Where does your dog sleep?

Discussion in 'Dog Products' started by dennygirl, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. marieke New Member

    Guus isn't allowed in our bedroom, he sleeps in his crate downstairs. But occasionally he is allowed on the couch. He loves to lie on his back with his paws stretched out in the air all cuddled up near my side.

  2. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    I always keep my dog/s in my room, but Charlie never used to sleep on my bed - he wanted to be in his crate or under the desk. Occassionally he'd sleep under my bed.
    However, I moved to an old farm house without rugs or insulation, and this winter Charlie has decided that my bed is *the* place to be - finally :) I now leave his crate downstairs so that it doesn't tempt him at night... I need my fluffy bed warmer, lol!

    My previous dog was almost as big as I am and would stretch out along my side with his head on the pillow :) But if it was too warm he'd migrate to his kennel in the middle of the night... a few times I woke up freezing and noticed both dogs (not 'snuggly' dogs at all!) curled up together in the crate. Who gave them permission to let me freeze? :p
  3. k9player Experienced Member

    Our dogs have all chosen their own sleeping quarters. Delta sleeps under our bed (we call it her cave). Talin tries to sleep on our bed, touching both of us... sometimes we let him, sometimes we boot him of (if we can't move! LOL). Arlie usually sleeps on the floor on a dog bed, or if she is hot on the tiles on the toilet floor. Delta sometimes choses to sleep in the lounge room on the floor, back against the sofa, and feet in the air.
  4. bipa New Member

    I had a funny thought as I was reading yoyopoodle's post. We dog owners who enjoy our pets as bed warmers are also doing our two bits to save the environment! I wonder how much energy I'm saving in heating costs just by having two live "electric blankets" keeping me snuggly warm all night? :dogbiggrin:

    Hmm... let's see.... feeding cost and vet bills, minus partial heating costs and minus a bit of electricity..... carry the one.... don't forget the extra heat generated when playing, training, and cuddling..... this new math is a little tricky.... but in the end I'm sure I come up with a net gain! :dogtongue2:

  5. amanda85 Guest

    since my family forbidden my dog to enter my room... some kind of house rules, which i reluctantly need to follow...

    so she either sleep in the cage or on a bedding in the living hall....

    whenever we had the chance, especially travelling out of town whereby my dog can be in the hotel room with me, i wanted her to sleep with me on the bed so badly...

    as usual i tend to flip myself on the bed adjusting my pose quite frequent, my dog getting annoyed and just couldn't bear with it ..... then she rather sleep on the floor by herself... :(
  6. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Mine sleeps in his closed crate at night and on various dog beds downstairs during the day when I am at home. If out its back to his crate. As he gets older and chews less I'm hoping to let him have the run of downstairs.

  7. drivingtenacity New Member

    On my bed, of course.
    She does have her own sleeping area for those times when a dog on the bed isn't appropriate, or when she gets tired of us moving around trying to get comfortable.
  8. nereis Well-Known Member

    Jess, my older lady, sleeps in the bed, next to me, under the duvet with her own cushion, and her head rested on the cushion. It's a single bed too! Alfie lies on the bed for about 5 minutes when the light first goes off, but then he chooses to lie on the floor. We have some vet bed down for him but he rarely goes on that, and when we had a dog bed in the room he never used it, so we took it out.
  9. posie New Member

    my dad will not letme have my dog sleep with me but when i get my new room i am hoping i will be able to at the moment our dogs are sleeping in our lundry witch is better then nothing
  10. gravelhighway New Member

    Rosco sleeps in his crate. He's only 11 weeks old, and who knows what trouble he would get into if let loose!

    Carmella is 11-years-old and spoiled. She has a bed next to my bed, but sometimes she'll sleep on the bed with me (she's very adamant when I'm not feeling well).
  11. kemptard New Member

    Kemper sleeps in his crate with the door open. He takes naps on his bed during the day but he adores his crate :) He isn't allowed in my bedroom though...he sheds a lot and I have delicate things in there. He is kind of oblivious about where his paws are flying.
  12. whizzy New Member

    My two dogs sleep in the bathroom, cuddled together in thier dog carrier.

    we keep them in the bathroom because when we first got them they would go to the bathroom all over the living room. But we're hoping to eventually let them sleep out in the living room with no accidents.

