Where does your dog sleep?


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Aww, poor Hivin, no afghan for you? :doglaugh: Bailey is a lucky girl!

Link has a crate, and he used to have a dog bed, but now it is, uhm . . . inside of him? He can't be trusted alone with soft, fluffy objects; I know this now! He stays in his crate during the day when I'm not home, because he has some separation issues. Meaning, he gets nervous and makes very smelly messes in bizarre places if he's not crated. At night, he will either sleep in his crate (with the door open) or "his" couch. It's the perfect size for him, and only him.
During the summer, he would sleep stretched out on the kitchen floor. I'm not sure if it's because it's so much cooler, or because I'd just adopted him and he didn't feel entitled to anything better. The poor thing had a rough time settling in.


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I gave my dog the option of sleeping on the bed with us when he turned 8 months, but he rejected us for his kennel! Now that he is almost a year old we just started letting him sleep wherever he wants at night. Generally he sleeps in his kennel still with the door open, but he has recently started to sleep on a dog bed near our bed! I still wish he would cuddle with us at night though :)
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Luke started out in a crate, then advanced to a bed next to me. I always swore he would not sleep with me. He's big and has a strong personality and I didn't want him to think he called the shots around here. Well, now I sleep on the edge of my bed and he's sprawled all over the place. I think he called that shot!


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Dog Beds

As a puppy I kept Storm on the bed with me and she would sleep by my feet because I didn't have a crate at the time and it was the only place I could keep her that she wouldn't have an accident. Then she graduated to the couch downstairs, then she loved sleeping under my bed. That was her favorite place and she even knows the command "under the bed". Unfortunately when I got a new bigger bed it is also too low for her to sleep under so she likes to sleep between the bed and the wall on my side. Usually on some piece of clothing that has been dropped on the floor. She also has a fleece dog bed in the living room that she likes to sleep on, but she definitely prefers the bedroom. For now Jackal is sleeping in his crate because he has no bladder control lol.


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I live in a townhouse, and I just couldn't let Buddha whine and bark all night because of the neighbors. So I started him out in his crate in my bedroom at night because he would calm down as long as he could see me. Then after awhile as he was getting the crate training down, I moved the crate into the hallway and he slept on a towel on my bedroom floor just in case he had accidents. Since he never had accidents in my room (for awhile it was the ONLY place he didn't have accidents), I got him a fluffy pillow type bed for him to sleep on. He loves it...but sometimes it's too hot for him and he sleeps on the floor next to it. In other rooms he claims the rugs :doghappy: or he will just lay down on the floor.


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Grady has a great bed next to our bed, but usually sleeps on the floor next to his bed. I could have save a few dollars had I known he perfers the floor.


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ha, i chuckled a few times reading this thread...my Buddy used to sleep on the floor right next to my side of the bed. (he will only get on our bed for a few minutes, then he hops down. i'd love him to sleep in our bed,:msnohyes: but he won't:dognowink:)

He has a nice dog bed, but only uses it as a place to examine brand new toys...(?):dogrolleyes: Any brand new toy, he is off to his dog bed to check it all out.

Lately, he chooses to sleep downstairs, and at first i was bummed, but now i think i kinda like that. We leave our windows open at night and it feels safe knowing he is down there, ready to bark if anyone tries to sneak in. He roams from chair to couch, 9he hardly sheds at all, woohoo!) sleeps on the floor, on the cool tile in front of the door, wherever!!!

every time i pass through, he is in a new spot. ha.


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Zena originally started sleeping in her dog bed, managed to keep her there about 5 months and during her first thunderstorm she progressed to our bed, was very surprised as my husband was totally against her being in our bed. I like it but when she ends up with her head just about on my pillow that's when i start to object. When it's hot during the day she prefers to sleep on the tiled floor or in her crate. She also has a bean bag which she claimed as hers and sleeps there most mornings. She hasn't progressed yet to sleeping on my daughter's bed which I am quite glad about as she snuggles right up to her and wakes her up (i do this in the mornings when my daughter won't get up).


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During the day, Bella sleeps either in her crate or doggy bed by the couch. At night she pretends like she's going to take my entire side until I actually get into bed, then she reluctantly moves over. Sometimes in the middle of the night she'll dig her nose under my arm.

Once in awhile she'll put her head in the cat bed, because that's all she can fit. :p


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Pami can sleep ANYwhere! :)
Depending on where I am.
If I'm in my room, she sleeps on her mat.
If I'm in the kitchen, she goes under the dining table, and sleeps there.
If I'm in the living room, she sleeps on a mat too.

Sometimes she sleeps on a rug next to my bed in my room.

Oh, and when we are at a competition all day, she sleeps in a box. :)


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Bender is headed back to sleeping in the crate. We had a trial run of letting him chose wherever he wanted in the house, and he would hit the bells hanging on the backdoor to be let outside at least once every night. I'm a bit forgetful so I didn't want to risk taking them off and not putting them back on the next day. Next we tried just confining him into our room, but the room gets soo hot with the door closed. So the ugly, giagantic green crate is being made into a night stand once again. Luckily, Bender loves it!


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The bedrooms and the computer room are blocked off, but the family room, living room, kitchen, and "pet room" are all theirs. Onyx and Jewel usually sleep on the couch or the love seat, one on each end. Right now, Jewel is crashed on the floor (Unusual) and Onyx is on the love seat. Oh, and the cats usually sleep on the table. LOL Have a good night everyone!


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Ali sleeps in our bedroom closet.:msngiggle:She decided that was a good place to go during thunder storms so I just put a blanket in there for her and that is where she sleeps at night. She used to sleep anywhere in the bedroom and when I would get up at night to pee I would stumble over her, so this is safest place for her and me:msngiggle: During the day she sleeps wherever she thinks is comfortable or wherever the sun shines through the windows onto the floor.She just loves lying in the sun shining through the windows. Cam sleeps on a blanket in the corner of our bedroom.During the day he sleeps in his kennel mostly.I leave the door open all the time and he just goes in and out whenever he wants.He thinks it's his own doggie bedroom.:msngiggle:


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My mums dog diego used to sleep on thei rbed, but now he sleeps in his own bed next to theirs, pops his head up if they're talking too loudly for him to sleep though :)


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I have 2 mini pins that share a Deluxe Quilted Pet Bed. Everyon told me that they would likely want their own beds, but they don't! It's big enough for them both to cuddle up on and they lay on it all the time, not just bed time. Point is, let them sleep where ever is most comfortable for them, that way you will be a better nights sleep too!:dogclosedeyes:


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when inside - in the kitchen obee has a bed under the table so she can watch all kitchen things happening and with luck something might fall off the bench for her. In the living room a bed in front of the sofa, so i can reach down and stroke her when i'm lying on the sofa. In front of the fire, which she hogs. Lastly a bed right beside mine with her duvet/doona and blankets, but she starts the night off on my bed with me. She's also got a kennel with mattress, blankets, doona outside as well.


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D'Ar and 'Lo used to sleep on the bed with me. But then a few weeks ago I stacked two crates right behind the bed (looks better then it sounds lol) so that when it's hot at night they can just jump right in the crate, and I can always see them and vise versa. It worked to well, at night they both almost always sleep in the crate, and even during the day sometimes!

Normally during the day their sleeping on the couch, the air vent, or the kitchen tile. They have dog beds, but never use them. They do though love to sneak onto couch cushions with a passion.


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Pampered puppies! Wow the dogs are only allowed on my bed when there's a blanket covering the whole thing, which is almost never. They are never allowed on the sofa and loveseat unless I've covered them and called them up which is also almost never. Chimera sleeps on a bed of towels in her crate in the kitchen as she is potty training. Buddha has a bed on my bedroom floor where he sleeps.