Photography Anyone?


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Spring is definately coming... Thought I would post these to cheer me up on a misable, rainy day.

Bluebells out at the end of march (very early for Wales)

Ferns starting to come up after the long winter

The start of fresh green leaves starting on the bare branches of trees

Pretty spring flowers popping up

Daffys are out.

And birdies start coming out to play! Hope this cheers up anyone having a bit of a rainy day. Beth x


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Wow Teddy, you have some amazing photographs. I love photography and I too had a Canon Rebel T1i. I must say though, I hated it. I got the package with kit lenses from Best Buy and it made me feel like I sucked big time (you can see some major graininess in almost all photos). I'm saving up right now for a Canon 60D with a nice lens.

2IMG_4410 resize.jpg2IMG_0529 resize.jpg 2IMG_0494 small size.jpgpaws resize.jpg


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WOW!!!! You're a pro!!!!! AMAZING PICS!!!!:ROFLMAO: (I have to ask: hat is that in the 2nd picture????) WOW!!!!:eek: AMAZING!!!!!:D


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Awesome job everyone! I am a bit of a photography nerd and currently have a Canon Rebel t3i. I'm opening up my own business soon and already have senior and family portraits lined up for me in the next few months! I'm really excited about it. :)

Here's a selfie of Rucker and I...

My aunt's Boston Terrier, Paris.

My oldie, Cali.

A puppy.

I'll post more photos later. :)


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Laramie, I loooovvee the paws picture!!
And I am also curious about what that is, in the second picture????

jordyquint: Beautifull!!! Good luck on starting your own buisiness!!!


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Thanks everyone for sharing yours pictures. Photography is so much fun. I love taking pictures. I just have a point and shoot digital right now. Someday I want a really good one but my camera works for now.