Post Your Pic!!


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Baaaaah breakdown...
Mistake #1: Went to Petfinder
Mistake #2: Actually clicked on dogs that caught my eye
Mistake #3: Allowed the page(s) to load...
Mistake #4: Read about the dogs that caught my eye....
Conclusion: I need therapy. And to remove the p, e, t, f, i, n, d, and r keys from my keyboard. From now on everyone will just have to insert those letters accordingly and guess what I'm trying to say. :ROFLMAO:
Too funny!! Petfinder has been banned in my home by my boyfriend. He says 2 dogs and 2 cats is enough for one apartment... pfft what does he know. He also banned the animal rescue shows on animal planet cuz he got tired of coming home with me crying while watching them...


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Yup!!!!! Gotta love 'em!!!!:D Hehe, LOVE the nose focusing Tif!!!!:giggle: LOOOOVE ALL THE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:


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Had so add some of my own... Took these a bit ago. I love working from home lol


The close ups don't come out so good with my camera. What camera are you using Dogster? and Tif? maybe its time for me to upgrade from my little sony cybershot.


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Puppy cones.... given for free by the DQ staff when they think your pup is awesome. they take a little paper sample cup and put a small amount of soft serve ice cream in it. Levi thinks they are yummy. He also has a thing for puppy whips. One time I went thru the starbucks the lady said she just had to give Levi a puppy whip. I was like what the heck is that??? then she came back with one of those little sample cups full of whipped cream. He thought that was pretty awesome too.