"one Nation Under Dog"


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not sure about goats, but i have horses on my block, a few houses down. My neighborhood is a suburb...which sort surrounded by woods...and not far away, farms..and not far away, in other direction, is shopping district..

i'll have to find out 6 of what kind of animal...(i know it does not limit fish at all, i have some pals with giant salt water tank full of fish... even restaurants have tons of fish in their aquariums, must just be mammals)


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Livestock (cattle, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, etc) are not allowed within city limits here, and I dont think they are anywhere in Canada, though I doubt it's a federal law, it's likely every municipality made their own by-laws


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Never seen livestock in the city I live in (Mississauga) but a classmate of mine has chickens in her backyard(y) There are a couple of houses here with chickens.

I don't think the 6 animal limit includes fish or rodents. Maybe it's just registered animals???


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Here the only animals you can register (I also live in Mississauga) is cats and dogs and you can have 4 in total in you house.