    I dont like them to sleep in the bed with us cuz they always want to cuddle in my face and I dont like that, plus its too hot..
  13. goldencheddar New Member


    The living room is Cheddar's room. She will sleep in her open crate, on the couch or on a dog bed there. She does come in my room and get on the bed sometimes, but if I put my foot close to her tail, she growls and flies off the bed as if I was a spider! Cheddar will come in for a snuggle around 5 am and she loves to lay right on top of you. If I quit petting her, she's out of there.

    Canon sleeps in the bed with me and moves around a bit, but always ends up on the pillows parallel to the wall. she can look at me or even lay her head on my cheek if she wants to. Sometimes just like a toddler, she is too tired to go to sleep. I will lay her back on her back and rub her chest and she will settle down and go to sleep. I am guilty of telling them bedtime stories too. I love to tell them about the day I picked them up and adopted them.
  14. puppyluv911 Well-Known Member

    my dog sleeps on my bed
  15. stormi Well-Known Member

    Puppies always sleep in a crate in the kitchen overnight. Then they are safe, learn their place, and it doesnt matter so much of they cant hold on. My Mum's dogs sleep in there too...ones that can be trusted loose, and the 'naughties' in a crate. Storm sleeps on the couch with me (not a lot of space, but she snuggles down under the duvet and keeps me warm). Breeze lies next to the couch on her cushion, or by the door to keep watch on everything!

    Tee-hee bipa. I'm sure the statisticians amongst us could figure out a way to make doggy hot water bottles come out best!
  16. storm22 Experienced Member

    luka is one good little electric blanket, he's so hot most of the time he hardly ever gets cold, in summer he has a baby pool to swim in if he gets hot, he sleeps inside with my sister
  17. josiebell New Member

    Duke thought he could sleep all night on our bed when we first got him, but there was no room left for us!

    Now he is content to keep watch over the family, doing the rounds once or twice during the night and snoozes besides my side of the bed.

    In the morning though he will get on the bed between us for a cuddle (I call him my cuddle monster) and he loves to go wake everyone up this way.
  18. dexter_doodles New Member

    Dexter sleeps in his crate at night and in the hallway on a piece of vetbed in the day
  19. heidib860 New Member

    Max sleeps in my room at night. When I first got him I tried keeping in the crate and after two or three night of continual barking I couldn't take it anymore and brought him to bed. He loved it and slept with me for about two weeks and then decided that he prefered the floor. He has a blanket on the floor. He'll spend a couple minutes in my bed and then go down onto his blanket for the rest of the night. During the day he has his crate that he stays in when I'm not able to be home. Fortunately for him being a puppy and housebreaking him he hasn't ever had any accidents in either my room or his crate. When I am home and he feels like curling up he has a favorite spot right next to the door in the kitchen.
  20. hivin New Member

    HRH's Sleeping Arrangements

    Hello all:

    Well, Ms. Bailey ( who is certain that she owns this home and everything within it ) sleeps where ever she's comfortable. We don't have any objections to her sharing our bed ( but she's a horrendous blanket thief ... she has taken possession of 3 fleece throws and the vellum --- hmm spelled that wrong, we're sure --- blanket on the bed, we have nightly "debates" over who gets to keep the blanket ). But, honestly ... she loves her two crates to nest in.

    We have a large crate that she was crate trained in, it's not suitable for travel ... and we have a smaller, portable travel crate which sits in the living room and stays open for her to use. She usually starts out in bed with me, but she's a little furnace and after about an hour or so, she prefers to move to, the large crate we have in the bedroom ( there's a blanket draped over the rear area of that crate and she loves to snuggle back in there ... her human grandmother knitted her, her own afghan that's in there ... she makes/arranges her nest in the rear of the crate and curls up there for doggie dreams.

    During the day, if she feels the need to nap she may choose to snuggle up with us on the couch but ... she frequently curls up in the travel crate and snoozes in there ( Grandma made her an afghan for the travel crate too! ... You should know that Grandma hasn't made me an afghan ... but nothings to good for her grandbaby ).

    We think she loves the crates so much because, they were never used to isolate her or as a punishment ( if we did need to confine her for some sort of inappropriate behaviour we usually leashed her to a chair or something and her access to the remainder of the apartment or access to people she was overcoming with excitement upon their arrival was limited in that way ) Her crates have always been a haven for her, she likes the security they provide her ... their doors are always open ... she's got comfy stuff in them and she frequently will haul her favourite "babies" in there with her for a nap ... or a slimy bath :dogtongue:.

    Pleasant dreams to everyone: Hivin


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