Diamond Pet Food Recall!!

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  1. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    This is so sad!!!:( Diamonds food is really sending out a bad message!! At least the food I am feeding right now seems ok. (Performatrin Ultra). So shocking that almost all dog foods are either made by Purina or Diamond!

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Yeah, Performatin Ultra has also had a few recalls, too, but not this time.

    It's a fine dog food, sure is, but, it's a darn shame they added in the Menadione into it...i wonder why, such a great dog food, yet, they threw in synthetic Vitamin K, which might be dangerous for dogs.

    It's pretty hard to find any dog food that hasn't had a recall, there ARE a few, but your average dog food has had recalls.

    Just like meat for humans, or other human food, it get recalled now and then, too.

    and this recall, still, not one dog has been sick, and if a human washes their hands after handling the dog food, they probably wouldn't get sick either.
  3. sara Moderator

    I'm completely done with Diamond. There was a person on the news In NYC, I believe whose dog got sick from a Diamond product, more than a month ago... they're ignoring her and her vet. I'll try to find the story again.
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  4. sara Moderator

  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Sara, will you not even feed Wellness now, either then?
  6. sara Moderator

    I've never fed Wellness. Mars owns it, Diamond produces it... no thank you. I've also never fed Solid Gold. there's alot better foods out there.
  7. GEORGE'SDAD Well-Known Member

    We used to feed Diamond to our hounds. It was a great food that they didn't over-eat and it was great for working/hunting dogs because of the high protien content. But my wife and I currently feed Purina Large Breed formula to George and Max...any suggguestions on a better food for both dogs?
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  8. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    I used to feed Wellness to my first corgi. That had tons of recalls! We started off feeding Miles with Taste Of The Wild. It seemed great that it was grain-free at first. But then we found out just a few weeks later that it was being recalled for possible salmonella contamination. I have resolved never to buy Diamond again. Now I give Miles Blue Buffalo. One of the reasons i love it is because it has a variation of large and small kibble pieces. It has very little grain content and a good amount of protein. Very few recalls.
  9. Dogster Honored Member

    It all depends on the budget. There are two GREAT sites with great reviews;)
    But the second one doesn't get updated for a looooooooooong time, so I suggest the first one.

    There are many brands of good dog foods, I probably wouldn't be able to name them all.:) The websites should help, though.
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  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"But my wife and I currently feed Purina Large Breed formula to George and Max...any suggguestions on a better food for both dogs?"//

    There are some dog foods that have never had a recall. I once fed Purina, cuz my vet told me it was good dog food, and i had NO IDEA how to read a dog food label, and to this day, i feel so bad i ever ever fed my dog Purina. It is one of the worst dog foods of all, yet costs more than many other brands, which fools us into thinking it must be good. I just did not know any better. Turns out, many many many vets are NOT good resources for dog nutrition.
    The sites Dogster lists above are awesome dog food review sites.

    Here is another CHART i like very much, as it rates both nutritional value AND PRICE.

    Here is another one, which includes price. I can not vouch this site is accurately pricing the dog foods, as it looks like anyone and everyone can edit the page:(?)O_o

    I am on real tight budget. Recalls don't particularly frighten me the same way they frighten other ppl. Despite decades of recalls, of even back-to-back recalls:eek: ---i still eat tomatoes,:D lettuce, hamburger, chicken, cherries, spinach, artichokes, celery, broccolli, etc etc.
    Looonnnnng list of human foods i still eat, even though they are recalled frequently, most every year.
    year after year.
    after year.:rolleyes:

    If i were wealthy, i'd probably "raw feed" my dog 100% of the time.http://www.rawlearning.com/

    but i can't afford to give raw meat to my dog 100% of the time.:notworthy:

    since we are currently broke to bits,
    i feed my dog "Chicken Soup For the Dog Lovers Soul" and i top each bowl with meat. Whatever meat we eat, dog gets some---------beef, fish, chicken, pork, eggs, venison, lamb, goat, whatever. I rinse off all spices first.

    "Chicken soup" dog food, is only about a dollar a pound.
    It's made in USA,
    it lists four (4) meats on top of list, and two are already in 'meal' form:D
    (hard to beat)
    has probiotics,
    has no corn (filler, is undigestible to dogs)
    no soy (could be allergen)
    no wheat (common allergen)
    no byproducts (gross non meat parts of animals, like hooves and beaks)
    no cellulose (cardboard)
    no animal digest (this can be anything from dead dogs who were euthanized, to actual poop)
    no brewer's rice (that is like peanut shells)
    no synthetic vitamin k
    no proven carcinogens and toxic preservatives
    and i can afford it, and my dog is thriving nicely on it.

    I don't put as much store by "grain free" as some ppl do, as nutritionally, a potato IS a lot like oats or rice. But i like the concept. The grain free dog foods are often chockful of potatoes and my dog gets gas:censored: off of that many potatoes.

    There are better dog foods, so if you have bigger wallet than i do,
    here is list of top dog foods to look over: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/

    Good luck! Researching dog foods can be overwhelming,:eek: at times!!
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    GeorgeDad, one of our mods here, Sara, rotates her dog foods around, she has a list of dog foods she has researched and approves of,
    and rotates the brand around.
    I like that idea, the more i think about it, the more i like it.
    I'd do that too, if and when i can find another "dollar per pound" dog food that i do like.:ROFLMAO:

    but, it's something to consider, anyway, rotating around, like Sara does.
    Depending on your dog, if introducing a new food for first time ever, it's always good idea to swap out the kibble sloooowly to avoid one lonnnngggg miserable night...mmmHmm.

