Diamond Pet Food Recall!!


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I also do rotations like Sara.
Blue Buffalo, Addiction, the Honest Kitchen, Natural Balance, Orijen, Chicken Soup, Back to Basics, First Mate.:D It really did help my dog, with her stomach issues and dandruff.

THANKS SARA! I really want to swap around dog foods like you do, this seems a great thing to do. I like that Merrick, here it is about $48 to $55 per 30 lb bag, (online prices anyway, can't find a local retailer YET, but, i only just started looking)
compared to about $35 for 30lb bag of Chicken Soup, but, i can probably swing a $48 bag every now and then,
if i can find a retailer in my area to avoid shipping costs!
THANKS, if you have any other lower priced quality dog foods i should consider, let me know, cuz i am so so interested in doing a rotation like you are doing, to make sure i am providing a variety of nutrients, etc.

In looking over THIS chart, (which i am not sure IS accurate...:rolleyes: )
where right hand side has dog foods arranged by price,
it looks like Canidae ALS is even cheaper than Chicken soup, what do you think of Canidae ALS?

Or how about Premium Edge? It looks pretty close in price to Chicken soup...

Also similar in price (so far as i know anyway)
is Nutrisource..what do you think of this one?

What do you think of Fromm? It's also apparently in the same price range as Chicken Soup..

I'm having a bit a trouble verifying the price at local stores, only online, and that means shipping costs, too.
No idea if i can find those brands in my area, and not entirely sure how much they DO cost,
but what do you think of those brands? so that i can rotate around like you do? None of them list 4 meats on top like ChickenSoup does, but, they all seem sort of similar, or pretty close....
Tigerlily, those foods are good.:) I like Fromm a lot, but Shivon doesn't.:rolleyes:


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I also do rotations like Sara.
Blue Buffalo, Addiction, the Honest Kitchen, Natural Balance, Orijen, Chicken Soup, Back to Basics, First Mate.:D It really did help my dog, with her stomach issues and dandruff.

Tigerlily, those foods are good.:) I like Fromm a lot, but Shivon doesn't.:rolleyes:
I felt that way giving Brody Chicken Soup...He's very picky but it is healthy for him but he started to eat when he know he wasn't going to get any scraps anymore! :)


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Fromm is an excellent dog food. with a wonderful reputation! They make their own food in their own factory. Though their grain-free foods are expensive. I feed Fromm dry and canned. I like them almost as much as Champion (Acana and Orijen) If they were Canadian I'd like them equally LOL. I am trying to stick to foods that are made by small one or 2 brand dog food only companies.

I fed Canidae, but have stopped due to recalls, but their ingredients are great. Blue Buffalo is also a good food for rotation, and not expensive :)

I haven't even heard of the other 2 you mentioned, so I'm off to check them out :)


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Thank you for your input on the dog foods i am considering for rotations, Sara, your opinion on such matters carries a lot of weight for me, i appreciate it.
And thank you, too, Dogster!! It's one thing to read a review, but, having ppl who know about dog food vouch for it helps.


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//"But my wife and I currently feed Purina Large Breed formula to George and Max...any suggguestions on a better food for both dogs?"//

There are some dog foods that have never had a recall. I once fed Purina, cuz my vet told me it was good dog food, and i had NO IDEA how to read a dog food label, and to this day, i feel so bad i ever ever fed my dog Purina. It is one of the worst dog foods of all, yet costs more than many other brands, which fools us into thinking it must be good. I just did not know any better. Turns out, many many many vets are NOT good resources for dog nutrition.
The sites Dogster lists above are awesome dog food review sites.
I just feel a need to defend Purina just a LITTLE bit, since my dogs eat Pro-Plan which is made by Purina. Beneful, made by Purina, I do agree is one of the worst foods you can feed your dogs. Purina ONE, IMO is the best option you can get from the grocery store and I HAVE fed it to my dogs in a pinch (I guess there is also Newman's Organic food too, but my dogs weren't crazy about that). Mind you, that's not saying much considering your other options coming from the grocery store, but I would disagree that its the worst foods of all. I would feed Purina over Pedigree ANY day of the week.

And, there are certain Pro-Plan varieties that are not as good as others. My guys eat the Sensitive Skin and Stomach formula, and they do very well on it. Mind you, the main reason I am feeding it to begin with is because of the hefty discount I get because of my job, and honestly if I didn't get that they would still be eating Solid Gold or Merrick (if I could afford it).


