Where does your dog sleep?


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Kita sleeps in my brother's room in her kennel, as she tries to smother him by sleeping on his face!!! Maax and George sleep in our room, Max has a dog bed on the wife's side of the bed that he sleeps on, and Goerge will start in his kennel but I leave his kennel door open, and he ends up right next to me on the floor!!! If they didn't have a combined weight of 220 lbs, they would probably sleep on the bed!!!:rolleyes:


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Ripley tends to sleep at the front door, I think she likes to know that we can't get out of the house without her knowing it. She used to use her crate, we always kept the door open on it and have a blanket over all of it so she would see it as her den, but she tends to only have a spell wanting to be in it every so often but its her choice anyway. She also has a soft dog bed which she drags to wear she wants it and then gets in, does the doggy ceremony of at least 12 circles and then curls up.


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Evie sleeps on our bed..... at the end, curled up into a little ball by our feet. Sometimes she gets frustrated with us moving our feet and sleeps on her rug/bed on the floor next to the bed instead, or if it's summer and she's got she'll sleep on her rug so that she can stretch out and be cooler.

She's really funny actually, she's not at all a cuddly dog, but nearly every morning she'll move from down at our feet to curling up next to us at the top of the bed. She only does this once she sees we're already awake though lol. Oh and she did this in the middle of the night the other night - think she was as cold as we were..


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Remi sleeps in my bed, or on his bed thats in front of the air vent. He wont go to sleep if he doesn't have the fan on, or the ac. The house is always set at below 70 and he will freak out if its over 80. He definitely thinks he runs the house.


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I have three pillows. Kismet has the fluffiest, Karma prefers the one with the really soft pillow case, and me? I just hope that nobody decides to steal the thin pillow that is losing fluff. :D