!!:love::love: Jinx eyes are amazing!!! Jinx and Cooper (and your cat) are so photogenic!!!:D


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LOL @ Jinx stealing your chair! That's something I can see Evie doing lol:rolleyes:

Love that agility shot too <3