Photography Anyone?


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Nice pics!
But I guess I need to get to know the settings of the camera better. I'm usually a "lazy" photographer and set the camera on automatic:oops:
But when you buy a canon camera over here, you get to attend a free workshop on photography, so I'm hoping to learn a lot from that, when I get my new camera.
I was given a Canon Rebel (450D) a couple of Christmas' ago and absolutely love it, I went to a course last summer to try and off auto mode and have been practising more with other settings, its great when I have time (like at home) to set it up but I am so slow working it all out still I still revert back to auto when out because it is just easier. But I would love to know in my head straight away what settings I need for a shot but I suppose that just comes with practise...!
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I Love every ones pictures!!!!!!!!!!:love:
I am so sad right now because my parents are going on a 3 week trip and they are bringing my picture camera, camera and water proof picture camera!!!!:(:(
No picture taking for 3 WEEKS!!!!!!


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That really sucks Dogcrazy.:(

I am having trouble figuring out the flash on my camera (oh boy...:rolleyes:). I can't seem to get the hang of this technology thing... Gonna be another couple of weeks before I figure all this stuff out....:rolleyes:

Teddy Weddy

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I agree, dogcrazy, the photos people have uploaded here have blown me away, they are all brill! Well done everyone!!!
I totally agree with you Ripleygirl & dogcrazy, everyone here is super talented with photography! Im loving looking at everyone's pics!

Oh and Ripleygirl, Im SUPER jealous you live in Wales lol :(:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: It is stunning there!


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:rolleyes:A few more of my pics, just love photography and enjoying sharing! The budgie is our bird, she has always lived free flying in the house and only goes to her cage when we ask her to go to bed or when she wants food or water. Her name is pippa.