    Rapid swap outs of dog foods can upset some dogs, but, if done slowly, works out fine.
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  12. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

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  13. sara Moderator

    Blue Wilderness, Acana, Orijen, Fromm, Horizon Legacy, Horizon Amicus, Go, Now, First Mate, and Addiction are the foods I feed now.

    Until I see an FDA report that Diamond has cleaned up the mess ( Here's an article with a link to the preliminary report) I will not recommend this food to anyone. With the cleanliness issues, and the lack of proper testing procedures, it's no wonder there was a salmonella outbreak! And it's not the first really bad recall they've had either. I'm done with them, and will never risk my health, and the health of my dogs on this manufacturer's food's again!
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  14. sara Moderator

    Re the bold ^^ Have you ever looked at the Merrick 5 Star Entrees? There's several different flavours, and I dont think it's that much more expensive than Chicken Soup (at least here it's comparable) And they have only ever had recalls on a few treats due to salmonella, but no other recalls that I could find.

    Whoa! They've changed their website and packaging! they're calling their 5 star entrees line classic recipes and changed the names, so here's their chicken all breed one.
    http://products.merrickpetcare.com/...g/Classic-RealChickenBrownRice GreenPeaRecipe
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  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    THANKS SARA! I really want to swap around dog foods like you do, this seems a great thing to do. I like that Merrick, here it is about $48 to $55 per 30 lb bag, (online prices anyway, can't find a local retailer YET, but, i only just started looking)
    compared to about $35 for 30lb bag of Chicken Soup, but, i can probably swing a $48 bag every now and then,
    if i can find a retailer in my area to avoid shipping costs!
    THANKS, if you have any other lower priced quality dog foods i should consider, let me know, cuz i am so so interested in doing a rotation like you are doing, to make sure i am providing a variety of nutrients, etc.

    In looking over THIS chart, (which i am not sure IS accurate...:rolleyes: )
    where right hand side has dog foods arranged by price,
    it looks like Canidae ALS is even cheaper than Chicken soup, what do you think of Canidae ALS?

    Or how about Premium Edge? It looks pretty close in price to Chicken soup...

    Also similar in price (so far as i know anyway)
    is Nutrisource..what do you think of this one?

    What do you think of Fromm? It's also apparently in the same price range as Chicken Soup..

    I'm having a bit a trouble verifying the price at local stores, only online, and that means shipping costs, too.
    No idea if i can find those brands in my area, and not entirely sure how much they DO cost,
    but what do you think of those brands? so that i can rotate around like you do? None of them list 4 meats on top like ChickenSoup does, but, they all seem sort of similar, or pretty close....
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  16. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Thanks! Im feeding Chicken soup too because we cant afford expensive dog food but Im going to check out the dog food Tigerlily mentioned above!
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  17. southerngirl Honored Member

    @ Tigerlily how many weeks does your dog food last. I'm just wondering cause I'm trying to find a food my mom can afford.
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  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I am not sure how many weeks our dog food lasts, but, i think, for my 50 lb dog, i am GUESSING our 30 lb bag lasts over a month.
    It could be longer. I do NOT feed what the bag says to feed, at all, not even close. This dog food is almost 400 calories per cup, and my dog can not eat that many cups per day and not get fat.
    Plus, with all Buddy's homemade liver treats, (half cup per day, usually)
    and all the meat scraps on top, probably another half cup per day,
    we only feed Buddy 1 and half cups kibble per day, and bag says 3 cups.
    somedays i feed him more kibble, if he was super active that day.

    SouthernGirl, a low budget dog food that is big step up from Ol Roy(0.50 cents per pound)
    is Kirklands, (0.60 cents per pound) sold at Sams or Costco, i think.
    but i understand about not being able to afford a dog what you'd LIKE to feed a dog.

    Here is list to look over,
    look down the right hand side of the page, where the dog foods are listed by price (i am not sure this list is entirely accurate, and i do disagree with some of their nutritional ratings, too) but, it's a starting point for further research, imo.

    And somewhere on dogfoodadvisor, there was great article by the site admin, on how ppl who can only afford the cheapest of dog foods should not feel bad, and how so many of those dogs,
    despite being fed bags of corn,
    live full and lively lives, well into old old age,
    and are very healthy happy dogs just the same. I'll try to find that article, so you won't feel so bad.
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  19. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Here is one of the DOGFOODADVISOR articles i refer to, found it, so you wont' feel bad. Times are hard for many ppl and we are all just doing the best we can for our dogs. And, your parents ARE feeding a LOT of dogs, too, and if your parents were not caring for all of those dogs, i shudder to consider what those dogs lives would be like if those dogs did not live with you.
    no doubt, your folks are doing the best they can for lots of dogs.:):):)

    //"So, does that mean a one-star dog food is bad for your dog?
    No, probably not. A product with a low star rating isn’t necessarily a bad product. Some dogs can thrive on these recipes."//
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  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

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