Post Your Pic!!


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Ripley your photos are stunning :'D your dog is very agile and there is a Mal Rescue day in Strathclyde Park Scotland on the 7th April ;D i'll be there with Atka.quote]
Thank you, she loves jumping stuff... still can't get into an agility club by me though:( Hope you and Atka enjoy the Mal rescue day. Hope lots find good loving homes from it too..!!


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I go to an agility class with all the agility equipment but my dog beats all the dogs and I teach the trainers!


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I go to the same place as Dogcrazy LOL.:ROFLMAO: It's fine now 'cause she just finished Agility 1, but Carmel finished Agility 3 Oh, poor Dogcrazy.... it's frustrating trying to find an agility club near here.:(
I mentioned this before, but Ontario is the LEAST dog-friendly province in Canada
(plus the pitbull ban:(:rolleyes:) :sigh:

Teddy Weddy

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That is out on the Gower Pennisula, it is an amazing walking location, dunes, beaches, cliffs, parkland, grassland, it basically has the works. I would really recommend for a holiday destination in Britain! Some of the beaches don't allow dogs on from May to October but the majority do.
Hmmm I might look in to a visit ;) Im in love with everywhere in Wales lol

Awww Beg is such an adorable trick,It's Ted's favorite too, whenever at training or showing he will randomly do this to get Awww's :love::rolleyes: