Diamond Pet Food Recall!!


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Glad if it helps someone. all these pet food recalls really think making my own is the best course of action, but of course, it's not like people food is any safer.


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parts of Candidae is made by diamond, but, like i've said any number of times,
on this thread,
and on other threads,
unlike most ppl,
i will not stop feeding dog foods that get recalled. I know most ppl are saying, "Oh wow, they had a recall! that's it! i am not buying THAT dog food!":eek:
but, having a recall is not an indicator a dog food will have another recall. the list of dog foods that have had recalls--at some point in time--- is about 100+ dog foods. O_o the list of dog foods that have NEVER had a recall is not a great big list,
and never having had a recall, is not a guarantee the dog food will never have a recall. Keeping all germs out of masses of foods is very very difficult.

I am not as afraid of a dog being exposed to salmonella as much as many ppl seem to be. Healthy dogs don't usually succumb to salmonella, which is why we can give dogs raw eggs, yet, we cant' eat raw eggs.
but dogs can. Many ppl give their dogs raw eggs, (which can have salmonella on them)
yet, are afraid of the exact same germ being in their dog food......:confused:

I just wash my hands after i handle raw eggs,
raw meat
or dog food.

I also still eat lettuce, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli, meat, etc etc,
even those have recalls EVERY year, year
after year.

after year. As i type this, there is some lettuce recall going on right now,
yet, i will continue to buy eat and buy lettuce (which is not in the recall batch.) Call me crazy.


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but, everyone should do what they feel is best for their dogs,
if someone is truly afraid their dog could succumb to salmonella,
(instead of pass it right through their digestive tracts as most healthy dogs do)
those ppl should not give their dogs raw eggs, either.


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I agree with you Tigerlily...I was just thinking about raw eggs the other day and salmonella. My dogs don't seem to be affected by eating raw eggs and they have been eating them for a year. I did buy a bag of Canidae to try it out. They seem to like it. I want to start feeding multiple dog foods and not just one. I was thinking of feeding Canidae, and/or chicken soup as kind of base dog foods and rotate the more expensive dog each time a feed the dogs.


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Speaking of allergies and whatnot, has anyone ever heard of a dog who is not affected by eating chocolate? As a child I had a dog who was dumb as a doorknob and snuck out of his bed to the food pantry. Here he ate two large candy bars. I thought he was going to die, but he lived a long and happy life...Just figured I'd put that out there. :)


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nah, i would not put out there, Keeper, we get all kinds on DTA, :rolleyes: and someone might read about your dog who lived to be old after eating chocolate
and thinks, "fine, i will feed MY dog chocolate too!":oops:


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Yes but Tigerlily, did you not readf the FDA report about how incredibly DIRTY and unsanitary the plant is? I was disgusted! Not to mention the fact that they dont do microbiological testing on the foods before they leave the plant.

And it's not just one salmonella recall, there are many MANY recalls through the years, and they dont seem to get that they need to clean up their act. No I will not feed Diamond ever again.


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That's upsetting. Chicken Soup and Canidae are healthy foods for a really good price but it sucks that the manufacturing process sucks. :( If only Diamond would pick up their act!!!!


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yeap, i read the report, Sara i've read your repeated posts on your disgust that the place is not clean as you'd want to be, over and over, on various threads, and that is fine for you to do what you think is best,
and i still buy Chicken soup dog food. I am not afraid of my dog coming down with salmonella:rolleyes: .

and i repeated my reply too, on reply #64 above. Only parts of Wellness or Candidae or Chicken Soup are made there, and rest of my reply is above already.

like i said, each person has to decide what they will do,
but, for me, recalls for GERMS don't phase me much, i still eat tomatoes.


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What does tomatoes have to do with dog food recalls? I keep thinking to ask, but never remember to :)


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//"What does tomatoes have to do with dog food recalls?"//

Oh, like i said in reply #64 above,
next line under "i still eat tomatoes" is
many humans foods ALSO have repeated recalls,

every single year. right now, as you are reading this, there are several recalls going on in my country for lettuce and other products. Every year, guaranteed,
recalls (sometimes back to back:eek: ) happen
meat for humans
some other human food product
baby food
on and on and on..........long list of products that are subject to YEARLY recalls...
for GERMS.

.....yet, i still eat tomatoes. call me crazy. Oddly i never ever ever get sick, either, exxxtremely rare for me to get sick, ever, not even colds, etc.


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Hmmn, I've never heard of recalls for produce. Lunch meat and other processed foods, yes :) but that's about it. That could be because of the different areas though too.

Oh wait! I remember when Wendy's wasn't putting tomatpes on burgers because of recalls in the US, but we had no issues with tomatoes otherwise. They shipped their produce up instead of buying locally, which is why they had a problem, but no one else did.


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//"Hmmn, I've never heard of recalls for produce"//

WOW!! Can our neighbor Canada be so different from USA??

You've never heard of produce recalls???????????
:eek: HOLD ON, i am just crawling back up into my chair...
lettuce..happening now

SEE, i've seen produce recalls every year of my life,
after year.................EVVVVVVVVVERY year.

by the way, Canada DOES have produce recalls, i usually hear about recalls by having kitchen tv on the news channel, the news channels announce such things. I suppose if i did not follow news, i'd miss alllllllllllllllllllllll the repeated, ongoing food recalls, too.
I don't particularly try to hear about them,
i hear about allllllllll the constant recalls by sheer accident by passing by the tv set on the news channels!!:ROFLMAO:

lettuce in canada..
here is same exact recall in Canada, only from last year::ROFLMAO:

oops! Canada recalled THEIR cantaloupes, too.

and Canada's tomatos...
(not to worry, they will do this EVERY year of your life, IF you follow the news)

Like USA, baby foods are easy target for germs, too, (EVERY year) but this recall was for arsenic?

and Canada's spinach recall from this year...
and CAnada's spinach recall from last year....:ROFLMAO:

i could go on, recalls for produce happen allllllllll the time, EVERY YEAR
as well as for meat intended for human consumption,
and boxed items, too.

i still eat tomatoes......and cantaloupes......and spinach.....etc etc etc.


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Ground beef recall..Sept 2011

ground beef recall, May 2011

steaks recall

theres tons more, it's not "just lunchmeat" for humans that gets recalled.... i am just snatching and posting, also saw recalls from almost every fast food chain there is.

tuna steaks recalled, 2010

lots of fish recalls, wanna see 'em? or pork?

every year, we humans see tons of our food recalled....yet, we all still eat tomatoes.......(well, except for a few of younger members who still refuse to eat vegetables..looking at you Dice..:LOL: )