Photography Anyone?


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thanks, Actually they are 2 different puppies and both from her litter. Unfortunately, the people I rescued her from bred her on her first heat. After I got her I found out she was prego. They never made sure she had food or water. She got ignored and kicked when she happened to get in the way. One day I went over there and was looking for her and I found her locked in a kennel with no water or food, with a large fresh cut on her head, and everyone was going to bed so she would have been there all night too. I took her home with me that night. After about 2 weeks, they called me and asked if I had her. After I told them I did, they said they wanted her back and I told them I would not give her back. Either she could stay with me or I would find her a good home where she would be love and taken care of the way she deserved but she was not going back to their house. Sadly I'm related to the people she was with so it was kinda a weird situation but I stood my ground because I can't stand seeing animals mistreated. They were angry and kept calling saying they wanted their dog back but as soon as she had her litter and she was safe to be spayed I got it done. Suddenly they didn't want her anymore.
Only 3 of her 5 puppies survived but they were adorable and I made sure to find them great loving homes. So I feel like I not only save Xena but her 3 puppies as well. I consider it a big victory (y)



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Wow. What a story.:eek: Kudos to you, wow, really.;) That is great. And boy, those pups sure are CUTE!!!!:D You really did rescue them. I'm glad.:) You're helping to stop animal abuse, one dog at a time.


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I couldn't help it. Xean is such a sweetheart. Not a mean bone in her body... just full of kisses... well and gas (she is a boston and they are known for their stink bombs) lol


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They were such cute puppies, but they were little terrorists... had to watch them every second. lol I still kinda miss them, but WOW they wore me out! lol
How brave to stand up to family! Some people just don't deserve to have animals:(
The puppies look adorable!!


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WOW!!!! I LOVE them all!!!!!!:eek::LOL: But I have to say my favourites are the closeups.:D
Thanks!! I love taking closeups. I'm using a Fujifilm Finepix S8100, which has an awesome macro setting. I can't wait to learn to use the manual settings. For now I mostly use auto lol.


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A couple days ago I stopped by tractor supply to get food for the flock. I peeked in on the chicks just to see which breeds they had. After maybe 5 minutes of watching the fuzz butts I noticed one had a bulging eye and wasn't very active. I pointed her out to an employee and asked if I could try to save her. After confirming with the store manager they gave the little one to me. So Freeda, the free TSC rescue chick came home with me.
She seems to be completely blind at this point, but she's not giving up!

And Betty, one of my cockerels, outside enjoying the sun.