Photography Anyone?


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OMG, away for a couple of hours and look what you miss!!!!:eek: LOVE ALL OF THE PICS, Sara, Rouen, and Anneke!!!! Amazing photography!!!!:LOL: I need to figure out the features on my camera, I bet this new fangled peice of technology does more than take pictures and videos....


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I love photography too, trying to improve at the moment and trying to get motion shots good, but here are a few of mine.



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Nice pics!
I have problems with motion too;) It is so difficult to catch THAT moment! Soooo many shot are blurry:mad:
But I guess I need to get to know the settings of the camera better. I'm usually a "lazy" photographer and set the camera on automatic:oops:
But when you buy a canon camera over here, you get to attend a free workshop on photography, so I'm hoping to learn a lot from that, when I get my new camera.


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Thanks Dogster, those birds belong to a friend of mine. They're super curious and a lot of fun to interact with when they're not in breeding season.