Where does your dog sleep?

Discussion in 'Dog Products' started by dennygirl, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. dennygirl New Member

    I thought id give a start to this thread in dog products. With regards to where your dog sleeps - apart from on your bed- is an enclosed kennel better or a dog bed for indoor dogs?

  2. bocephus Experienced Member

    A LARGER BED WOULD BE NICE AT MY HOUSE:msnohyes::msngiggle::msnwink:
    One White boy, three Black boys and a Golden girl seem to fill a queen sized bed :dogbiggrin:
  3. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I think it depends on the dog. Some dogs love the seclusion that a kennel provides, as it makes them feel more safe. Other dogs, however, are naturally more nosey and want to be able to see what is going on around them.

    My own dog has a penchant for both. She has a standard dog bed which she uses 80% of the time. But then she likes to be able to retire to her kennel/crate for some peace and quiet at other times.
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    Both my dogs sleep in my bedroom, usually my husky will either sleep on the bottom right corner of my bed, curled up in a little ball, or on the floor in front of my bed.

    The funny thing is that my border collie sleeps in my closet. It's a closet with sliding doors, so I always have one door open, and she'll sleep in there all the time. It's right beside my bed so she can see my every move!! :dogsmile:
  5. bipa New Member

    Oh, gosh.... guess I go a bit overboard with doggie "furniture". Each dog has a hard plastic crate, and there are two large doggie pillows that both use. I also have a large wicker cat basket "cave" that both use (albeit one at a time). They often snooze on one of these during the day, but at night both dogs love nothing better than to cuddle up in our bed. So we've given up, and just recently switched to a 2meter x 2meter bed! (about 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet) :dogcool:
  6. CollieMan Experienced Member

    After I die, Bipa, I want to come back as one of your dogs. What a life of luxury. :)
  7. addictinganimal New Member

    I'll usually crash in the front room, and Tank loves nothing more than to snuggle up near me! My aunt (living with me) thinks it's hilarious when I'll lie curled one way, and Tank will be curled the other way with our backs touching. :dogtongue2: It looks like )( or ><!

    The other night I fell asleep on the couch of the TV room. Tank laid down right on my belly and we spent the night there. :msngiggle:
  8. storm22 Experienced Member

    storm prefers to be outside he can come inside when ever he feels like it but is always outside under a tree or in his kennel, the biggest problem i have with him is he usually sleeps out under the stars and if theres a frost you can bet hes in the middle of the yard curled in a little ball freezing so i have to lock him in his run so he doesnt get all stiff when he gets up but my old girl timex,
    you can always find her sleeping on my bed, clothes (actually gets them out of the washing basket) or on the couch she likes her comfort
  9. leema New Member

    We have dog beds in almost every room! Mac likes to follow us around, and will seek out a bed wherever he is. At night both sleep in their indvidual crates in our room, or sometimes we let Mac sleep on the bed. Eventually they will both be crated in the lounge room, I think, but we believe there are benefits in puppy sleeping in the same room as us. :)
  10. splitz831 New Member

    my boston girls sleep in the room with us, though they usually get kicked out to their dog beds outside our door by around 3 am because they've decided they need to sleep in the middle of the bed stretched out as much as possible. Our Bernese hates the temperature in the bedroom so he doesn't choose to sleep in there. He sleeps in the hall on the floor infront of a fan we keep running for him all day! He rarely chooses to lay in a dog bed, unless it's one of his sisters and they are still in it, lol.
  11. szecsuani Experienced Member

    She sleeps in a basket at the end of my bed.:dogrolleyes:
    I don't really like if she jumps on the bed, becouse she had period of time, when she peed on the bed when we were not at home..:dogdry:
  12. xsara New Member

    Xsara sleeps on "our" bed, as close to me as possible. She has her own bed but she only uses it to hide her toys away from me.
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  13. luna may New Member

    My little wolf sleeps in a dog bed, which is located between the rooms of all family members... :doghappy:
    That way she's always up close to us, and she's also the first thing you see in the morning (she figured out how to push doors open since she was pretty small, actually... I'm so proud of her :doglaugh:).
    In her bed she has a flat type of cushion for dog beds, a toy or two from the day's playing and an old towel she uses as a blanket. Every night she snuggles into it, curls up and falls asleep.
    One of her tricks, though, is make-believe. It happened many times that I passed by her bed and I saw her, imobile and apparently soundly asleep. I would then tiptoe to my room so as not to wake her up, but the moment I got in front of her she would stay exactly the same, ecxept her tail starts wagging like mad... I have no idea how she does that, and niether do the rest of the family :doglaugh:.
  14. marieke New Member

    Guus has a house kennel where he sleeps. We only close the door at night of when he's home alone (which hardly ever happens). During the day he usually sleeps either somewhere on the floor or in his kennel. He'd prefer to sleep on my belly but I hardly ever allow that, only as a very special treat.
  15. dakotamom421 New Member

    dakota sleeps on my bed but since it is a twin sized bed there is very little room for the 2 of us, but he also has a dog bed in my room which he never uses, and one in the living room which he only uses when it is cold. other wise he loves to lay on the cold tile until we go to bed.:dogbiggrin:
  16. emmasmamma Guest

    Emma sleeps in our bed. More accurately, on the side of my head as I'm laying on my side. As we are sitting on the couch, watching TV, he is on the back of the couch, as close as he can get to my husband's head! I doubt she'd use a bed if I gave her one!
  17. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL. That reminds me of my friend's dog. She had a double bed and her dog would sleep on one of her pillows. :)
  18. milissa New Member

    Dogs that live with me while they're in training have to sleep in their crates until they earn a bed in my bedroom. Dogs are almost never allowed on my bed, since i move around too much in my sleep and end up kicking them anyway, not to mention I have heavy shedders-- and I prefer to wake up to my down pillow, not a dog-fur pillow!
    But, Book and Daystar have orthopedic beds (made from old sofa cushions) on either side of my bed, so they're warm and cozy and comfy. Jet has yet to earn a bed, so he sleeps with his blankie and his baby (a plush toy skunk with all the stuffing out), in his crate.
  19. bipa New Member

    Yep, know the problem quite well. At first it was Little Joe hogging the pillow:

    So we worked on it a little, trying to get him to join Bonnie at our feet (or knees). Now we have this:

    Just can't win! :dogtongue:
  20. sunshineunicorn New Member

    Bailey has taken to sleeping in front of the front door. He has a dog bed, but doesnt lay in it very often. He wont come upstairs at all to sleep, just checks on everyone and goes back down to the front door.

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