Post Your Pic!!


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Dogster, I thought it was your Shivon I saw on Facebook a few days ago, with her new collar!!! And now I see that it was:D Love it!!!

Nice pictures everyone! I do so love this thread;)


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Excellent pics, Ripleygirl!!!!:D What breed is Ripley's best friend????
He is a lurcher x, not sure what it is x with but may be some staffie in him, he is a rescue too and had no background info - found stuck in a barbed wire fence with his leg cut open all ammaciated...:cry: But a lovely and happy dog now in his new home. His only problem as a lurcher is that he is a cheek pincher when playing with other dogs - apparently it is a lurcher thing, when playing they just hang onto what they grab after a chase, and they can hang on the other dog a bit too long - like they have caught the prey in a natural situation - he doesn't do it to hurt and never does hurt but although Ripley is used to it and knows it is nothing, his owner is trying to train it out of him because if he hangs onto a strange dog for too long it could end up in trouble and he is a big wimp and would not know what to do if he annoyed another dog!


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<-------- Yup!!! It's a lurcher thing!!!!:LOL: Shivon does that too (poor Carmel) I was thinking he had sighthound in him, wasn't sure.... and OMG, glad he got saved... poor boy...:(

Teddy Weddy

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Loving all the pics, Just gone through loads i have missed!
im SO glad to see Im not the only one who has a dog toy obsession! LOL :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Ted has so many!


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Last weekend the weather was just fantasic! And after a long walk and some swimming(just the dogs, not us:D) we bought some icecream. They were almost sold out, but we managed to get four of these... One for each of us.
Cooper: Loooovvvvve this...

Hey Jinx, mine is already gone, can I share yours??? Jinx: NOOOOOOO!!!!


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Some pictures from todays walk. And a very exciting walk it was!! For the dogs, that is!
We found ourself in the middle of a hugh flock of sheep!!
Turned a corner and there they were...

A rare Dutch breed. Very beautifull!

Not scared at all and in no hurry to get out of the way

Someone could not controle herself:rolleyes:

These young ones stayed in front of us a few minutes, before moving off the path

I was glad to have my boyfriend hold on to the dogs. Although Cooper behaved most of the time, Jinx did not!! She just could not handle so many sheep! At first when there were just a few, she was ok, but as the numbers grew, so did her wanting to go after them

Nibbling on the young trees with mummy

What? You want to pass??? Sigh, oh well, alright then...

It took at least 15 minutes to leave them behind. It was a huge flock, scattered all through the forrest. I had seen them before, but not so close and not so many!!