I Think We Need A Thread On What Everyone Is Working On!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by sara, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Caiti Experienced Member

    Wylie is working on:
    Rapporthund (delivering messages to members of the household) - Working on ignoring distractions and working well with food in the message bag.
    Better, off leash recall - Coming along nicely

    I'm taking it easy with Wylie's training at the moment as I am training my cousins dog Roxie.
    Roxie is working on:
    Loose leash walking- Perfect when there isn't any distractions
    Leave it - Just started
    Hold an object - just started
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  2. Ariel Well-Known Member

    Kismet - Light/Dark (turn on/off light), Back, Go To Mat

    Karma- Stand, Stand Stay, Hold It, Drop It, Back

    (I go lighter on Kizzie's training as she gets stressed and frustrated much more easily)
    I miss training. I haven't trained in 3 days due to moving and all of my supplies are packed.
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    What we're currently working on:

    skateboard- reducing fear of skateboard:rolleyes: It was fine until it made a loud noise:rolleyes:

    ring toss- polishing up skills

    play piano- finishing (almost got rid of hand signal(y))

    agility- sending to jumps and table (almost done!!!!:D )
  4. Dlilly Honored Member

    Shiloh- Moonwalk, hold objects longer, balance a treat on her nose, limp, shell game

    Bailey- Stay, Come, kennel, touch, and I'm teaching her to not jump on people.

    Delilah- spin right, bow without a lure, paws up
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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    Squats, Are you cold? pulls a blanket over herself. I'm trying to think of something else to teach her, but I'm at a loss.
    Watch Me.
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  6. Evie Experienced Member

    OMG! Another breakthrough.

    Pretty crappy video, but you get the idea. It's very difficult to record yourself...

    Evie is FINALLY balancing by herself with having to lean on my arm. It's awesome. We did this in like 2 minutes tonight because we were practising paw targetting.... so then i started to get her to target my hand in the air while sitting... and BAM! it works! :D

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  7. Dogster Honored Member

    That is GREAT!!!!!:D Congrats!!!!
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  8. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Veronica is working on...learning English. :)

    Really. Give us a month and we will present our first lesson on vocabulary words.
  9. Vizzla Experienced Member

    This is the first time Alf try to "wipe his paws". We still working on backcontroll and "spin" this time with a smaller book, and it doesnt look too good. But he is still learning...
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  10. Mutt Experienced Member

    So an update of what we are working on:
    Boef has mastered up, balance a treat on nose, read and the end.
    Mazzel has mastered jipjip (=elephant/rear awarness), balance a treat on nose, read and the end.
    Not really the things I started with (in my earlier post), but due to bad weather I choose for tricks that are more indoor). :)
    Both are working on bubble at the moment
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  11. sara Moderator

    I am working on filming and editing everything Oliver knows (except things like waiting for food, and get out of my way LOL)

    ALOT harder than it looks... especially sisnce my Hard Drive crashed and I'm having to do it all over again! LOL

    so we're not working on anything, except perfecting what hew already knows for filming LOL
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  12. southerngirl Honored Member

    Missy is working on Back stall(very hard to teach by yourself and painful) and
    walking calmly past dogs
    Chase is
    boundaries he gets in trouble cause he won't stay out of the kitchen when we're eating. My dad will kick him and smack:((not hard but it doesn't take much to hurt him.) he's such a love bug he wants to be were every one else is.
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  13. Dogster Honored Member

    Okay, so I found a shopping cart (YAY!:)) and it's PERFECT for Shivon and Carmel. I'll post some pics on the shopping cart trick thread. So that trick is next on my list.:) Also, we're working on some agility stuff and rear end awareness (elephant trick)
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  14. DaniG Well-Known Member

    Duke is currently working on Limp, Cop-Cop, and Spin. We also also working on his "Shame" (cover your eyes) being held for a bit longer.

    Lin-Zee is working on the Elephant trick, and to bounce off of me. She is also learning how to "scoot" under things (from a "Down" moving backwards remaining down, backwards crawl basically).

    Soon I think I am going to start double dog tricks with the two of them.

    Athena continues to perfect her beauty :ROFLMAO:.
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  15. southerngirl Honored Member

    Missy is working on Handstand, focus, off-leash manners(Stop, Here, Slowdown) and focusing.

    Chase is working on spin. He's still trying to figure out this trick thing.:giggle:

    Tagalong my cat is learning to lie down.
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    Zeus is working on Peek a Boo, he's 'got' shake paws, over the moon my golden oldie is learning new tricks:D . Ra Kismet is working on crawl, we're almost there, just got to get him to not need a lure. He's also working on Cop Cop, still not moving his rear end well. Also I'm looking for something of a suitable height to start working on bow. Weave is coming on really well too, just got to get him now to work without a lure. His 'prayer' is now fabulous, no lure and holds for ages. Along with all his other tricks, so we just 'refresh' on those.
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  17. SD&B Experienced Member

    We're finishing up limp on the off side, so that Sundog now has a limp on either side for the front. Once in a while, we work on targeting and stacking paws. We've been doing a lot of work with retrieving, picking up, carrying, putting in or putting on or putting down or giving. Sundog usually helps with the laundry every week. I have decided that I never need to pick up any small item that I've dropped ever again. :LOL:
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  18. DaniG Well-Known Member

    Decided to video Lin-Zee's 2nd session with the elephant trick today. Considering this is only the second session, I'd say she's doing pretty well =). With her it is so hard to single out the behavior I want because she is SO pawsy, but she's a pretty smart cookie - and, if you couldn't already tell EXTREMELY food motivated

    Also, I apologize that you are stuck looking at her butt for the majority of the video, but at least its freshly groomed and cute! :ROFLMAO:
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  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Well done!!!(y):) Lin-Zee is doing really well, only her second sessions, she sure is one smart cookie. LOL she has a lovely but, so didn't mind looking at it, her wagging tail really caught my eye:)she is just so enthusiastic!
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  20. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Veronica is alllmmmmooooost done with "Time Out" - video coming soon. :D
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