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If Purina were cheap (which it should be) i wouldn't complain about it quite as much, but, not sure what your employee discount is,
but, i'd bet, that either Costco's Kirkland, at .60 cents per pound,
or "Chicken Soup" dog food, at 1.20 per pound, would both be a lot healthier for your dog, and COST LESS than Purina, at $2.00 to $3.50 per pound.

i'm not judging, i once fed lousy overpriced dog foods, too, cuz i jsut had no idea what those words meant on the label. and my vet told me it's "great" dog food, but,
turns out, most vets either don't know,
or don't care
about dog nutrition.

Ingredients are listed by weight.
See, chicken is listed as first ingredient.
but, it is not yet in dehydrated "meal" form, so once it's 80% water is removed, it's now pretty light, and will be nowhere near the top ingredient in the dog food

Now, next ingredient, is brewer's rice, is NOT "rice", it is cheap filler and it's similar to peanut shells. That is probably the bulk of what is in your dog's bowl---something that is much like peanut shells.

Next ingredient, is byproducts,
which is non-meat parts of dead animals, like beaks and hooves.

Next ingredient is corn gluten meal. "Gluten is the rubbery residue remaining once corn has had most of its starchy carbohydrate washed out of it."

Next you have not a good fat,
and then you have "animal digest" which can be actual poop.:poop: and sometimes, "animal digest" can even be euthanized dogs from the local dog pound.
and corn, undigestible to dogs, is mostly a cheap filler and common allergen,
and soy, also a common allergen,
and vitamin K which is toxic to dogs, and causes blood discrasias and liver damage in dogs.

If this dog food cost about 30 cents per pound, i'd give it a break,
but charging ppl up to $3.50 PER POUND for a bag full of peanut shells, rubbery residue, beaks and poop, coated with possibley toxic preservatives, toxic vitamin k, and possibly ethoxyquin, which is proven carcinogen, also used as a pesticide and is banned from use in human foods......well chargine that much, is almost criminal, imo, to charge so much for THAT....but, i used to be same way,
i used to listen to my vet about what to feed a dog. who knew? not me.

but, anyway, it's something to consider.....you could spend a lot less and give your dog a better dog food, really. But yeah, you can't buy dog kibble in a human grocery store.


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Yeah, i just want to say, it's one thing if someone has lots of dogs to feed, and large dogs, and can't afford any better, well, then, we just do the best we can, and we shouldn't feel bad, at least someone IS feeding the dogs!! ;) We are all doing the best we can do for our dogs, no doubt about it.

Truly, imo, Ol Roy is more honest dog food/ more accurately priced, than the overpriced ones like Purina, Iams, Hills, Pedigree, Eukanuba, etc etc. The ppl feeding those more expensive brands could spend less and get a better dog food. It's charging the ppl so so much for that type of dog food, which makes it a bit worse, imo.


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Do you think if it was on the shelf in a store a week ago, it would still be affected? We just bought some Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Formula a week ago, and our dogs have been eating it since Friday!


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Malorey, most healthy dogs will not succumb to salmonella, (which is why we can feed dogs raw eggs) it is more likely a risk to YOU if you don't wash your hands after handling raw meat, raw eggs or dog food.

I think you have to check the numbers on your bag you have:http://diamondpetrecall.com/


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Oooh, I was misunderstanding, I see! I thought that with the salmonella risk for us humans, that there was also something that was harming the dogs! On another forum they were making it sound that way, so I was a little confused, haha. ;)


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//"On another forum they were making it sound that way, so I was a little confused, haha. ;)"//

well, i have heard ppl saying their dogs succumbed to salmonella,
or from ppl on forums, discussing having lost dogs in the past to various other types of contaminated dog foods, (from other toxins, not from salmonella), so, if your bag does match the numbers,
you can either take it back to store or get some type of coupon, or something,
info is on the link in reply #56, (or in 1st post of this thread.) about what to do if your particular bag IS on the recall list..


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Not sure where to post this, so thought maybe this would be an ok place.

New recall announced.

a recall of three types of Pedigree dog foods last week due to a potential choking hazard. The food may contain small pieces of blue plastic, which entered the food during the production process, Mars had said. The source of the plastic was identified and the issue was resolved, but Mars asked consumers to throw out or return the recalled dog food.
The company said it had received a small number of reports of customers finding plastic pieces, though there were no reports of injury or illness associated with the recalled products.
The recalled products are Pedigree+ Healthy Weight Premium Ground Entree in Meaty Juices, with a UPC of 2310034974; Pedigree Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Beef & Liver Dinner in Meaty Juices, UPC 2310001913; and Pedigree Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Chicken & Rice Dinner in Meaty Juices, UPC 2310023045.