Post Your Pic!!


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:D Just whatever you do dont type in "beagle" in the breed search.. and do not, ever, follow that breed search by clicking the puppy filter on the left. Why do I have a petfinder browser opening... :love:
Pawbla, I have all of my local shelters and rescue group on FB. It's terrible when they have one that seems so right. They had a puppy last month with a broken leg, looked just like Dasy but tan instead of red.


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LOL Tx I'm doing very well... haven't been on Petfinder in months.... but the craving is getting stronger... Who is my sponser? is it you? oh CRAP!!! HELP


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I agree with Amateur!!!! He would be a perfect addition to your "pack"!!!!! Oh no, WHY did I click on those links????? That led me to searching "whippet" and now I have a whole bunch of whippet mixes on the other tab....oh help......please...... too cute.....:D


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WHY did you do this????
Dogster, I just had to link to the little stumpy blue pup, he's way too cute! :love:
Then the other one, it was looking at me.. :D and I couldn't play favorites so I had to show you the siblings too. :rolleyes:
Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. :censored:


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Now look what I've started. Whoops. More members of the support group, I see??
Rouen, LOL, I actually did search Beagles that day! And did find several. :rolleyes:
Sara, I found a deaf Greyhound that I would take in a heartbeat if not for the tiny little smidgen of self-control left in me. I don't know who's sponsoring who anymore, but it seems we are all hopeless!! We need a new sponsor or we are all doomed. :LOL:

I am, for the time being, NOT letting myself click on ANY of those! Sara, that little pup is so cute!!! Ollie could have a little sis. :) You know, you are down a couple dogs since your mom pupnapped Scout and Zoe.
Shame on me....:X3: