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Oh my! Someone should have pointed me to this thread a long time ago. Actually, maybe they shouldn't have because now i'm going to overdose it with pictures of Evie :p

Such a vicious little puppy. This was the first time the husky (Skye) who belongs to my brother had met Evie and she was so gentle with her even when Evie insisted on getting those pointy little needle teeth out.

The full picture of my profile pic. She looks so worried lol yet she chose to follow the husky into the water...

Evie, uh, 'helping' unwrap the presents on Christmas day 2011


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goodness flicking through all these photos and wow ♥ i love everyones dogs, i have a big soft spot for the herding and sighthounds! I promised that my next dog would be another rescue and im looking at collies ,would love a high energy dog! but ah i need to focus on my cottonball, here is my current family dogs,Atka is mine though lol.I actually have roughly 13 pets to care for anyway including a horse :'D keeps me busy!

This is Baci (Mia Baci) she is a 7/8 year old red Boxer who suffers with epilus (plural:epiludes) it is shortening her life and making it difficult to eat,due to her age and severity of the tumors the operation will not go through ,she is living her last years with us ♥

This is Kaos a 1 year old 38cm tall Staffordshire bull terrier who abandoned by his previous owner on our doorstep on boxing day 2010.He has some behavioral problems that im currently working on.

and Here is some more photos of my lovely Atka.

Atka has her own youtube channel where you can view some videos of her and her training ♥ ( )

a Day old

12 weeks old

by this age she was great off-leash,knew sit,spin,stay,leave-it,drop-it and wait.we had never did any classes at all so everything was trial and error.

Im not sure what age she was in these haha.

Thanks everyone ♥



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Evie is SUCH A CUTIE!!!!:love: That's a great beach, I see some other pups in the background!!!!

You take WONDERFUL pics, UtonaganAtka!!! Totally professional!!!!:D

Teddy Weddy

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Oh that's great!!! I guess that having his fur short is his style!!! LOL!!!:ROFLMAO:
Shivon has all of her puppy toys still. We thought she'd be a chewer, so we bought her hard toys, but she just groomed them.:rolleyes: As you can see in the profile pic, she has lots of soft toys.:)
Shivon soooo reminds me of my Sister's dog, He is a Lab X Whippet ;) He grooms his toys too lol :rolleyes:

TifflovesBC's i love your pics, They are having sooo much fun!!

WOW Sooo many great photo's and Beautiful dogs, RipleyGirl that location is so gorgeous!


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Shivon is just too cute with that toy , love how sharp those photos are too ♥

and awesome action shots Tif and very cute dog ♥ gotta love those borders , my camera sadly doesnt take very good action shots unless i put down the ISO but that causes a lot of grain :< -sad-

Wales reminds me so much of Arran 8D i love Wales i wish i could live there lol all ,and i love the blonde brindle'ness of Ripley it reminds me of my previous mastif who had the same blonde/brindle she looks quite big too O: i can see some Boxer in her what height is she?