Diamond Pet Food Recall!!


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yeah, it was running joke back in the day of Seinfeld show, tons of videos of "No Soup For YOU" clips alll over youtube!:ROFLMAO: The grouchy chef would ban customers and yell "NO SOUP FOR YOU" if they annoyed him.....

so next time a soup get recalled, on "the Human Food Recall" thread, we'll be ready..:LOL:


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I never said we dont have them, I said I've never heard of them here. Canada's a HUGE place, I live in a very small corner of it :) , and every area imports from different places. The only produce recall I ever heard about was the tomato one a few years ago, and that was only because Wendy's imports tomatoes, instead of buying more local hothouse like most places here do.


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//"I said I've never heard of them here."//

ohhh, i thought you said you had never heard of produce recalls.......ohhhh. so i thought, since you live in different country, that maybe your country just didn't have recalls of produce.

Produce, meat, fish, and boxed or canned human food recalls happen evvvvvvvvvery year.
year. there is a recall right now going in both Canada and USA for lettuce, but, i would guess by now that all the batch has been pulled off shelves by now.

and it wasn't "just" Wendy's, tons of fast food chains have had problems with their produce, or their meat, like Taco Bell, McDonalds, etc. I don't get impression that recalls of "something" from fast food chains are unusual, whether it is the lettuce, the tomatoes, or the meat, or whatever.